Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Busy Week In Instagrams

Hello ladies! Hope you are all snuggly warm for those of you that have snow!

It has been a busy week, the beginning of February always is for us as the boyfriends birthday is on the second. So here is the photos from the last week.

One, Two & Three. 
More pictures of Lady! On Tuesday I went to my mums as she had a food delivery coming and she ended up having to work so I went to take it in for her. Lady was very sleepy and, as always, being very cute. 

As I may of previously mentioned on here, I am the unluckiest lady ever & I never win anything. But this week I won the Sure Deodorant over on Gems blog (go say hello, she is wonderful).

My sea monkeys have grow" It's a rubbish picture but they are really hard to photograph! 

Six & Seven.
A little something from the postman. I ordered a few bits of Amazon with a voucher I got from signing up to love film (if you haven't had a trial before, you can get a £20 Amazon voucher when signing up to the free trial, to find the link I just googled Lovefilm Amazon voucher). Apart from a camera case which i didn't photograph, I got another Cath Kidston cup (it's getting a bit silly). Some freebies from Herbal Essences, because I love freebies! 

Eight, Nine & Ten. 
As every person in the U.K knows, it has been freezing and below the this week. My solution to this, is rather than bow down to trousers, which I don't own, is to wear knee high socks over leggings to keep my toes warm!

Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen & Fourteen. 
I made the boyfriend space themed (he loves space) fairy cakes for his birthday. I went to Morrisons which always has the best baking bits in my opinion, including rocket themed cake cases for £1.09, white glitter sugar for 85p & giant chocolate stars for 85p a pack. I also picked up a sachet of strawberry flavoured icing sugar for 99p as I thought it would be fun to try. Ali came over to help me prepare them and we used just a simple BBC food recipe for vanilla fairy cakes. I was pleased with the results and they were very tasty. 

Fifteen, Sixteen & Seventeen 
Also, for his birthday, I "made" him some ready rolled croissants. They are super easy to made as all you do is open the can, rip the scored triangles and roll them up. It is optional, but I always coat them in milk to get a nice finish. They were super yummy! 
Eighteen & Nineteen. 
We went for a wander round the shops before going for his birthday meal. I managed to find a dress I liked in under 5 minutes including trying it on and buying it! It's from Therapy at House Of Fraser, which isn't a brand I am familiar with but it had a lot of nice pretty dresses. I also, as mentioned here, have been on the hunt for Crispy M&M's, and finally caved and went to the only place I know that sells them, the Showcase De Lux in town, which I walked in to and back out just to buy them! I have been eating the smallest amount of them trying to make them last! 

Twenty & Twenty One. 
Little treats from the boyfriend, Glamour is my favourite monthly magazine by far, and as a joke he brought me a Lego mini figure after I said I wanted the statue of liberty, which I got!

Twenty Two.
I wore this Reko for Topshop dress when Ali came round a few days a go, because as much as I love the print, this dress is beyond short. I stand at a tiny 5"1 and it is more like a long top than a dress. It's such a shame because if it had another inch at the bottom it would be the perfect dress. 

Twenty Three. 
Long story short, I spent Friday night and most of the wee hours of Saturday morning in A&E with the boy. He had been out for drinks with his friends and ended up throwing up blood. It was all fine but it had to be checked out. I finally got to bed at around 5 am on Saturday morning. More importantly - why did I take a photo? Whilst he was whisked round to see the doctors I had to wait for him in the waiting room and found myself just sort of wandering around trying to calm myself down. I also took photos of the bins, the big funnel, the motorbike parked outside. Everything I could take a photo of. I guess I was trying to distract myself.

Twenty Four.
Saturday we were promised snow. This was the extent of the snow. I was really disappointed as I love snow, and thought it might get better over night, but of course, it rained and washed it all away. Really jealous of any one that has snow right now! 

Twenty Five. 
I decided to take part in the Instagram February Photo A Day Challenge. I've decided to save them all and do them all the end of the month. If your doing it drop me your Instagram name :) 

So that's it. It has been a crazy up and down week & honestly right now I am feeling fairly drained! Hope you have all had a good week! 



  1. I love Instagram :) I just started using it.
    Its amazing what you can do with pictures in one second :)

    I also like the fact that when you share the pictures from your everyday life it really shows your personality :)


    1. Aw thank you that's really sweet, thank you :)

  2. Now breathe and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

    1. Haha thank you, I enjoyed a spot of retail therapy :)

  3. My local Tesco AND Waitrose sell those M&Ms, if we ever meet I will bring you mass supplies!

    1. That's amazing, you are wonderful :) X

  4. LOVE the green skirt and LOVE your cat Lady xx

    1. She's amazing, I wish I could take her home ^^

  5. I love the dress and the colour of it :) and those cupcakes look so yummy, as do the croissants!and I love those socks :) x

  6. New follower =) love your blog!
    I have that Reko dress too - I am 5'7 and have to wear it with shorts underneath! Why did they make it so beautiful but so damn short? x


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