Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wednesday Wants

Hello lovely ladies. 

As my imaginary "if I only had £500" shopping list is getting longer and longer, here are my Wednesday wants.

Hervana - Benefit Blusher - £23.50
A new swirled blusher from Benefit. Beautiful, beautiful bloody beautiful. I have been eyeing it up for around a week and missed it on Buyapowa which I was gutted about. If you have it and don't want it you could always give or even sell it to me ^^.

Garden Gnome Wallet - Loungefly via Beadsauurus - £24.99
I've had my Cath Kidston dotty wallet for around 2 years and I am starting to look at it and think "god you're boring!". I think this pretty little gnome wallet would brighten up the inside of bag. 

Cookie Monster Vandor Mug - Amazon U.S - $11.99
I first clapped eyes on my this in New York. When I went in to buy it it was the only one and they couldn't get it out of the window (or possibly didn't want to) and that was that. Until I saw it on Pinterest again! I am desperate to get my claws on this, so if any of you wonder ladies see it on a U.K website please let me know! I've found one on eBay that will cost with shipping around £22 which is possibility (IF I really can't find it any where else!).

Caravan Necklace - Etsy - £9.00
How cute is this little caravan necklace?! Really detailed and sweet, all the bits in the shops are really lovely and reasonably priced in a variety of nice shades. A little smitten I am!

Deborah Lippmann Get This Party Started - Set of three via House Of Fraser - £28.00
I was out today and I spotted this Deborah Lippman gift set, including Happy Birthday, Forget You & Candy Shop. They are full sized and cost the same as two for three. Yes they are stupidly expensive and I do have Rainbow connection which is very like Happy Birthday but this is sitting right at the top of wish list at the moment!

What are you ladies lusting after this week? 

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  1. Replies
    1. I am loving it, might have to order it soon :) x

  2. I really want happy birthday. It's such a nice nail varnish.Xxx


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