Saturday, 31 March 2012

Give Away Reminder

Hello ladies.

Just a quick reminder that if you haven't already entered my 100 followers give away you have until 12 midnight to enter :)


Thursday, 29 March 2012

March Favourites

Hello lovely ladies.

How is it already (very nearly) the end of March? Wasn't Christmas last week?! I've seen a few of these "favourites" posts and I love reading them, so I thought I would do a post about the products I am loving this month!

Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub. 
A rough scrub that smells of maple syrup! The only problem with this is I seem stuck with the same thought "Pancakes would be good for breakfast today"!

Benefit It's Potent B.Right Eye Cream. 
I have to say, I never really given two thoughts about eye cream. This was until I happened to try a little of my Mums Benefit eye cream, and that was that. I was in love. However, it has a heafty, heafty price tag of £23.50, it was not going to happen. Luckily Ali had a little one from the mini's set she gave to me, which hopefully will tide me over until I can afford it!

Soap & Glory Girligo.
I picked this up when almost all of Boots was on 3 for 2 a couple of weeks a go. I love the smell of Soap & Glory's Eau De Pink, but I couldn't really justify £16.50 when I still have a massive bottle of Vera Wang left. Whilst browsing the S&G section I clapped eyes on Girligo, one I hadn't smelt before, and gave it a sniff. It's close, close enough at any rate, so that made it's way in to my basket quicker than you could say "MINE!". It's a moisturzing spray, so it sprays on the skin almost like water and you rub it in, so double bonus!

OPI Steady As She Rose.
It's not the most exciting OPI but it's certainly beautiful. It looks more of a pinky mauve on and I have been using it a lot under bright coloured glitters for a subtle base colour.

17 Glitter Eyeshadow.
This eyeshadow has worked it's way in to my every day face. I was a little unsure of how the quality was going to be, but it's perfect. A lovely white shade with little flecks of glitter. 

Benefit Hervana Blusher.
Already an absolute favourite, it has been worn almost every day since I got it! Reviewed here.

So those are my favourites this month, what are you ladies loving?


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Save, Spend Or Splurge Facial Wipes

Hello ladies.

Facial wipes are something I couldn't live without. I know there a little lazy but some times I just want to get my make up OFF. It doesn't help that I have a tiny tiny sink which there is no way to wash your face in so if I want to take it out with cleansing milk and so on I have to get in the shower. Unfortunately they can get a bit expensive for what is essentially a wet baby wipe. So here's my save, spend or splurge list.

Tesco Value 25 Facial Wipes - 45p
Ok, I know Tesco Value doesn't exactly scream "lovely beauty item" but bare with me. Yes the packaging leaves a huge amount to be desired, nothing pretty about it at all, oh Tesco please loose the blue stripes. The wipe itself is moist but not wet, no excess anything in there. The wipe can be a little bit rough, it feels a little bit like an actual baby wipe. BUT it does get make up off ok. It's a great wipe for when you just have a little bit of make up on that just needs a quick wipe. However it will not shift waterproof mascara or lasting foundation. I also wouldn't recommend these for any one with sensitive skin or eyes because they can be a little stingy. Having said all that, for 45p I wasn't expecting miracles and I like having a pack in the house for when I just need a quick wipe.

No7 Beautiful Skin 30 Quick Thinking Wipes £2 / £7
A tiny cheat here, but with a £5 No7 voucher you will pay £2, or without you will pay £7, but Boots seem to run the No7 voucher promotion 11 and a half months of the year, to the point that I would be surprised if anyone has actually ever paid full price for a No7 product. The packaging has been updated from blue to white recently, and I kind of prefer the old ones but the white is still nice. It also has a sturdy plastic lid which shuts well, which is great because nothing is more annoying than when the sticker stops being sticky and your wipes dry out half way through. These wipes are moister than the Tesco's and a little moister than most wipes I have used in the past. The wipe itself is soft to the touch, and feels completely non scratchy on the face. These wipes will remove every single scrap of make up, including waterproof mascara, and after a particularly bad experience at an Estee Lauder counter with a heavy handed make up artist, these were the only thing (including a panic buy of Boots own make up wipes, a proper shower and a generous go on my usual face wash) which would take off the Double Wear Maximum that has worked it way in to every pore in my face. These are probably my favourite make up wipe of all time, and I always use my No7 vouchers to stock up on these, as at £2 they are a pretty good deal!

 What's your favourite make up wipe ladies?


Sunday, 25 March 2012

Revlon Lip Butter In Sugar Frosting

Hello ladies.

I know that reviews and swatches have been all over blogger this week with the much anticipated arrival of Revlon's Lip Butters. I'm sure you've heard, but they are a high-bred between a lipstick and a lip balm. As many people were, I was particularly excited about the release of these but the reason may be slightly different to most. 

As a beauty blogger this seems like a massive taboo, but, I hate, hate, hate lipstick and lipgloss. I find them unbearably sticky and have never found one that has suited me. However I do love lip balm, so much so that I have a special make up bag stuffed full of them, as well as ones tactically dotted around the flat so I am never more than 10 steps away from one. When I heard of Revlon Lip Butters I thought it might just be close enough to a lip balm for me to be able to use it without instantly wiping it off. 

After checking my local boots for almost a week, I finally found them today. I guessed I wasn't the only one after these either as the display had a fair few people almost running up to them and looking through all the colours. Moi? Run? No, no. More of a gentle trot really..

Unfortunatly there was only two testers of any of the products, a bright pink and a dark plum. The U.K has only got 14 of the 20 colours which America has and judging by the range I think we have the middles of the range colours, where as America has the more extreme colours. I opted for Sugar Frosting as it's the most subtle shade of the 14. As a bit of a lipstick-phobe I thought it would be the best colour for me. 

Its a very gentle pink, which well, looks like pink frosting! (or icing!) At first glance you can see that it's a sheer colour rather than a matte.

The packaging itself is fairly pretty, a quilted effect on the outside with a silver metal tube inside. The packaging makes it square instead of a circle on the outside which is different but I do like it, it stands out a Lip Butter and not a lipstick which if you did have lipsticks and butters together you would be able to see your lip butter first. 

So did it pass my test? Yes, yes it did! Its such a lovely subtle wearable shade and most importantly (well, to me at any rate!) it's not sticky! It feels and looks very sheer, which even though it won't last particularly long on your lips, I love! 

So, at long last, I've finally found a sort-of lipstick that I can wear! Although I do love the product, there is one thing that slightly puts me off buying it a variety of different colours, and that's the price. At £7.99 a pop, they are a little bit too close to £10 for me. But they are currently (as well as all other make up) on offer in Boots under a 3 for 2 promotion they are running. I think I am going to purchase another darker pink colour and then see if I ever get through two! 

Have you tried the Lip Butters? If so do you like, love or hate them?


Saturday, 24 March 2012

Soap And Glory Glow Lotion

Hello ladies

As you probably know, I am a massive Soap & Glory fan, from little things like the fragrance, to the most important, how the product works, there are very little Soap & Glory products that haven't delivered the goods. It is the first and last section I browse every time I'm in Boots, and usually the first item to get a sneaky purchase.

As you probably know, just about everything in Boots is on 3 for 2 at the moment, so with that in mind I was looking for something reasonably cheap to pick up along side a couple of bits the boy needed. Glow Lotion caught my eye and was a reasonable £5.50.

I know, I know another lotion! I just can't help myself! I tried the tester and somehow managed to come to the conclusion that I needed another one. It's marketed as a "Celebrity Beauty Secret", a highlighting glimmer lotion for the body, with a "Hot tip! Apply tactically to emphasise your best assets". The box itself is the usual pink, girly, pretty and funny combo that Soap & Glory does so well.

The bottle itself is a fair bit more subdue that the usual Soap & Glory packaging but still pretty, with small silver stars all over it. It also has a pump top which I actually prefer, I can get a bit squeeze happy and end up wasting a whole load of product. 

The lotion itself is a pearly pink colour with a clear shimmer. The second you squirt it out you can smell the fragrance, which is almost exactly the same as Girlingo / Eau De Pink which I just love. 

Once you rub it in it leaves a light pink shimmer behind as well as a lovely fragrance. It's a perfect mix of pretty and fragrant.

Do you ladies like Soap & Glory? What's your favourite product?


Thursday, 22 March 2012

Currently Coveting

Hello lovely ladies.

Do any of you ladies run an internal shopping list, of things you want but really can't afford? Here is what at the top of my list at the moment.

I have big love for owls! This necklace has been on top of my wishlist since the begining of the year, just the price tag is putting me off!

I love girly pink nails, and this has been catching my eye. It's currently in the sale on for £5.95 with free shipping, I can see this being snapped up soon! 

OPI Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It -£?
I only found out about it yesterday but it's full stuck in my radar. The latest collaboration from OPI is with Minnie Mouse! I was excited about this before I could even punch it in to google. This particular polish has large pink glittery heart confetti in. Needless to say it MUST be mine. Unfortunately I will have to wait, as it isn't going to hit until the 1st of June.

Thomas Sabo Charm Kiss Perfume - £44.50 for 50ml
I was given a tester of this when I was doing my usual "press my face against the glass" in store. I didn't expect to think much of it as it's not my usual fragence style, but I love it! It has hints of strawberry and dark chocolate and it's not like any perfume I've smelt in a long time. At very nearly £45 I think it will have to wait for a birthday!

Star Stacking Ring - Marc By Marc Jacobs - £40
I tried this on in store this week and I fell in love. Curse my expensive taste! I've never been a big fan of rings and didn't think I would think much of it, but of course its a beauty! So.. if any one wants to buy me a present... 

So that's my oh so very expensive list! 

What are you ladies currently coveting?


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Topshop Sunbeam Highlighter

Hello ladies. 

Topshop's make up get a lot of attention all over the blogosphere, but apart from the nail varnishes, I have never really paid it much attention. I remember when Topshop's make up was released, and Topshop making a big song and dance of it, to the point where I popped in to my then local Arndale Topshop the day it was released , and I was massively disappointed, a very meek offering of average coloured eye shadows and nail varnishes the fell in the "slightly too expensive for what it is" category and I slowly forgot about it completely.

Since then they have brought in a broad range of everything from eye liners to highlighters. The latter caught my attention for a couple of weeks, but every time I told myself I have enough highlighters and a 80% full Girl Meets Pearl at home. This was until I was looking at it, again, one weekend and decided that it had to come home with me!

Topshop's Sunbeam highlighter. A beautiful pressed powder in a shimmery gold.

It comes in the usual white and black packaging with little "scribble stars" over the top. I think the reason I have never paid much attention to Topshop make up, I am not a massive fan of Topshop's packaging choices, I've always thought they look a little, well, cheap. It feels really unfair to say that, but it's just how I see it. For example, there isn't a mirror which would make it annoying to take out with you, but this is obviously a minor issue.

Although it looks like a fairly soft colour in the pan, its actually highly pigmented. You need a tiny amount of the product. For what I've done on the back of my hand I used one tiny brush stroke. It says on the box it's for body and face, but I think that it may be a little bit much on the body. It's such a lovely gold colour, makes me think of summer days!

I happy with it, it's really beautiful colour, and although I am not a massive fan of the packaging it's what's inside that counts! I would say I would probably buy it again, but it will probably last forever!

It retails for £9.00 in any larger Topshop store.

Do you ladies like Topshop's make up? If so what's your favourite thing they sell?


Monday, 19 March 2012

Beauty Box Swaps

Hello lovely ladies.

If you have heard about beauty box swaps then you may want to skip to end, but if you haven't I'll try my best to explain the concept.

Beauty Box Swaps is a Facebook group devoted to swapping all those little items from Glossybox / Carmine / etc that weren't quite a hit with you, but are possibly a big hit with some one else. As well as swapping items from beauty boxes many of the lovely ladies also swap other beauty bits which they haven't got on with. Ladies post up there list of items to swap, usually with a list of things that they are after. 

Here is what I have swapped for my unwanted items.

Lovely freebies sent with the items. Baylis & Harding shower gels in Rose & Raspberry & Iced Peppermint. One full sized & travel sized hand food. Earth Tin Steam Cream. 

Looks like quiet an impressive haul, but none of it cost me a penny*. 

Its a lovely community of women, many of them with blogs (so if any of these bits were yours, thank you!). All the ladies I have swapped with have been extremely friendly and I have personally have only had good experiences.

There are however a few risks involved with this process. You are trusting people you don't know to keep there end of the bargain, and for a few ladies, it has gone wrong. Dubbed "swaplifters" a handful of ladies will set up a swap, but you will never receive the item. However these women are often ousted from the community fairly quickly.  

You also need to keep in mine the posting costs, as heavier items can be quite costly to send.

* At some point I have paid for a different item, and obviously the postage to send the ladies their items, but you know, practically free :)

So do you like this idea? Are you a Beauty Box Swapper?


Sunday, 18 March 2012

Benefit Hervana

Hello ladies.

Benefit Hervana is a new release from Benefit. A beautiful swirled face powder that went straight to the top of my wish list. I spent weeks going to Benefit counters and eyeing it up and swatching it on my hand, only to sigh and the heavy £23.50 price tag and walk away thinking "maybe at some point". This was until I spotted one on eBay which I managed to get for £12.50 as it had been used once (it actually said "swatched once" so I suspect a blogger, so if this was yours, thank you!) which I snapped up as quickly as you could say "MINE, IT'S MINE". I was so excited for it to arrive I spent days watching for the post man to arrive, and when it did, I wasn't disappointed!

The packaging is like almost all the Benefit packaging, girly, cute with a fun side. The pinks and purples on the box appeal to my love of products that look the up most girly. 

Hervana is described as good karma for your face, "Achieve Hervana! Swirl these blissful shades together & sweep on your cheekbones for an enlighten flush". 

The box itself has also been update, as a flip lid rather than a lid that lifts off. It also comes with a little mirror which is fab for taking it out with you.

The brush has also had a little update. It's gently angled rather than straight so its easier to apply the blush to your cheeks.

Another update to this blush is that it is the first swirled blusher from Benefit. The idea is that you can swirl the blusher together or you can isolate one colour. You can also use any of the colours as an eye shadow or even as a lip colour. Although I think it could work as an eye shadow without any issue I am not sure about a lip colour, as it would leave your lips very dry, but I guess you could use a clear lip gloss an add the colour after.

The colour of all of them swatched together is a gorgeous girly pink and very gentle. I personally love the overall colour of the blush, very muted but still very beautiful. It is a lot more gentle that most other Benefit blushers, which many of them I have found far to bright for my taste. 

Overall I am very pleased with it, I would of eventually paid full price for this had I not found it on eBay but I am glad I did!

Do you have Hervana? Like the colour or not for you? 


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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Steam Cream

Hello lovelies.

If you have read this blog for a while, and even if you have just read a few posts, you will probably know I am a big fan of lotions and potions. I have lotions for skin, face, hands, feet and everything in between. I have every type of cream, or so I thought.

Another thing that I am a massive sucker for is cute packaging. If something jumps off the shelf to me, even if I don't need it, I am probably going to have it. So imagine my delight when I discovered Steam Cream. A "wonder" cream packaged in a cute tin.

Although it's not exactly a new product I hadn't heard of until it was included in the February Carmine beauty box. As I read more reviews of it the packing caught my eye again and again. It is the first time I've seen a beauty box and thought "jeez I wish I had a subscription to that one".

After a month of lusting after it, the boy treated me to it this week, so here it is.

First off, I of course picked the cute Lady Bird tin. Steam Cream comes in so many different tin designs there is something for everyone. On the Steam Cream online shop there is around 40 different designs. The tin itself has embossed letters all over it. It is also a screw lid which personally I think is a great design as I was a little concerned about the lid coming loose and it spilling every where.

The cream is also an award winner. When I saw this I really was late off the mark, 2 years off the mark in fact! After a quick google its easy to spot many rave reviews of this cream. Magazines, newspapers and of course beauty blogs all shouting their love for this product. Although this product has been around for 2 years, it is only recently that I have seen it in shops and online shops, such as Topshop and ASOS.

There is one thing which is slightly off putting about Steam Cream. I'm not going to lie, it's not exactly cheap. It varies from place to place but comes in at around £10.50 for 75 grams. I know, a little eye watering. However I managed to get mine for just (and I say just lightly) £8.40. The boy picked mine up in Ollie & Nic which offer a very generous 20% student discount. Although its not on their website they did have it on the front counter in store, so if your a student and there is an Ollie & Nic in your area (list here). If you don't it's available from Topshop & ASOS both offering 10% discount. 

So what's in this miracle cream? Or more to the point what isn't? 
Here is the list from the steam cream website:

"Oatmeal Infusion (Avena sativa), Orange Flower Water (Citrus Aurantium amara, Aqua), Almond Oil (Prunus dulcis), Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao), Glycerine, Stearic Acid, Triethanolamine, Organic Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis), Lavender Oil (Lavandula augustifolia), Chamomile Blue Oil (Chamomilla recutita), Orange Blossom Absolute (Citrus Aurantium dulcis), Rose Absolute (Rosa damascena), Neroli Oil (Citrus Aurantium amara), Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol, *Coumarin, *Geraniol, *Citronellol, * Limonene, *Linalool, Perfume, Methylparaben, Propylparaben. *Occurs naturally in essential oils"

As you can see, lots of lovely things, including oatmeal, cocoa butter and lavender oil, which is the scent of the cream. This isn't to everyone's taste, but personally I really like the smell of lavender.
So why is it called Steam Cream? Here is what they say:
"A great skin cream doesn’t just feel good as you put it on, it sinks deep down to keep it soft, smooth and flexible. Most creams are made with complex molecules bound together by a powerful emulsifying process; the problem with this is that they just sit there on the skin’s surface. They give a good first impression, but don’t keep their promises.

We use our unique steam process to make an amazingly effective cream that your skin can absorb instantly. When it touches your skin, the naturally moisturising ingredients and pure, calming essential oils are released from our light emulsion so that they can penetrate past the surface. Your skin will feel softer for longer." 

Oooh fancy I say! But wait there's more!

"How the steam process works.

We don’t need new science for this; we apply traditional methods in a new way.

Steam is pure water, heated under pressure past 100°C, and we harness its power to fuse our beautiful ingredients together instantly, to make a gentle emulsion. This forms the natural base of our smoothly textured cream. By using steam to combine them, the natural materials in STEAMCREAM remain pure and effective.

By using such a simple process, we can invest in natural materials such as orange flower water, oatmeal and vegetable glycerine to hydrate your skin. Almond and jojoba oils, with moisturising cocoa butter, soften the skin’s surface." 

Ooh more fancy! 

I think it also worth mentioning that it's Vegan approved, as they don't purchase any ingredients that are tested on animals. So as being a fancy cream it is also an ethical cream.

It's a light weight cream which can be used head to toe which I really like, it would really great to take on holiday and only have to take the one product. I also think this would be a really nice cream to relax with in the evening due to the lavender smell. I can see this being my go to cream! Do I think it's worth the hefty price tag? It's such a lovely formula and smell I think that I would be willing to part with my cash for it, and seeing as I usually buy several bottles for my face, body etc it does probably work out around the same price as buying all those bottles individually. 

So ladies what do you think? Have you tried Steam Cream? What did you think?


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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

NOTD Teenage Dream Katy Perry OPI

Hello lovely ladies.

Have you ever wanted something, and no dupe will do? This is the way I felt about Teenage Dream OPI, a collaboration with the ever beautiful Katy Perry. I was set on owning it, but after a quick eBay search it seemed I wasn't alone, with buy it now's going for around £15 and auctions not far behind I figured it just to be "the one that got away" (see what I did there?) and moved on to finding a suitable dupe. This was until I saw it on I Heart Cosmetics blog sale for a mere £4. I snapped it up happily, costing me just £5.50 with postage. 

It arrived on Monday and since then I've been looking at it throughout the day thinking "You are so pretty" so here it is.

A light pink glitter, unashamedly girly at its best.

Unlike many OPI glitters there is one thing that it doesn't have. Large holographic hexagons, which personally I think is nice. Although I do like the large hexagons, its nice to have one that's a little different to the others I own. Instead it has very small holographic dots like a lot of other brands glitters.

On to it on the nails.

One coat. As with most glitters I find you need at least two coats before you can see the base colour. 

 Two coats. A lovely baby pink with tons of little bits of glitter in it. 

 It needed two top coats to get it smooth but overall a lovely pinky polish with lots of glitter, and because I love glitter I obviously love this!

If you are after this for yourself, eBay is the place to go, or if your after something similar Topshop's Adrenalin is the closest I've seen (although it's sold out online I've seen plenty in store)

So, am I alone in this? Do you fixate on one product until you get it or can you let it go?


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Monday, 12 March 2012

CLOSED 100 Followers Give Away!


Hello my lovely ladies. 

I noticed today that I now have 101 followers on this little blog! I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone that reads my ramblings! As a thank you I've put together a few little prizes.

On to the prize! 

  • Hello Kitty Liberty Print make up bag with eye shadow, lip gloss & mascara
  • Paperchase plain paper embroidered Russian doll note book 
  • Paperchase monkey multi colour pen
  • Purple button pendant 
  • Rimmel loose shadow in Smokey
  • Forever 21 vintage rose nail varnish in glittery pink 
 So that's what's up for winning! As much as I wish I could give away something from Benefit or MAC I just don't have the funds for that right now, but I hope you like it!

How to enter:
  • Be a follower of this blog
  • Leave me a comment with your email address so I can contact you if you win 
  • U.K only (next time it will be international I promise!)
  • For 1 extra (but by no means necessary) entry follow me on twitter and tweet about this give away.
 Give away ends on the 31st of March so good luck to every one that enters!


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Another Week In Instagrams

Hello lovely ladies! 

Another Sunday another week in Instagrams! I am starting to feel like I should maybe just do a monthly round up, what do you think?

I love this perfume! I tried it whilst in Boots this week and it smells just like Hand Food, I will be investing in this as soon as I have a spare £16.

After years of people telling me Baked Beans & Sausages were the best thing since sliced bread, I found it really funny when I was browsing Morrisons and they were selling veggie ones. I tried them & honestly I thought they were OK but just OK. Nothing something I would repurchase but funny for a giggle.

I picked this up with Ali in a super cheap shop up the road called What! (If you have a What! in your local area I urge you to look in, great Emma Bridgewater copies!). My first tamagotchi was a Dinkie Dino my Dad sent me from London and I love, love, loved it and for a £1 I thought it would be a laugh to play with it for a bit. Unfortunately it turns out it is a fake 24 in 1 tamagotchi which was a bit gutting, at least it was only £1!

Four & Five.
I received and played with my Konad nail stamper this week, as reviewed here.

Loving my new sofa cushion from Primark. They cost £2.50 each and have made my fugly sofa a little cuter. 

I have been lusting after Benefit Hervana for weeks now, which has been made all the more intense by all the beautiful reviews going round. Unfortunately I don't really have £23.50 spare at the moment. So I was pretty chuffed when I spotted a used once Hervana on eBay Buy It Now for £12.50! I am so excited for this to arrive.

A treat of a Starbucks Cake Doughnut. They are a beautiful thing!

As I was getting off the bus this evening I spotted the B&B across the road was throwing away this green wing backed arm chair. It's in pretty good condition, clean and with only small bits of material rubbing off on the arms & smells fine, the only problem was it had lost a wheel on the the back foot but I just took them all off with a screw driver, leaving little wooden feet. We have been after an extra chair for a while and this is perfect! 

I love love love Swedish Fish, just wish they weren't so expensive in the U.K! If your American and want to do a beauty & food swap email me at! 

That's been my week! Hope everyone has had a good week.


P.S if you know where you can sign up for beauty swaps let me know!