Sunday, 4 March 2012

Another Week In Instagrams

Hello ladies. 

Sunday night brings another instalment of my week in Instagrams. If you lovely ladies have Instagram my user name is jetley. 

My owl plush arrived here Oborocharms, reviewed here. I am smitten with it's cuteness!

We found a voucher for £15 off when ordering from Ocado. Even the bags felt very posh!

Finished Lego Harry Potter 5 - 7 Years this week, which has taken up far to many hours of my life! 

Picked up a small box of Jelly Belly's & remembered how much I love them! My bank balance however does not!

After hearing a lot of good news about Zoya Nail Lacquers I spotted a stand with them on in House Of Fraser. I picked up a dark blue one with gold glitter called Crystal. I also will one day how to take a nice picture of my nails! 

I tried Rose Lemonade in Swinky Sweets on Park Street this week. It was honestly beautiful and if you are a fan of floral flavours I would highly recommend it.

Ocado had Junior Mints so I ordered myself a box to try, they are lovely! They taste like after 8's shaped like Minstrels.

Went shopping with Mum & she treated me to a couple of bits. Glamour magazine with a free hair mask, floral tights, purple peter pan collar dress from Next & apple & raspberry Innocent juice. 

As a crazy cat lady in the making I am pretty fond of cat things! I picked up this little pot (possibly a tea light / candle holder?) in a charity shop for 75p. He has a little chip out of his ear but it was too cute to leave! I am going to colour the ear in with a felt tip & store earring in it. 

I sorted out my bathroom draws to find that I am pretty stocked with most things for a good while! Although it may look small to some of you lovely lot I used to only buy another when I ran out so it seems like loads! 

This weekend we have had my boyfriends parents up which has been really nice. Just about to head to the Zoo here. 

Twelve, Thirteen & Fourteen. 
A couple of snaps from the Zoo. I love the red pandas, they are my favourite! The meerkat has 3 babies (one is hiding under the mummy) which were so small and so cute. Finally seen the giant tortoise move! 

Fifteen, Sixteen & Seventeen. 
The boyfriends parents brought a couple of boxes that we had stored at their house. One of them was a box of my old bits from childhood, including Pokemon cards, a signed steps photo in a frame & a "real" Gameboy. I actually saw that Urban Outfitters were selling these last year for £100 each!

Brought myself OPI's Dutch Treats from Buyapowa for £8 after lusting after them since last year, review coming up this week. 

I tried out Ali's Konad nail stamper as I've ordered myself one. They are fairly fiddly and messy but I was starting to get the hang of it by the time I had finished both hands. 

After a weekend of eating all the wrong this I got a take away tonight! Onion rings are one of my favourites!

That has been my week! Hope you are all having a good Sunday! 


  1. I'm craving that rose lemonade again now hehe x

    1. Same I had a look in Morrisions but they only had the ginger beer :)

  2. Oooh haven't you got lovely eyes? And I LOVE Fentimans cherry flavour cola drink.

    1. Aw thats sweet, and I haven't tried that one, will do next time I find a stockist!

  3. I love these posts, that's two posts I've read about the zoo tonight, I'm planning a little trip for me and my boyfriend to Edinburgh zoo for his birthday, may not be till June but i'm so excited already! Ah I used to have Pokemon cards, memories! x

    1. I really want to go to Edinburgh for the pandas! x

  4. The Steps photo!! And I also have the Soap and Glory Fab Pore, Snow Fairy and Percy and Reed Mask (gotta love Glamour freebies!) in my bathroom too, so I approve greatly of your bathroom tastes! :) x

    1. Haha thank you! I am a massive fan of Soap and Glory :D x

  5. i LOVE these sorts of posts! Used to love playing on my gameboy & with my pokemon cards! Also love jelly bellys - cinnamon is my fav :)

    now followings your lovely blog xx

  6. The Steps signed are cooler than I will ever be - very jealous! oh and quick question how do you upload the instagram pictures to this blog - do you do via the app on your phone? Thanks hun :) xx

    1. Haha, I also have a signed spice girls one ;) 90's til I die haha! If you have icloud there should be a folder in you pics called photo stream and they will all be in there, and if not you just plug in your phone and import the pics :) x


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