Sunday, 18 March 2012

Benefit Hervana

Hello ladies.

Benefit Hervana is a new release from Benefit. A beautiful swirled face powder that went straight to the top of my wish list. I spent weeks going to Benefit counters and eyeing it up and swatching it on my hand, only to sigh and the heavy £23.50 price tag and walk away thinking "maybe at some point". This was until I spotted one on eBay which I managed to get for £12.50 as it had been used once (it actually said "swatched once" so I suspect a blogger, so if this was yours, thank you!) which I snapped up as quickly as you could say "MINE, IT'S MINE". I was so excited for it to arrive I spent days watching for the post man to arrive, and when it did, I wasn't disappointed!

The packaging is like almost all the Benefit packaging, girly, cute with a fun side. The pinks and purples on the box appeal to my love of products that look the up most girly. 

Hervana is described as good karma for your face, "Achieve Hervana! Swirl these blissful shades together & sweep on your cheekbones for an enlighten flush". 

The box itself has also been update, as a flip lid rather than a lid that lifts off. It also comes with a little mirror which is fab for taking it out with you.

The brush has also had a little update. It's gently angled rather than straight so its easier to apply the blush to your cheeks.

Another update to this blush is that it is the first swirled blusher from Benefit. The idea is that you can swirl the blusher together or you can isolate one colour. You can also use any of the colours as an eye shadow or even as a lip colour. Although I think it could work as an eye shadow without any issue I am not sure about a lip colour, as it would leave your lips very dry, but I guess you could use a clear lip gloss an add the colour after.

The colour of all of them swatched together is a gorgeous girly pink and very gentle. I personally love the overall colour of the blush, very muted but still very beautiful. It is a lot more gentle that most other Benefit blushers, which many of them I have found far to bright for my taste. 

Overall I am very pleased with it, I would of eventually paid full price for this had I not found it on eBay but I am glad I did!

Do you have Hervana? Like the colour or not for you? 


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  1. love this! I want it soooo badly!

  2. wow you got it for such a good price! This blusher looks so pretty, I really want to try it
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

    1. I was really lucky :) I am not sure Benefit can do any wrong in my eyes x

  3. wow, I'm off to scour ebay now for one!! x

    1. Do it, if its been tried once people get a bit funny about it and the price nose dives x

  4. What a bargain !! I love finding things that you've been lusting after for too long at an amazing price.. Lovely blog..




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