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Konad Nail Stamper - Review & How To

Hello lovely ladies.

Today I have been playing with my new Konad stamper I purchased on eBay last week. I fell in love with the idea of Konad stamping after watching a couple of videos on YouTube. I really admire nail art but I have the shakiest hands known to man and I have tried to do the simplest designs myself but they have always come out rubbish. Konad is a way of transferring an image of your choice (there are literally hundreds of plates, each with a couple of designs on each) from a metal plate on to your nails with a small rubber stamp. It even says on the packet "Not drawing but stamping" which sounds much more like something I could do. So on to how to & review! Just to be warned - this is a long one!

I decided to purchase a set because it was the cheapest way to get the stamper, scraper and the plate I wanted, plus with two nail varnishes which was a bonus! After a search of eBay I found the cheapest price was £9.95 with free postage.

The set comes with a stamper and a scraper as well as the image plate I originally wanted which is M3, a very simple plate holding stars, flowers, hearts and bows. I decided I wanted simple designs before going for something a bit more complicated. 

So that is what you get, on to how to! 

Apart from the stamper, scraper, plate & nail varnish these are the other bits you will need. Acetone free nail polish remover - although I had heard a lot of people don't bother with this, my nail varnish remover is pretty much paint stripper so I personally decided to pick some up from Boots, which was around £1.25. Cotton Wool pads to clean up. An old magazine to keep your surfaces protected as when you scrape it will come off the edge and leave nail varnish all over the place. 

First up pick your base coat, I'm going for a blue Zoya and in Crystal. Make sure your base coat is completely dry before going on to the next stage.

Next up pick your nail varnish. I used the nail varnish from the set in white. This is a special Konad nail varnish, which is special because it is 4x thicker than normal nail varnish, but more on that later. 

Next, pick your image and paint a good amount of nail varnish over it. Try to get the brush in to all the little corners so you get a consistent image.

Next get your scraper and hold it at a slant and firmly and quickly scrape it across the image, leaving just the image in the plate. 

Next, quickly get the stamper and in and up & down motion user the stamper to pick up the image. Press it firmly and quickly pick it up. You then need to put it on the nail extremely quickly, or the nail varnish will dry. You can either roll it side to side or again stamp it on with a quick up & down motion. I personally find it a lot easier to get the image where I want it on the nail by going up & down rather than side to side.

So here it is on the nail. As you can see I've missed a little off the bottom as I lined it up a little squiffy but you get the idea. 

Next, the rest of your nails! A lot of reviews say you don't need to clean the plate and scraper between each nails but personally I found if you don't you will get an uneven image or the scraper will leave behind nail varnish it should of taken away and by the time you've done it again the nail varnish will have dried in the plate. You only gently need to wipe around a little of the acetone nail varnish around to get it clean. 

So this is the finished result! When your finished you need to put a top coat on as soon as they are dry as it is only a thin strip of nail varnish and it will chip very easily. My nails are a little messy but it certainly takes a bit of getting used to!

On to the review!

When I first looked at purchasing the Konad stamper I watched a lot of videos saying it was "the easiest thing ever" or "it only takes a minute!". Both of those statements are untrue & here's why. If, like me, you are a little unsteady handed it certainly takes a little getting used to! Here a couple of problems I personally found with it:
  • The shape of the stamper - because its a fairly big circle it can be hard to line it up with the nail so each stamp can come out a little off centre. It would be more effective as a nail shape or even an oval.
  • A minute my bottom! To do both hands takes at least 10 to 15 minutes. I have to say a lot of this would be in cleaning it each time, but I found that was the only way to get a consistent image. 
There is another point I think that is worth making, not all nail varnishes will work. Before mine arrived I had a quick go with Ali's. At this point I wanted to do the stars with my gold Models Own. Turns out you can't do that! The nail varnish you need to use for the image has to be incredibly thick. Here are the brands / types I tried & that do not work
  • Models Own - Too thin
  • No7 - Too Thin & Too Runny
  • OPI glitter -  Too thin & the stamper can't pick up glitter that large so it's scraped off so your only left with a little of the background colour. 
And the ones that do
  •  OPI colour - It will work but you will need a lot of it. I used enough to paint my nails around 3 times to get 10 images.
  • Accessorize colour - it works but you will need a dark colour.
  • Konad Special Polish - it works extremely well, cannot fault it at all. 
My advice would be that if you are ordering a Konad, get a set with some nail varnish included. It's extremely thick so you need very little of it & the images comes out much much brighter. 

Having said the above, here are the really great things about the Konad.
  • I could never do it myself! There is no way I could sit down and paint little stars on my nails, I have neither the skill or the will power to try.
  • Hundreds of designs! As well as little images such as stars and hearts, they also have whole nails, tips, seasonal themed, animals, food, places and so on. I am so going to order the Christmas plate for Christmas this year! I think they will be tacky fantastic!
  • The quality of the stamper / scraper. They feel incredibly sturdy and feel like they will last a long time. 
  • The price is quite reasonable. The whole set cost me £9.95, which considering I have paid more than that for a single nail varnish, isn't so terrible.
So overall I am glad I ordered the stamper. Although it's a little more difficult than it was made out to be I think for special occasions its a really nice way to do something that I completely couldn't do on my own. 

Do you have a Konad or want one? If you do which plates would you recommend? 


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  1. I love this stamping kit. It is so simple to use and you can create amazing designs x

  2. That's really cute, I haven't got a steady hand either so most of my nail varnish generally ends up everywhere but my nails,its great that it has so many little designs too! x

    1. I am just so unsteady it's really almost amazing I can even paint my nails at all haha. All the plates have lots of little designs, I want to order a whole lot more :D

  3. I've wondered about getting one for a while. May invest soon x

    1. I think it was definitely worth the £10 :D x

  4. Looks amazing! Think I might actually get one of these.

    I love my shellac, but the same colour for 2/3 weeks at a time can get really boring so it'd be great to jazz it up a bit with the stamps!

    Lovely post


    1. If you got bored with the stamp on your shellac you can VERY carefully take just the stamp with a cotton bud. I did it on non shellac nails and it worked fine x

  5. nice. xx

    p.s. I'm having a shoe giveaway if you'd like to check it out. :)

  6. This are really nice. I loved my Konad stuff, but I gave up with it because it took too long.

    1. It is time consuming, I think it will be a once in a while nail :) x

  7. New follower and loving your blog!
    That zoya colour looks amazing :)xx

    1. Aw thank you sweet heart! I love it instantly as well :) x

  8. I tried one of these, my cousin had brought it and was struggling to use it. I actually found it really easy apart from the fact the stamper itself is too large - like you said. Knowing whereabouts you should be pressing the stamper is near on impossible, meaning you could never get every nail the same. I am massively impressed with how similar yours are. I think I'd stick to just one nail or something...that way it doesn't matter where it ends up. I can pretend I'm doing that because I'm cool and setting a new trend right?! Lol.

    Laura x

    1. I ended up putting the stamp right at the side so I could see where it was going every time. I think they do bigger plates which I am thinking of ordering because I think it would easier to go wrong and it still look the same :)


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