Saturday, 24 March 2012

Soap And Glory Glow Lotion

Hello ladies

As you probably know, I am a massive Soap & Glory fan, from little things like the fragrance, to the most important, how the product works, there are very little Soap & Glory products that haven't delivered the goods. It is the first and last section I browse every time I'm in Boots, and usually the first item to get a sneaky purchase.

As you probably know, just about everything in Boots is on 3 for 2 at the moment, so with that in mind I was looking for something reasonably cheap to pick up along side a couple of bits the boy needed. Glow Lotion caught my eye and was a reasonable £5.50.

I know, I know another lotion! I just can't help myself! I tried the tester and somehow managed to come to the conclusion that I needed another one. It's marketed as a "Celebrity Beauty Secret", a highlighting glimmer lotion for the body, with a "Hot tip! Apply tactically to emphasise your best assets". The box itself is the usual pink, girly, pretty and funny combo that Soap & Glory does so well.

The bottle itself is a fair bit more subdue that the usual Soap & Glory packaging but still pretty, with small silver stars all over it. It also has a pump top which I actually prefer, I can get a bit squeeze happy and end up wasting a whole load of product. 

The lotion itself is a pearly pink colour with a clear shimmer. The second you squirt it out you can smell the fragrance, which is almost exactly the same as Girlingo / Eau De Pink which I just love. 

Once you rub it in it leaves a light pink shimmer behind as well as a lovely fragrance. It's a perfect mix of pretty and fragrant.

Do you ladies like Soap & Glory? What's your favourite product?



  1. Pretty! I am ashamed to say that despite wanting to try lots of products for ages, the only Soap &Glory item I have was free with a magazine (mascara). This highlighter looks as though it'd be great for summer (on the beach, on holiday, shimmering away :)


  2. Have you tried this with foundation on top? I can imagine it would look amazing!

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