Monday, 30 April 2012

April Empties

Hello ladies. 

How is it already the end of April? Where does the time go?! I seem to have got through quite a lot this month, so here's my empties. 

One & Two - Aussie Miracle Shampoo & 3 Minute Miracle 
My absolute all time favourite shampoo & conditioner. I'm always gutted when I come to end of the bottle because at around £5 each they are the top end of what I can really afford. 

Three - Imperial Leather Foamburst Shower Foam in Citrus Burst.
I adore the Foamburst shower gels. I first tried one at the Alton Towers resort hotel, they gave us a full sized one in a different smell every day! It comes out as a gel and lathers into a lovely thick foam, it's a bit pricey at around £2.50 so I always stock up when it's on offer.

Four - Boots Cucumber Facial Toner.
A lovely fresh simple toner. It's effective and purse friendly.

Five - Lush's Dragons Egg Bath Bomb.
Reviewed here, how I wish I had a bath at home!

Six - Lush's Snow Fairy Shower Gel.
My last bottle! Although I do love the smell I'm glad to of got to the end of this bottle!

Seven - Baylis & Harding Iced Peppermint Body Wash.
This months biggest disappointment of the empties. I thought this body wash would smell kind of like the Original Source Minty shower gel, however it did not. It smelt kind of like toilet cleaner and had the consistency of water. Glad to be rid! 

Eight - Magicool Spray.
This is a left over from my trip to New York last year. It was a life saver then and it continued to be! It's a brilliant spray not only for when your hot but also is about the most soothing thing I've ever come across for a headache! Will defiantly be repurchasing.

Nine - Lush Samples - Ro's Argan Body Conditioner & Dirty Toothy Tabs.
Two samples from Lush I didn't like at all. I'd tried toothy tabs previously and didn't like the taste, but when I was in store the sales assistant said the flavour had changed and gave me a couple to try. It tasted of salt & not a lot else, just horrid! Ro's Argan however smells amazing, it's supposed to be used as a body lotion you put on whilst in the shower, which sounded quite nice but it left a heavy build up on the skin.

Ten - Pig Soap On A Rope.
This has to be the product I am most proud of getting to the end of. I managed to use the whole of the soap! It has lasted me since Christmas! For the first month I don't think I even made a dent on the surface!

What have you ladies been getting through this month?


Sunday, 29 April 2012

April Favourites

Hello ladies. 

What a miserable day were having here in the south west! It's hard to believe that it's May in 2 days! This time last year I was sat in the pub cheering on the marriage of Kate & Wills, you know, by being British & drinking Pimm's. 

Here's the products I've been loving this month, a small group but a good one!

1. John Frieda Frizz Eaze Night Creme Serum.
I've never been much of a fan of putting cream / oil in your hair as I always think it just feels greasy. This one is designed to be left in your hair over night & washed out in the morning, leaving your hair really soft and frizz - less. I can honestly say I feel it works and anything to get rid of the frizz!

2. I.D Bare Minerals Eye Glimmer In Nude Beach. 
I received this in a swap, and haven't had much experience with bare minerals apart from this, but this was such a perfect colour I decided to give it a go, and I'm so pleased I did. It's beautifully shimmery without being to sparkly for every day wear. 

3. American Apparel Nail Varnish in Galaxy
This is possibly my favourite nail varnish of all time apart from Rainbow Connection! Lovely big flakes of multi coloured glitter. I was also really impressed with the quality of this nail varnish, all though it has massive glitter it didn't flake or chip after several days of wearing it. 

4. OPI Original Nail Envy
Although I've always had pretty good nails lately (due to the copious amounts of glitter I put on them) they've been looking a bit worse for wear. I'd heard brilliant things about Nail Envy & since I've been using it every time I paint my nails they have been in much better condition. All round great product. 

5. L'occitaine The Vert Green Tea Solid Perfume. 
This is something I can across when sorting out my bathroom draws earlier this month & thought "I need to just use this up & get rid". I've had it for at least 2 years after receiving it as a gift. But now I've started using it again I'm really hoping that they still stock it. It's a gentle smell and great for putting on for a long lasting smell. 

6. Benefit Watt's Up
I've used this nearly every day & still love it, it's the perfect highlighter! Reviewed here.

7. Tangle Teezer.
Although I only brought this last week it's already part of my daily hair care routine. I am still as impressed with it as I was at first, and it makes detangling my hair after a shower so pleasant, no ripping or pulling! First impressions review here

What products have you ladies been loving this month?


Saturday, 28 April 2012

Weekend Wants

Hello ladies. 

A little weekend wish list, as a big fan of internet browsing I constantly have a bookmarked list of things to buy one day, you know, with my big lottery pay out that is right around the corner...

(images via respective websites)
I love love love Cath Kidston, and although I already have several of the Cath Kidston messenger bags, I was eyeing this up in store this week and it's just so perfect for summer. 

2. Paul & Joe Bon Bon Primer - £23.00*
There is nothing I don't like about this primer, colourful? Check, Girly packaging? Check, Shimmer? Check. There's one tiny problem with it, it's sold out everywhere, TO EBAY!

3. Topshop Nail Varnish in Razzmatazz - £6.00
Topshop have such a beautiful range of nail varnish out at the moment there isn't a single one I wouldn't be happy with owning, but this above all else has caught my eye, it looks like sparkly denim.

Oh so cute, oh so so expensive! To add insult to injury the shipping for this item would be $20! I wish! 

What's caught your eye this week ladies?


Thursday, 26 April 2012

New Obsession - Yankee Tarts

Hello ladies. 

I'm forever on a quest to make my house smell amazing. Candles, diffusers, Febreeze, I've tried them all, all with extremely average results. With a medium sized living room I found candles only smelt vaguely if I was really close to them, ditto for diffusers. Febreeze smelt nice for around 5 minutes before fading to nothing. I decided to stop throwing money at things that didn't have the desired effect.

That was until the lovely Lola sent me some Berry Vanilla tarts as part of my mystery Easter swap. After hunting down an oil burner (honestly, I went to at least 10 different shops before finding one) I managed to get one burning. And that was that, it was love. After the tart melted fully the smell was just amazing, I could smell it throughout the flat. 

As with Yankee Candles the variety is amazing, any smell you fancy you can find a tart. They come individually packed ready to be unwrapped & used. If you wanted to only use a little bit at a time you could easily cut them up with a knife and just use a chunk at a time.

As well as a tart & an oil burner you will also need a tea light to get the wax melting. I would suggest only using unscented cheapy ones as you will not be able to smell them at all. Here's one I've burnt before, Cinnamon Stick. The tarts each have 8 hours of burn time where they will actually smell, after which you will be left with some of the wax which hasn't burnt away. You could leave it burning for the full 8 hours at once if you wanted, but for a flat my size, burning it for around half an hour a day is more than enough to have a lovely smell linger all evening, meaning one would last you up to 16 days.

Once the wax is fully melted the scent will fill the air within seconds. Unlike the Yankee samplers / candles, the smell of the tart won't effect how much scent is in the air. I've burnt a very softly scented one and it leaves as much smell in the air as one as strong as cinnamon. 

They usually retail for £1.25 each, but most of the range is currently on offer in Clinton Cards for 60p a tart, as well as Yankee Tea Lights, Samplers & Jars also being on offer.

Have you ladies tried the Yankee tarts, are you a fan?


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sleek Rose Gold Blush

Hello ladies. 

If you follow me on twitter you may have recently seen me tweeting about searching high & low for Sleek Rose Gold Blusher. I had been in four different Superdrug's around the country and nothing, from Bristol to Bolton, no luck any where. I finally found a lady on Beauty Box Swappers who was selling one. Needless to say I snapped that up quicker than I could say "WHAT'S YOUR PAYPALLLLL?!". It arrived yesterday, so here it is.

The packaging is very minimalist, it's *uhm excuse the pun* very sleek, made of high quality plastic. It's also fairly small, it could easily fit in the palm of your hand. As it's only 8 grams it's also fairly light.

Inside there's a little mirror with the blush neatly packed in. There isn't a brush but to be honest I'm not sure where they would put one!

Close up you can see that the rose coloured plush is also packed with gold shimmer. This is the whole reason that this blush is so impossible to get hold of, I cannot vouch for this because I don't have it, but it is supposedly a complete dupe for the NARS Orgasm. 

It seems that Sleek have cottoned on to this fact & when I was speaking to one of the various sales assistants asking if they had any out the back I was told that they never deliver more than one at a time & it's permanently sold out online. I think finding one is a matter of timing & luck, neither of which I've had!

Swatched on the hand you can see the shimmer more clearly. It's a beautiful colour and perfect for summer. Last Saturday I was in Harvey Nicholas and I did swatch the Orgasm, I think it's pretty close, although the Orgasm is slightly more shimmery and feels a little more velvety.

At £4.49 it's a fraction of the price of Orgasm, so if you can lay your hands on it, it's a lovely blush!

Have you been after Rose Gold? If you have it do you love it?


Monday, 23 April 2012

Tangle Teezer - First Impressions

Hello ladies.

I took a little shopping trip today, mainly for clothes, but the siren call of Boots was too strong, it's always too strong! I found myself in a familiar place, staring at the Tangle Teezers. They have a brilliant reputation and are often raved about all over blogger. However I always found myself put off for a couple of reasons. One, they are £10.99 which is quite a lot for a hair brush, and two, I have very thick hair (once called horse hair by a particularly rude hair dresser as she struggled to get it in to the wash basin) and thought it wouldn't go through my hair. However today I thought I took the plunge & bought my first Tangle Teezer, swayed by claims like "suitable for all hair" & "Increases shine noticeably" on the box.

There are several different colours to pick from, but I went for the purple glittery one, being that I am a massive fan of anything glittery and eye catching.

Pretty pretty pretty! Tangle Teezer & Shaun P, the creator of the Teezer is embossed on the back. 

So here's what makes the Tangle Teezer special. The plastic bristles are two different lengths, long to short from the top. The idea being the short ones will catch and detangle the hairs which the long ones miss. The bristles are stiff yet flexible to the touch. 

It fits comfortably in the palm of my hand, my first impression when I pulled it out of the box was "how on earth do I hold this?!" but it feels very natural and don't think that adding a handle would make much of a difference and would feel a little unwieldy. The other notable thing about the brush is how light it is, much lighter than a normal hair brush. Out of interest I decided to weight my normal hair brush and see how it compared.  My normal standard plastic brush with a handle weights 82 grams where as this one weighs just 51 grams. 

The first stroke that I pulled it through my hair, my first thought was "I wish I had brought one sooner!". I'd been out for a large portion of the day in the wind & rain and my hair resembled something of a crows nest, but it pulled through my hair without any tugging or painful pulling, it also didn't get stuck in my thick hair which I was very impressed with! I can normally stick a brush in and it will stay wherever I put it, but this one just fell out the bottom! The other thing I was impressed with is how smooth and brushed it felt with very little effort. It felt completely brushed and smooth within less than 10 brushes.

Do you ladies own a Tangle Teezer? Love them or hate them?


Saturday, 21 April 2012

Most Wanted

Hello ladies.

A little list of this weeks most converted items.

1. Cute Birdie Necklace - £12 - Oliver Bonas
My new favourite shop, the jewellery is so exceptionally cute.

2. EOS Smooth Sphere Strawberry Lipbalm - The Bath & Body Shop - £4.65
I've seen these popping up all over blogger, being the lip balm addict I am I think this needs a sneaky order.

3. Above & Beyond Sweater - Modcloth - $99.99
Modcloth is a website I check every couple of days, but have never ordered from. Based in the U.S the shipping is pretty eye watering, let alone the price! But still, how cute?

Love this perfume, love this flower, love Marc Jacobs!

What are you ladies converting this week?


Friday, 20 April 2012

Lush's Bubblegum Lip Scrub, Useful Or Useless?

Hello ladies. 

It's no secret that I'm a massive Lush fan, but I do find they either get it really right, Bath Bombs, Shower Gels etc, OR really wrong, Toothy Tabs, Solid Shampoo and so on. One of the products that has always sat firmly sat on my "I don't know list" is this

Bubblegum Lip Scrub. I'd pick it up every time I went in store and just couldn't make up my mind. Is it something I need or do I just like it for the smell? Does it work? If I do buy it will I use it? Because I had so many doubts I always left it. When Ali offered me one she had because she didn't fancy it, I could finally put it to bed.

It's a neon pink colour, that comes in a little glass pot with a screw lid. 

I've been using this for a few weeks so there's a bit of it gone, new it's full to the brim. I've been using this every other day, but you need so little of this product you barely go through any of it.

It's an extremely coarse scrub, made from large granules of castor sugar. There's actually very few ingredients in this scrub, which are, Castor Sugar, Organic Jojoba Oil, Flavour, Colour 45410, Colour 45380, which is something I love about Lush, I like being able to see easily what's in what I'm using!

So does it work? Actually, yes! I don't particularly have dry lips so I thought I wouldn't really notice a difference, but a quick sweep of this and my lips feel like velvet. I am actually so impressed with this product! I really didn't I would get on with it, but I can't wait to try the other flavours now! I believe there is a mint one that smells like After 8's if Bubblegum isn't your thing.

Lush's Lip Scrubs retail for £4.95 each.

So have you tried these? Love them, hate them? 


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop Dupe

Hello ladies.

I've probably already mentioned how much love I have for Deborah Lippmann's Candy Shop. A beautiful bubble gum pink polish with multi colour glitter. The perfect polish for me, and here it is.

(Image via Google)

There's just one, teeny, tiny, massive problem with it. It costs £16. For my limited budget my upper limit for a nail varnish is around £10. This is the same price as an OPI and two Barry M nail varnishes. As much as I would like to, I just can't justify that sort of money for one, albeit beautiful, nail varnish. 

So with that in mind, I set about finding a dupe. I heard about Clarie's Accessories having a good dupe, but neither of my local two local stores had one. So I decided to get a bit creative. 

I popped in to town quickly today with the boy so I decided to set about finding a nice pink nail varnish, as close as possible to the shade of Candy Shop. I thought as it was just multi coloured glitter that made it so pretty, I'd use my OPI Rainbow Connection from the Christmas Muppets collection. 

I picked one of the new pastel shades of Barry M, Strawberry Ice Cream. As I'd swatched Candy Shop in House Of Fraser before heading to Superdrug it was as close as I could get.

So here's a quick snap of it on the nails. I need to clean these up and re do my thumb but you get the idea! 

If you wanted to try this for yourself Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream costs £2.99 from Boots & Superdrug. If you don't have Rainbow Connection I believe it's pretty hard to get hold of now and costs a small fortune on eBay but American Apparel have two very similar shades, Galaxy for a larger glitter and Supernova for a finer glitter. 

So what do you think ladies? Do you think £16 is unreasonable for a nail varnish? 

Monday, 16 April 2012

W7 Candy Floss Review - Benefit Dupe?

Hello ladies. 

I've recently gone from someone that never really wore blusher to someone who has several of them and they've become part of my every day make up. With that my blusher collection has tripled. My big love are the Benefit boxed blushers, but at nearly £25 a pop they are only an occasional treat. I've noticed a lot of similar looking boxed blushers popping up all over the place, as brands have noticed that people love the design. W7 have a recently shown their hand with the boxed blusher Candy Floss.

Candy Floss is a fairly recent release from W7. A brightening face powder with a silky finish.

The first thing I noticed about this blush was the striking similarity to the Benefit boxed blushers. First the square box is almost identical, apart from the the W7 blusher is slightly deeper than the Benefit. The lid lifts off like the older style Benefit blushers (Hervana and some of the more recent realeses flip open and have a little magnet on the the inside to close the box, which I didn't notice but has stuck a kirby grip to the box!). The type face is different, but the brand logo is again very similar. Overall the packaging is almost exactly the same as the Benefit boxed blusher. Although W7 isn't the only brand doing this recently, others such as Mememe are also selling very similar looking blusher boxes.

The ingredients are clearly listed on the back. Although the box is deeper there are 2 grams less of powder in the box. There's also a clear swatch on the back so you can get a sneak peak of the colour (the box is cellotaped shut when you buy it).

When I opened the box there were two things I noticed straight away. Firstly, the brush is again, very like the Benefit brush. The other was, that's a fair bit darker than that swatch on the back of the box! Rather than a very soft girly pink, it's a deeper pink. I personally don't mind but I do think the swatch on the back of the box is very misleading. 

Swatched on the back of my hand, the colour is again, much darker than I expected. It's highly pigmented so a lot of colour transfers. Although I'm not unhappy with the blush, the colour is completely different to what I expected. The named & the box swatch indicates a soft pink, where as it's a dark pink. If you could open the box before hand this wouldn't be a problem but you can't, you could if you really wanted to but the celotape is around almost the whole box. 

Candy Floss is available from Boots and is a snip of a Benefit box at £2.99.

So will you be passing up the Benefit boxed blushers for a W7 box?


Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday Shopping

Hello ladies.

I went for a little shopping trip today and picked up a few bits. I've mostly been buying for my international swap (featured in my side bar) but here are the bits I brought for myself. 

Oil / Wax Tart Burner. £3.50 from Evolution. 
I picked this up after receiving a couple of lovely smelling wax tarts in my Easter Bunny Box. I am currently burning one and it smells amazing, much stronger than a candle. I'm not sure if Evolution is a Bristol shop or a small chain, but it's a little hippy shop that sells all sorts of amazing pretty things, an old favourite of mine. 

 Lush Space Girl Bath Bomb - Free.
The main reason I wanted to go in to town today, to get a free Space Girl bath bomb! I have my local Lush store added on Facebook and recently saw they doing a "Meet the compounder's" in store. You came down, and made the bath bombs with the people that are on the little stickers on there pots of goodies. Although it was fun to make your own, it was incredibly busy and a woman behind us was asking them loads of questions so we didn't really get to ask anything, but still, free bath bomb! 

Topshop Boat Brooch - £3.75.
This is the purchase I was most pleased with today. I had been eyeing this up for weeks but the original £7.50 price tag was eye watering enough that I put it back every time. I popped in today and a huge section of the jewellery was on half price offer. I snapped this up, pleased I didn't pay full price. 

Have you been shopping this weekend? Brought any nice bits?


Friday, 13 April 2012

E.L.F Eye Transformer

Hello lovely ladies. 

E.L.F are one of those brands that I have always heard good things about but I've never actually had anything from. I have to admit I am not a big fan of ordering cosmetics online if I haven't seen it in the "flesh". I like to have seen it and know that I like it before spending out. Having said that E.L.F is incredibly reasonable and they have such a brilliant reputation I don't actually think you can go wrong! 

After a quick browse of their extensive online store, I went for the eye transformer. The idea of this item being you can either use the eye shadow alone or mix them with other eye shadows to make a new shade. 

The first thing I noticed when I took it out of the box was the quality of the packaging. It's a matte black plastic, and (I think!) it's a fairly similar look as MAC packaging. 

It also comes with a mirror built in to the lid & a eye shadow brush. 

There are 4 opalescent shades in the pallet, a mint green, light orange, pale pink & lilac. I think these are lovely spring shades and, except the pink, aren't colours that I own which is a bonus. 

Swatched left to right, lilac, pink, orange & green. They are lovely shimmery colours and I am really pleased with the quality of them. 

Overall I'm really pleased with them and can't wait to start blending them with eye shadows I already have!

The E.L.F Eye Transformer is available here and retails for £3.50, which isn't bad for 4 eye shadows, a mirror and a brush! 

Have you ordered anything from E.L.F before? Are you a fan?


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Benefit Watt's Up Review

Hello ladies.

Its probably not a surprise that I'm a massive, massive Benefit fan. Most of my make up bag has come from Benefit. I love going to look at new releases in store to find out what they've come up with this time. As America gets them first, I usually have seen a beautiful swatch here, a full face of make up done with it here, so my mind is usually made up before I've even stepped foot in a shop.

Benefit Watt's Up. I had been lusting after this since it first hit the shelves. However at the time I had just brought Girl Meets Pearl and decided that I probably didn't need another highlighter, even though I really wanted it!

It comes in a cute cover with a plastic slide out box. It's a new style of packaging from Benefit, it's usually just a cardboard box with the item held inside with a cardboard squares. I do like the update, it gives the box an more luxurious feel.

I just adore Benefits packaging, and Watt's up is no exception to this. The purple plastic is shiny, with two lids at either end, the top one shaped to look like a light bulb. I also love the font they've chosen for "Watt's Up!", very fun and girly. 

The bottom end has a sponge applicator, which you would use to blend the highlighter after applying it to your face. 

The top end homes the highlighter itself. Under the bulb lid it also comes with a small plastic covering cap to stop the product drying out if the first lid hasn't been put on properly, which I thinking is a really simple but really effective addition. The highlighter is a solid cream, rather than a liquid like High Beam or Girl Meets Pearl. The surface of the cream is large circle so a lot of product transfers at once. 

Once applied it a muted champagne gold colour. As with most Benefit product it is highly pigmented and has is very shimmery. This is a wonderful summer colour, perfect for highlighting cheeks and brow bones.

Watt's Up retails at £24.50*, which is a little steep but with all Benefit products, the will last you a life time.

Are you ladies fans of Benefit? Have you tried Watt's Up?


*I was sent this by Benefit, after, long story short, I made a complaint to Benefit after a run in with an incredibly rude Benefit make up artist, who called me stupid after mentioning I wasn't a fan on the new foundation. This has never happened to be before, and the customer care team were absolutely wonderful and replied to my complaint within 3 days. 

Monday, 9 April 2012

Lush's Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb Review

Hello Ladies.

I am back from my weekend away at the boyfriends parents. We ate, slept, drank and it was just wonderful. I also had time to squeeze in a few *cough four cough* baths. I don't have a bath at home so the prospect of being able to have one always fills me with excitement! Excitement that I usually take to Lush!

A few days before we went, me and the bestest were in Lush browsing, she told me Dragon's Egg was her all time favourite, and offered to treat me to one as I had never tried it. 

I think the reason I had never paid it much attention as from the outside it looks a lot like the Butterball, a nice but slightly dull bath bomb. I always feel if I am paying out £2 to £4 for a bath bomb it should be all fireworks and excitement (I know people love the Butterball, just not for me). 

I popped it in and let it fizz, the first thing you notice is the smell, a beautiful citrus smell with an overwhelming lemon smell. The second it hits the water the aroma fills the bath room. 

After a couple of seconds the white part of the bomb starts to melt away and be replaced with a dark orange colour from the core of the bath bomb. 

I managed to pick out a piece so you can see the inside of the bomb. You can see the white layer on the outside and the orange centre. 

Full melted it leaves the water an orangey colour with a fair amount of white foam. I tried to pick it up in the photo but it didn't really work, it also has a lot of gold glitter in the middle.

Although the colour of the water wasn't my favourite colour that Lush has ever produced (I prefer pinks and blues) the scent of the bath bomb is just beautiful. It's a really fresh scent that left my skin super soft. 

It retails at £3.15 which is a little bit of the expensive side for me, especially because of the layers it would be very difficult to break up, but as a treat it's a wonderful smell. 

Have you tried Dragon's Egg? Do you like Lush Bath Bombs?