Monday, 9 April 2012

Lush's Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb Review

Hello Ladies.

I am back from my weekend away at the boyfriends parents. We ate, slept, drank and it was just wonderful. I also had time to squeeze in a few *cough four cough* baths. I don't have a bath at home so the prospect of being able to have one always fills me with excitement! Excitement that I usually take to Lush!

A few days before we went, me and the bestest were in Lush browsing, she told me Dragon's Egg was her all time favourite, and offered to treat me to one as I had never tried it. 

I think the reason I had never paid it much attention as from the outside it looks a lot like the Butterball, a nice but slightly dull bath bomb. I always feel if I am paying out £2 to £4 for a bath bomb it should be all fireworks and excitement (I know people love the Butterball, just not for me). 

I popped it in and let it fizz, the first thing you notice is the smell, a beautiful citrus smell with an overwhelming lemon smell. The second it hits the water the aroma fills the bath room. 

After a couple of seconds the white part of the bomb starts to melt away and be replaced with a dark orange colour from the core of the bath bomb. 

I managed to pick out a piece so you can see the inside of the bomb. You can see the white layer on the outside and the orange centre. 

Full melted it leaves the water an orangey colour with a fair amount of white foam. I tried to pick it up in the photo but it didn't really work, it also has a lot of gold glitter in the middle.

Although the colour of the water wasn't my favourite colour that Lush has ever produced (I prefer pinks and blues) the scent of the bath bomb is just beautiful. It's a really fresh scent that left my skin super soft. 

It retails at £3.15 which is a little bit of the expensive side for me, especially because of the layers it would be very difficult to break up, but as a treat it's a wonderful smell. 

Have you tried Dragon's Egg? Do you like Lush Bath Bombs?



  1. I think Ladybug loves Lush! :)
    The bit in your hand reminds me of the look of boiled eggs, very fitting for easter! Glad you enjoyed your baths while you could. I love Lush bath bombs but theres so much choice I never know which one to go for. xx

    1. Same I can never decide what I really need or just really want ^^ x

  2. Very Nice Review! I particularly love the fact that you took so much time to include such detailed photos. As one who is about to launch his own Bath Bomb/Bath Fizzy manufacturing business, it does my heart good to know that there are such interested (and interesting) people on the receiving end. Thanks for taking the time! Cheers

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  5. Cheers for sharing. Looking forward to far more...

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