Thursday, 3 May 2012

American Beauty Swap

Hello ladies.

Early last month I signed up to do an international beauty swap on Rachel's blog, Island Girl Insights. I loved this idea, I really enjoy doing mystery swaps and the added international element made it super exciting. We were given the swappers email address & I was paired with Rachel (a different Rachel :D) from The Perky Polisher, a lovely sweet girl from the USA. My package arrived earlier in the week, so here it is!

Included was:
Bath & Body Works Bali Mango Body Lotion - Anyone that reads this blog will probably know I am a massive fan of lotions & potions. This is the most amazing smelling lotion, really sweet and fruity. After a quick google, I found an online shop that sells Bath & Body Works among other things here. This could be dangerous! 

Essie in To Buy Or Not To Buy - I've wanted this polish for ages and it's so beautiful. I started the week owning no Essie polishes, I now have 6! Oops! 

Color Club Pink Glitter - Cute and glittery! 

Essence Colour & Go in Space Queen -More glitter! I think Rachel may have been reading my blog!

Maybelline Baby Lips - As a self confessed lip balm addict it's another one for my ever growing addiction!

Confetti in Tazmanian Devil - I adore multi coloured glitter!

Sinful Colors in Pink - This is probably the brightest polish I've ever seen! 

Lush Almond Smoothie Sample - I've never tried this one so looking forward to that!

OPI mini in red - I don't own a red nail varnish & I love OPI so it's a winner!

Sally Girl Cuticle Oil - My cuticles are crying out for this! 

Revlon Nail Buffer - I don't own one of these so it's super useful & it's a pretty flower shape! 

Also, these didn't quite make it to be photographed!

My all time favourite! I've never had the assorted flavours before and they were lovely! 

We've already arranged to do another swap, so watch this space! 



  1. Swedish Fish are my FAVOURITE!! haha your swap looks great :) xxx

    1. Teehee ^^ Swedish Fish need to make their way (possibly swim?) to england asap! x

  2. The pink Sinful colour polish is actually amazing! Looks like you had a great bunch of products. x


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