Friday, 4 May 2012

Anatomicals For Asos Shower Gels

Hello ladies. 

I don't have a bath at home, and I miss it every day. As quick & economical as showers are, you can't beat a Lush bath for a good relax & coming out smelling (sometimes literally) smelling of roses. Since loosing a bath I've been on a quest to always have lovely smelling shower gels to hand, to try and make it a more enjoyable experience.

I was recently in John Lewis, searching for a new shower gel. I spotted Anatomical's straight away, the bright packaging jumping off the shelf. They smelt amazing and as much as I wanted them, at £4 each, they were a little over what I would normally spend on a shower gel. Fast forward to the next day I was browsing ASOS, when I came across these -

 Anatomical's for ASOS duo pack. Usually sold individually ASOS put the two most popular scents together.

The packaging is very striking. In the same style of Soap & Glory it has lots of personal comedy touches. The shower gel bottles are very brightly colour, which is great for early morning showers. The pack comes with one White Lily shower gel & one Orange Blossom shower gel.

 As for the scent, they are both beautiful! The white lily one smells like something from Molton Brown, a mature smell but lovely. Although I like the white lily, the orange blossom is something else. It smells like orange juice with a side of orange! The sooner they come out with smell - o - graphs the better! 

The best bit of this? They are currently in the sale in ASOS and instead of £5.00 for 2 (which is still much cheaper than buying them individually) they are on offer here for £2.50 for 2, making them £1.25 each! Available here.

Do you ladies like to try new shower gels?


P.S check out these out takes. Comedy sized box much?


  1. I tried these recently, after the sad loss of my bath after a bathroom renovation! They are lovely, and smell really good!

    1. The sad loss of a bath - I love that I miss mine so much! x

  2. No way did they waste that much packaging, things like that annoy me haha. I've seen this brand on ASOS a lot and always been intrigued by it, probably because of the packaging, they sound really nice! xx

    1. I was really worried I'd accidentally ordered loads of them! x


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