Thursday, 10 May 2012

Figs & Rouge Rambling Rose Lip, Face & Body Balm

Hello ladies.

As a self confessed lip balm addict, I have a lot. My flavour of choice is usually strawberry or rose. I believe rose is a bit of a Marmite flavour, some people love it, or hate it. Figs & Rouge isn't a company I had previously heard of, until it was included in the Natural Glossybox in different variations. As I don't have a subscription to Glossybox I managed to swap one Rambling Rose one via Beauty Box Swaps. So here it is!

It comes in a sweet pink sleeve with a small plastic pod which contains the balm. 

One of the main reasons this balm is so popular is that it is 100% pure, natural & organic. It is also endorsed by the Soil Association. It is also produced in the U.K. All over a good for the earth product. It also doesn't contain any petroleum, like other lip products such as Vaseline, meaning it is more moisturising.

The balm comes in an adorably decorated tin. The first thing I noticed when I took it out of the packet was it was much smaller than I was expecting, in fact it's pretty tiny. It's 8ml, where as a standard tin of lip balm is around 20ml. With a retail price of around £5 that makes it fairly pricey for the amount of product you get. Having said that it's around the same size as a Lush lip balm, as well as the same price. 

When I lifted the lid I was immediately hit with a strong smell of rose. Usually rose is mixed with another scent so it was as almost overpowering. As it was a multi use balm I decided to try it some of the ways the Figs & Rouge website suggested.
  • A lip balm - As a smooth balm I thought this would make a perfect handbag lip balm. Sadly I was wrong. As I put it on my lips I was over powder with the scent of rose, mixed in with an earthy taste. It really reminded me of the smell of a hippy shop burning nag champa. I love natural products but as far as the taste on my lips went, this was pretty poor. 
  • As a cleanser - I wiped a small amount on a cotton wool pad and wiped it across my eyes. Although it did work it felt a little greasy for my taste. 
  • Hand balm - I love to keep my hands soft at all times, and I finally found a good use for this balm! I took a tiny amount from the tin and rubbed it in, and it works a treat. As for the earthy rose scent it's much more pleasant on your hands than your lips!#
  • Cuticle cream - This has to be my favourite use of this balm. I've been wearing nail varnish pretty much constantly for about 2 weeks now and my cuticles are a state. I rubbed a generous amount of the balm in to them and they are already looking much better!
So for me, I think this balm works best as a cuticle cream! As I had planned to buy one to combat my horrific cuticles any way I'm pretty pleased with this product!

Have you tried any of the Figs & Rouge range? What do you use it for?



  1. I am so disappointed with the size especially for the price :( at least you found good use for it :D

    1. I was really surprised it was soooo tiny.

  2. Christ I didn't realise it would be that small! I'm still waiting for mine and I'll probably use it on my cuticles as I love anything for my hands :D x

    1. It's really good for cuticles but its rubbish for lips (I think anyway!)


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