Monday, 28 May 2012

Instagram Round Up

Hello ladies.

I haven't done an Instagram post in around 2 months! I decided to save up all the photos and show you them all at once, so here is what I've been up to recently (be warned, there is a few loads)

1. Yummy chocolate duck

2. Tea & cake with the boy

3. Finally bought magnetic letters for the fridge

4. Me playing mini golf with the boy for our anniversary

5. I love Yo! Sushi

6. Perfect kitsch bambi studs from Oliver Bonas

7. Finally tried macaroons, amazing!

8. Heart ring from Topshop

9. Crispy M&M's from an American food stall in Bristol

10. Amazingly fresh fruit salad

11. Going to pick up Tuna & bring him home

12. Tuna relaxing after coming home

13. I love post!

14. Tuna and his on going love affair with rattly mouse

15. Poundland knows what I need! Hungry Caterpillar plasters

16. Tiny Molton Brown sample from the charity shop for 25p

17. Post-it Facebook likes won from their Facebook page

18. Fair ground hook a duck

19. Me & Ali in the hall of mirrors

20. On the twirly whirly

21. Taking Tuna to the vets for the first time

22. Tokidoki Cactus Pup

23. Small charity shop haul

24. Cuddling a kitten that did not want to go too sleep

25. Kidrobot Dessert keyring 

26. Nibbler from Kidrobot

27. Minor mini figure attack! 

28. Tuna being cute!

29. Tuna has been so hot this weekend we had to point the only fan we had at him and boil to death ourselves.

30. Popped to the Zoo today & saw the lovely Meerkats :) 

So that's been my life! As always, if you fancy my username is jetley :)



  1. I do love an Instagram post, you have been busy!
    Tuna is just adorable =)

    1. Teehee thank you, I loves him! x


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