Sunday, 20 May 2012

Kitten Capture Of The Week #1

Hello ladies.

I can't believe its been just over a week since we bought Tuna home! Time flies when your running about with rattly mice! He's been finding his feet more and more and settling in well. He has his first vet appointment yesterday and he was very good! 

I've decided to just pick one photo a week to show you guys, rather than my first thought of "lets show them all!" because I would be here all night! 

Although he was initially unsure of the scratching post, he's now decided that it's his best friend. This picture was snapped during his first attack on it! I don't think any of the toys I've bought him will last very long!

Hope you ladies have had a lovely week!



  1. Mae still won't go near her scratch post..ugh...she prefers the carpets!

    1. He does love to rip at the sofa but he loves the bouncy bobble on it


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