Tuesday, 1 May 2012

May Mini Haul

Hello ladies.

I popped to the Gloucester Road & town today, only picked up a few things but here's my mini haul.

I blogged last week about my addiction to the Yankee Wax Tarts & it's still going strong! Although I didn't really need another tart burner, this one was just too pretty to leave! I also found a tart of the Mango Peach Salsa, a scent I fell in love with after picking up a couple of tea lights on the Clintons sale. £4.65 & 99p.

This has to be the purchase I'm most pleased with, Topshop Toadstool Mug. I've had my eye on this since before Christmas, but it was constantly sold out online. The lid comes off to make a coaster! I picked this up in the Cabot Circus store, they had a few stuffed underneath the make up brushes. When I asked the sales assistant she said that they had a few delivered randomly earlier in the week. As I have more mugs than I know what to do with I think I will used it to store hair bands in. £9.00.

Recently the charity shops gods have not been smiling on me, I haven't actually found one thing since before April! Although it was only a small purchase, it's a start! So hopefully my luck will turn around. And also, I do love a good felt piggy! 50p

So that's my mini haul, have you ladies bought anything nice this week?



  1. I love the mug!! The coaster would be so handy to have around.
    The tart burner is very pretty.

  2. That little piggy is SO cute! x

  3. Love animal shaped anything :D x

  4. That Topshop mug is absolutely adorable! I love it! :)

    Frances xx


  5. LOVE the mug. And the wax burner, may have to take a trip down to Clintons! :)

    Lola ..x


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