Monday, 21 May 2012

Real Techniques Blush Brush Review

Hello ladies. 

Last week I was browsing Boots, not for any thing particular, but just for fun. I came across the Real Techniques brush range, as the first time I'd seen them in the flesh I was having a good look. The stippling brush has been all over blogger recently, and reaching the cult status that it was the best of the best. As I don't wear foundation (I know, it's an admission that seems a little faux pas as a beauty blogger!) I didn't have any need for it. But my eye was drawn to the blusher blush. I had needed a new one for ages (seriously, take a look at the pictures below!) but for £9.99 I left it, and thought I'd pick up a cheaper one later on.

Fast forward a couple of days, and you know how when you decide not to buy something, it's all you see? Well that happened! The second I left it, it was all over blogger! Every review was a rave, so I popped back to Boots & decided to take the £10 plunge, praying it was worth the money! So here's my review of it!

The brush comes in a neatly packed plastic box. The brush itself it's a metallic pink with a black tip & a badger brush. The brush was designed by Samantha Chapman, who is a pro make up artist and also a beauty blogger! I didn't know this before, her link can be found here

The first thing I noticed about this brush when I pulled it out of the box was how soft the bristles were. So, so so soft! They feel like soft velvet. The brush is also rounded, rather than a traditional slanted blush brush.

Ok, so here's the embarrassing part, this is my previous blush brush. An unbranded, ancient brush. I'm pretty sure this may have come in a "my first set of brushes". This old one literally feels like razor wire compared to the Real Techniques brush. Its something I always meant to replace but never really wanted to spend the money on, and when I tried I always seemed to come away with another nail varnish!

I decided to test the two brushes with my beloved Sleek Rose Gold blush to see how well they both picked up the blush.

First up, my old brush. I gave it a generous sweep of the box, but very little actually came off, and more was pushed out and around the box than was transferred on to the brush! I'd never realised this before, but I am wasting a huge amount of product every time I use this brush. It's also very unevenly spread around the bristles, which leaves an uneven spread when applied. 

Secondly the Real Techniques brush. I gave the same sweep around the box and this is how much more blush came away. Far less blush was lost whilst I was swirling, which will make my blusher last a lot longer, which is a total bonus I wasn't expecting when I bought this! The powder is so much more evenly spread as well, which makes it look a lot more natural! 

Overall I am already really pleased with the brush. It's a pleasure to use and I am glad I took the plunge! 

Available from larger Boots or online retailing at £9.99.

Have you ladies tried the Real Techniques Brushes? Do you rate them?



  1. This brush is next on my To Buy list ;) great review x

    1. Thank you hun, and I was so surprised by how much I liked it instantly :D x

  2. Definitely the best brushes on the market, in my opinion. :) I can't apply foundation without the buffing brush anymore!!!! Xx

    1. I really get why everyone loves it, such a lovely brush :D x

  3. I used my Boots Advantage Card Points to buy this Brush today !
    Cant wait to use it :-)
    The Core Collection will be next ,
    great review !!

    1. :D Thank you, and I love Boots points, saving mine for a perfume :D

  4. Such a lovely review! I have bought them online but they haven't arrived yet :( Can't wait to try them out :)


    1. It's so so lovely to use, feels like a soft blanket :D x

  5. I was thinking it looked nice, then as soon as I read "Sam Chapman" I got excited because I've been watching Pixiwoo vids for yyyyears and anything they do I would probably love! I thin I might need to get one :) Im not sure why tho :s I use a sephora kabuki bursh for my blush and I dont wear foundation! Maybe ill just buy it so it can look pretty! :D haha

  6. I've seen so many reviews of these brushes on the blogosphere I think its time I took the plunge too and added one to my collection.
    Its bound to be a good investment!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done


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