Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wednesday Wants

Hello ladies.

I haven't done one of these for a while so I thought I'd show you all what's been getting my attention recently! 

I actually want the whole collection! Every thing that Paul & Joe make is so beautiful it's amazing! Although I already have far too many nail varnishes I think I would love to own this. The packaging is so very girly and that always appeals to me!

I had a look at this today, as I was looking for a new charm to get for getting Tuna. I wasn't sure about this one as it's black not black and white but the super surprised expression sold it to me! Tuna has the widest eyes I've ever seen. The problem with Thomas Sabo is that I always like the enamel ones, which usually start at around £35 and go up to £65 which is amazingly eye watering. This one sits at just shy of £50, I wish!

Ok, so, here's a little story. My boyfriend bought me one Lego Mini Figure a few months back, and that was that. Until last week, I was looking at it on my shelf, thinking it looked a little lonely. Fast forward a week, I now have 6... Ooops. This garden gnome is from an old series (there are 7 series of 16 figures) but it's still stocked in my local Entertainer, they sell for a lot more on eBay, and going for an unbelievable £6.99 on Amazon! Let the packet rustling begin! 

I love birds, and I personally think that blue tits are amongst the most attractive birds around. They are super detailed and I think they are just lovely!

So that's it! What have you ladies been lusting over recently?



  1. I definitely think you should get the blue tit studs :) x

    1. I would but I keep spending all my money on Lego Mini Figures >.<

  2. The Paul &Joe nail polish looks lovely!

  3. Awww I miss my Lego now, I used to be a fiend with it when I was little! The gnome is super cute :) The charm is so expensive :o But if you do get round to it or getting one similar, you could paint on white bits where you'd need them to be maybe? x


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