Friday, 8 June 2012

The Body Shop Body Mist In Satsuma

Hello lovely ladies.

I recently blogged about a Body Shop Body Butter in Satsuma, my all time favourite scent from The Body Shop. So imagine my excitement when I heard that The Body Shop were bringing out a range of body mists in the same scents as the body butters and shower gels!

Whilst doing a spot of gift shopping yesterday I decided to pop in to The Body Shop to see if they had been released yet. I found a table with testers on but no product. I asked a sales assistant where they were and she informed me that they weren't out until Tuesday. I asked very nicely if she would be able to get me one from the back, to which she agreed so here it is!

The body mist comes in a sleek glass bottle with the same image as the body butter. As for the scent, its also exactly the same as the body butters. Its a fun scent, so there's no high or low notes, it just smells of satsumas, which is exactly what I wanted. Don't get me wrong I do like expensive perfumes, but I try to keep them for "best" and use slightly more inexpensive perfumes / body mists for every day. Also as its so highly scented one squirt will be more than enough, I was also impressed by its staying power, as I could still smell it after 4 hours.

(image via google)

As you can see, there are lots of other scents available, including Pink Grapefruit, Coconut, Vanilla, Satsuma, Shea, Morngia, Mango & Strawberry. I've had a good sniff of all of them and I'm very tempted by Pink Grapefruit & Mango. They retail at £7 for 100ml which I think is pretty reasonable for the amount of product and as you need very little it will last a good while.

Available from Tuesday the 12th or try asking the lovely staff.

Do you ladies like fun scents? What's your favourite Body Shop Scent?


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