Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Body Shop Sale Bargains

Hello lovely ladies.

The Body Shop is fast becoming one of my favourite shops, one of the many reason for that is they always have fantastic offers or sales on. This month they are having brilliant sale, so here's my top 3 ultra sale bargains. 

Total cost for these 3 products? £4! 

Raspberry Ripple Shower & Bath Gel. Was £4 reduced to £2. Ok, so I have countless shower gels sitting in my bathroom, but this smelt so lovely, like freshly blended raspberries and I think that The Body Shop shower gels are one of the best around, perfect consistency between thick and runny so you use just the right amount every time.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Puree Body Lotion. Was £3 reduced to £1. I love the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent, and these little 60ml bottles are great for taking on holiday.

The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Eye Dust in shade 1. This by far was the biggest reduction, reduced to from £10 to £1 (marked wrong on the sticker) I kind of walked past the little bowl of these as I wasn't sure what they were, but when I walked back past I noticed a glittery dust on the bottom of the bowl, and when I picked it up I saw it was an eye dust, and it is just beautiful, a really pretty silvery white colour, similar to a Barry M dust. For £1 how could I say no?!

So those are my top sales buys! Have you ladies picked up any good bargains recently?



  1. I have the raspberry ripple shower gel, it smells so good! I want to try the body lotion and that eyeshaddow was such a bargain!xx

    1. It was such a good bargain I couldn't leave it even though I have several very similar :p x

  2. I had no idea the mineral eye dust was going for £1, I would have picked it up otherwise! Did get the watermelon body lotion for £2 though, I am liking the bargains at The Body Shop lately! =) x

    1. I did sniff that and it was lovely but had to put it back, I have so so so many lotions and potions P.S already considering going back for it haha x


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