Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Boots Summer Points Event Haul

Hello ladies.

I think its probably obvious to anyone that has read my blog even just for a few days that I love deals & offers. Love them, can't get enough of them. So when I found out that Boots was doing a summer points event in which you would receive £7.50 in points for every £30 you spent today I was all over it. I tried to get a good mix of things I needed and things I wanted as £30 is right at the top of my budget to blow in one go, so I wanted to make it count! 

One. Sensodyne Pro Namel Gentle Whitening.
This one was certainly a need, not a want! I was given a sample of this at the dentist after I asked about having sore teeth recently, and although I'm happy it works, I am not happy about the price! Full price it's around £4.40 which is a lot as I used to buy whatever goodish toothpaste was on offer at the time! 

Two. Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave In Conditioner.
This was a need / want. I have very nearly ran out of this and it's the best leave in conditioner I have ever come across, it doesn't leave any horrid build up in my hair, which is always a plus in my book! 

Three. L'oreal Volume Million Lashes. 
This was a want but very loosely a need! I needed a new mascara, My Chanel mascara sample has ran out finally, and whilst I do love it, it costs around £25, which try as I might, I just can't justify for a mascara. My Benefit They're Real has become completely dried up and has become horridly clumpy which I'm not too impressed with as it isn't that old! This would came recommended to me by the lovely Ali, as I only like the spikey brushes, not the fluffy ones (if that makes any sense!).

Four. Essie Nail Polish in Mint Candy Apple.
This was a want, definitely a want! I love Essie polish, I think it's a wonderful formula, a good brush and they are all just lovely. I've seen so many lovely swatches and reviews on this polish I decided to give it a nice home in my collection!

Five. Montagne Jeunesse Peel Of Passion Mask. 
Another want, but I was trying to bump up my spend total! These are lovely to use, and I like having a few in the house in case my skin takes a turn for the worst! 

So, apart from some Skittles (which didn't quite make it to the picture!) that's it! Now I just have to decide if I should keep my points for something bigger, or spend them now, probably on another Essie Polish!

How do you ladies spend your points? Little and often or save them up?



  1. I love boots points! I always save them and then buy loads of nail polish because technically it's free :P

    1. I do love it when things are technically free! x

  2. I spent £80 yesterday on new estee lauder make up, £16 worth of points :D YAY

    1. Love Boots points! You did well with those points as well :D x

  3. Im so pissed I missed this, i even saw the flyer the day before but somehow didn't click. I spent £20 the day before. IF ID WAITED 1 DAY. ARGH

    Love that essie polish! <3

    1. I had it programmed in to my phone, I always forget things like this >.<

    2. This happened to me too! Went in a couple of days before and spent £29! Not impressed at all!

      You got some lovely bits though! Jealous of everyone wearing these lovely Essie polishes as I'm always wearing gel nail polish!

      Lola ..x

    3. I really want to try gel polish at some point, its getting such rave reviews I think it must be good :D x


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