Monday, 18 June 2012

Golden Rose Famous Shimmer Brick By Sue Moxley - Bobbi Drown Rose Gold Dupe?

Hello lovely ladies.

Bobbi Brown are one of those companies that I've always lusted after, but never bought anything from. I had eyed up the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks for years, but at £30.50 each, I just couldn't justify it, so when I spotted the Famous by Sue Moxley Shimmer Brick in Superdrug I couldn't hep notice the unbelievable similarities.

I was suprised by how tatty the outside packaging was, all the mirrored edges had rubbed away but its whats inside that counts, yes? Personally I really don't like the packaging, it all looks a little tacky, something I would expect from a cheaper brand than Famous.

(image via Bobbi Brown)

As you can see, the colours of the two bricks are so utterly close it's almost unbelievable. As for packaging I much prefer the Bobbi Brown, much cleaner and a lot less tacky. 

The brick is called Golden Rose, and the Bobbi Brown is called Rose Gold, again, so very similar!

I swatched the top 4 colours on my fingers so you could see some of the colours. I really like the pink colours but I was a little unsure of the browns as I am so pale bronzer and so on never looks quite right on me. 

When I swirled it together and applied it to the back on my hand I was instantly disappointed. The colour is way way to dark for my skin, which is a shame as I really wanted to like it. I think I will be using the pinks alone and avoiding the browns. For reference I have the very palest skin tone, I can never find foundation to match my paper white skin!

But is it a dupe? The colours are extremely close but the pinks in the Bobbi Brown are deeper and it helps balance out the bronzing of the brown. But for £7 I think it's as close as your going to get without shelling out £30.50 for the Bobbi Brown. 

Have you ladies tried anything from Famous? Any recommendations?


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  1. What I noticed was how sharp the BB lines of colour are... Whereas the Sue Moxley are slightly lumpy and look like they were placed in twilight! I actually thought, 'these must be FAKES!' but then when I put the colours on my wrist as a swatch they were vibrant...


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