Saturday, 30 June 2012

June Empties

Hello hello lovely ladies.

Oh my, my June empties are over flowing the big cosmetics bag I keep them in until the end of the month. I've managed to use up a whole lot of products this month!

One. Essential Balancing Conditioner from Superdrug.
I bought this out of sheer curiosity. It costs around 40p for 500mls and I wanted to see if it did the job. To make a short story shorter, it doesn't. It has the consistency of the water and it was almost impossible to get a handful of it in to your hair without it dripping between your fingers. Simply put I wouldn't repurchase, not even for 40p.

Two. Dove Colour Balance Shampoo.
Special bonus of hair dye all over the front! I really like the Dove shampoos and conditioners, they can be quite pricey but this was on offer for £1. I have repurchased this a lot of times, but only when its on offer!

Three & Four. Sure Deodorant.
I actually won these a while back on the lovely Gems blog Flutter & Sparkle and I can hands down say it was the most useful thing I've ever won. I won four in total so I'm only half way through. The scents are really sweet and floral which I really like, and as I like Sure I would probably repurchase.

Four. Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub.
I've used up a of Soap & Glory this month! Breakfast Scrub is a beautiful scrub, my absolute favourite. It's really quite expensive at £9.50 a tub, but you can get it for a couple of quid from eBay. I've already repurchase, as I found a brand new tub in a charity shop for £2 which I was pretty chuffed with! 

Five. Soap & Glory Butter Up Body Butter.
This is an old style body butter from Soap & Glory and I'm gutted they don't sell this any more. It's an incredibly thick body butter designed for intense moisturizing, great for elbows and feet.

Six. Soap & Glory Fab Pore Facial Peel.
This product. What can I say. I hated loathed it. First of all it's not a facial peel and I'm not sure why they call it that! It's more of a creamy face wash with little beads in it. Every time I used it it left my skin feeling incredibly tight and uncomfortable. It's £8.00 and no I wouldn't repurchase. 

Seven. Garnier Soft Essentials Foaming Cream Wash.
This was an O.K product. Although it worked quite well and left my skin feeling soft it didn't feel particularly clean because it was cream based. I also thought it would smell floral, but the scent is more P.V.A glue than nice bouquet. I don't think I would repurchase.

Eight. Superdrug Cotton Wool Pads.
A staple in almost everyone's bathroom draws. These are fairly soft and yeah they worked, but I've recently discovered that Lidl does a much bigger pack of pads that are much better quality (one side quilted the other smooth) for 54p so I am going to be stocking up on them instead! 

Nine. Lush You Snap The Whip Shower Scrub Bar.
I love Lush, but this product was a bit of a let down. It smells amazing, like blackcurrant squash and the scrub was quite nice if its a little rough, but it melted so fast I almost didn't get to use it. The second the water hit it, it almost started to fizz like a bath bomb. I only managed to get a handful of uses out of it. It costs around £5 so I probably wouldn't repurchase unless they changed the formula.

Ten. Pantene Sachet.
A freebie in a magazine, as I already like Pantene I knew I would like it. Pantene is another shampoo I would buy when its on offer but it's a little expensive at full price.

Eleven. Mudd Face Mask.
I was a little surprised by this product, as it looks like a brown face mask but it's actually green. It has a weird sensation as unlike most face masks it actually dries rather than stays wet so it had an odd tightening sensation. After I washed it off it left my skin feeling incredibly soft and clean. I think they cost around £1 each so I would definitely repurchase.

Twelve. Prada Candy Sample.
I was offered this in Debenhams and gladly accepted, you know I love my freebies! It's a nice scent but not completely my things so I doubt I'd purchase the full sized.

Thirteen. 3x Agent Provocateur Samples.
These were sent to me in post after finding a freebie give away online. Two of the samples were just ok, nothing special but I really liked the E'au Provocateur sample (the pink one in the middle of the box) and I would love to buy the full sized at some point, you know, when I learn to magic money!

Fourteen. Hello Kitty Facial Tissues.
I picked these up in good old Poundland a while back and they were really lovely and soft, I will be repurchasing in the near future, a long with a whole heap of other Hello Kitty goodies that Poundland offers. 

Fifteen. Body Shop Leg Gel Sample.
I was given this with a purchase I made a while back, and I have to say it's a pretty pointless product. It vaguely smells of mint, and when rubbed on to the leg it just kind of felt sticky. Highly doubt I'd purchase the full sized product.

Sixteen. Figs & Rouge Balm.
I am so glad to be rid of this! After I initially quite liked it for using as a cuticle balm, during the hot weather (who remember that?!) it melted, and when it reset it clumped together leaving the product feeling like just grease. I applied it to my feet every day until it was gone because I just wanted rid! I really won't be repurchasing! 

Seventeen & Eighteen - Yankee Tarts.
I still love my Yankee tarts as much as I first did! I know there not realllllyyy beauty items but still thought I'd include them. Vanilla Lime was very disappointing, the scent only lasted about 2 hours (they should last for 8 hours) but Fruit Salad was extremely nice, the scent lasted a long time which I'm happy about as its an old discontinued tart I bought from the Swindon outlet so it would be difficult to get another! 

Phew! That's a lot of empties! 

What have you ladies used up this month?



  1. Love this post! Fantastic staples. I've used up my favourite moisturiser which is tinted, brilliant for daily use because you only need minimal makeup but still look human :)


  2. When I saw that picture of the conditioner I knew it would be rubbish but I salute you for giving it a go! Sometimes you definitely get what you pay for! :D

    1. Haha thank you, it was so cheap I had to know if it would even do a little good, and it didn't!

  3. Great post I love seeing what others have used up :) I'm a massive soap and glory fan I'm just about to try the breakfast scrub myself!

    1. I love it, I have a stock of it at the moment, which is rare for me as I always think the next thing is going to be better! x

  4. Massive love for the charity shop find. My local charity shops have loads of cosmetics in and the majority of them are still sealed! I also have to say I agree with you on the Lush YSTW front, I have had to keep mine in a plastic bag because the slightest bit of water vapour destroys it :(

    1. I just wish they had a shower gel in the same scent because I love it but it's just so crumbly! And I love the charity shops for that, and they are always cheap because people don't even look even if its brand new :D x

  5. I found the same thing with the soap and glory Fab pore mask. I have used it twice and can't bring myself to use it again! xx

    1. I wish it was better, sounded really interesting but it was such a let down :(


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