Thursday, 21 June 2012

Want Free Stuff? My Guide On How To And Where To

Hello lovely ladies.

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I love deal and bargains. But there is a special price I love more, free. If I can, I won't spend a penny if I don't have to. I am in no way an expert on how to go about this, but I thought I'd share a the ways I find freebies and competitions. Oh, and these are a handful of the freebies and wins I've received recently.

The first thing you will need is time, not a huge amount of time, but a little. I probably spend about 10 minutes every morning checking the new freebies that have come up over night. You could probably spend all day searching for and entering competitions and freebies but I find it best to just do a quick search and enter so it's not frustrating if you don't win or can't find any freebie giveaways.

Freebie Newsletters.
The easiest and quickest way to be alerted to new freebies is to sign up to a freebie news letter. I personally have signed up to Magic Freebies and they post the least scam giveaways (more on that later) and even host their own giveaways.

Once your signed up to a newsletter, most of them will have a click through link to where the freebie or giveaway is being hosted, and 9 times out of 10 it will be a Facebook page, it will also involve you liking the page, and then depending of if it's a giveaway or a freebie you will enter your details and wait to see if you've run or as usual it will just come in the post. Occasionally you will also get instant wins, such as this Fab Ice Lolly Pass The Parcel game, one of the prizes is a Fab Lolly print iPhone case that looks pretty snazzy. Another tip would to be not to "unlike" a company after the giveaway has ended, because often they will run another shortly. 

Everyone loves a good magazine freebie, sometimes on and in the magazine. But magazines website tend to run the best giveaways I've seen. Glamour often run month long giveaways, with a different prize every day (which is how I got the Murad cleanser), this month its a Body Shop daily giveaway running until the end of June. They also don't notify you if you've won so it will just arrive in the post, which can be a lovely treat.

I know it strikes fear in to the heart of most of the population of Britain, but ask! Ask for a sample! Foundation and skin care counters in places like Debenhams usually are equipped to let you take a sample home with you, as are perfume counters (but that does depend on if they have a sample of the perfume your interested in). The best shop for samples I've ever come across is Lush, where bar the bath bomb, they will let you take a small pot of it home to try. I do know a lot of people hate to ask for samples, and it can feel a little cheeky to ask but I've found some of my favourite products from samples I've been given, but also found ones I thought I'd like but hated and then I've been extremely glad I haven't spent out. Its good to remember that the reason that companies give out samples in the hope you will buy the full sized product, so it's a marketing technique for them and a great way for you to find out what you like.

Scams & Spam.
It would be a lie to say that there is no risk with entering giveaways and competitions, and my advice if it looks too good to be true, in the style of "Instant win an Apple Mac" where you win every time, it is. They will either be a complete scam or you will have to ring a number to claim your "prize" which will cost anywhere between £5 and £20 a minute and they will keep you on the phone for a long, long time. I tend to use the rule of thumb of if I have heard of the company, I will enter, if not I'll pass. It's also a rule that you should never, ever give out your password, and if it asks for it it's a scam. 

Spam however is the real downside of entering any competitions and freebies. Most of the competitions you enter you will need to supply a valid email address, and a lot of the time they will pass those details on to third party companies, resulting in you getting emails for penis enlargement and so on. I personally don't but a lot of people have a second email address for entering competitions, but be careful because you will occasionally you will need to reply to a winning email to have your prize sent. I personally just move them all to my spam folder, as anything genuine will come through to my main emails. 

So that's my guide to how and where to get freebies, I hope it was helpful in any way?

Silly question, but do you ladies like your freebies? 



  1. I looooove freebies! Great post and great tips.
    I am always to shy to ask for samples :) I need to work on it :)

    1. Dooo it most of the time they are more than happy to fish them out, especially if your buying something else :)

  2. That Krave is definitely an awesome freebie! x

    1. It is really nice as well, ripped it open after taking the photos :D x

  3. I love my freebies - I enter loads of competitions, and have won some pretty awesome prizes! I use the MoneySavingExpert competitions forum to find them. xx

    1. Ooh thank you will check that out :D x

  4. i love freebies too :) just done a post on mine! x

    1. Oooh I will have a look, I am super nosey! x

  5. I do love a good freebie, especially free food!

  6. Free stuff is always the best :) I love entering competitions :) Also I've given you the Liebster blog award, check out my blog for details ^ - ^ x


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