Monday, 2 July 2012

Collector Of Cute - Dinkybox Review

Hello lovely ladies.

A bit of a different type of post today, but bare with me. I have an admission, make-up is my second love. My first? Cute, useless collectables usually made of vinyl. Things to have which literally do nothing but look cute on a shelf. The only problem with this, is its particularly hard to find things like this in the U.K, you are pretty much looking at Forbidden Planet or nothing, or so I thought.

I came across Dinkybox after a late night of googling to see if I could find something fun to order. I didn't expect to find much in the way of it, but then I found it. The holey grail if you will. It stocks every brand I love, at fairly reasonable prices (if your not familiar with vinyl figures, they are expensive, sometimes shockingly so, but that's just something that comes with this sort of collecting!). I couldn't resist a cheeky order! 

A Porcino piggy and some cute stickers! 

I have wanted a Porcino Tokidoki cactus piggy since I first became aware of him. Tokidoki have the cutest collectables available but they aren't just limited to that, they also sell an entire cosmetics range. Unfortunately the cosmetics are almost impossible to get hold of in the U.K, as it's stocked in Sephora, so if your going that way you can find the entire range here. He's adorable and incredibly well made! I was surprised that he didn't cost more than he did (£9.85) as the much smaller Tokidoki cactus puppies are around £7. Also worth mentioning, this is not a child's toy, the spikes are actually really sharp!

Kawaii USA stickers. I didn't really need these at all, but I couldn't resist whales in sailor hats! These cost around £1.65 but I couldn't resist!

As well as selling boxed collectables, they also sell opened surprise boxes of things like the Kidrobot Yummy Desserts & Breakfast key chains. The price varies depending on how rare it is, and they also don't have all of them in stock but it's worth checking out if you have one in mind.

The service was also worth mentioning because it was incredible, I ordered at around 2pm and my items were dispatched the same day. I received an email instantly to confirm my order and one around an hour later saying it had been dispatched.

The only downside is the postage, it is pretty high. As the only two options are recorded delivery, second class will cost you £3.90 and first will cost you £4.90 for up to 1000 grams, or £4.90 standard for anything over that. This makes ordering one small thing almost double in price. I ended up ordering the stickers to take the sting out of the postage.

Overall it's a really good website, my items arrived quickly and well wrapped up.

So ladies, do any of you like silly collectables or something else you just like having?



  1. This is such a cute thing to collect! I remember when i was younger i had about 100 of those 'puppy in my pocket' dogs. I knew all of their names and everything!


    1. Awwww puppy in my pocket was the best! I had the animal hospital ones which when you got cold got a cut on their leg and you had to put a plaster on it, aww good times :D x

  2. I have a feeling this may be the cute to todays perma-sads! <3

    1. Teehee cute or cure it works either way :D x


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