Monday, 16 July 2012

High Street Jewellery Bargains Haul

Hello lovely ladies.

Another Saturday of "I'll just window shop" turned in to a day of shopping, of course, but it was slightly more friendly on my bank balance than a normal of day of shopping, the sales are in full swing and I took full advantage! Jewellery is probably my biggest weakness, even before make up or skin care, so here is my haul.

Oh sale jewellery how I love you!

Accessorize Crab Necklace - 70% off £5.00 - £1.50
I love marine life, I like necklaces, it was a match made in heaven. I had my eye on it before it went in the sale, and I have to say I wouldn't of paid £5 for it as it's only little but for £1.50 I couldn't refuse! 

Dorothy Perkins faux amethyst ring, reduced from £6.50 to £1 (!)
If your a jewellery fan I would recommend getting yourself down to a Dorothy Perkins! There was a whole rack of jewellery reduced to £1, nothing wrong with it they just want it gone. I have an admission to make, I suffer from sausage fingers. I find it very hard to find rings to fit my fingers from high street, but this one actually fits my index finger, which in itself is a miracle, let alone it being a whole squid.

Dorothy Perkins seahorse earrings, reduced from £5 to £1.
Again, showing my appreciation of the sea with jewels!

Accessorize butterfly clip, reduced from £5 to £1.50 
I like having things to put in my hair, I feel it distract from how badly it needs a cut. This might be on the edge of too sparkly from every day but for £1.50 I couldn't leave it behind!

Accessorize random bag - 20p
I saved the best bargain for last! Instead of writing off broken jewellery, Accessorize bag it all up and sell it off for super cheap. For example this was a bracelet that has snapped, most the pieces are still there, but I wanted it for the little faux quartz pendant, which I'm going to put on one of my spare chains. They have loads of these little bags, most of it is rubbish (utterly broken earrings, rings without the stone and so on) but a lot of it is repairable. A while ago I found a single hair clip that had lost the rest of the set, reduced to 10p, so it's worth having a browse!

So my grand total? £5.20! Not bad for a necklace, a ring, a pair of earrings, a hair clip and a pendant! 

Have you ladies found any sales bargains recently?



  1. amazing buys! the necklace and earrings are gorgeous, perfect for summer if we ever get it :)

    1. Starting to look pretty doubtful! x

  2. I hit up DP and warehouse for jewellery bargains, accessorize at the mall was scarily packed yesterday!

    1. Yeah both the ones in town were pretty busy, some one was actually sat on the floor pulling out all the bags going through them one by one! x

  3. i had no idea accessorize did that with their broken stock! so clever of them x

    1. It's such a good idea, worth a quick look, lots of single hair clips and slides for between 10 p and £1 x

  4. love the amethyst ring!! and great find with the grab bag... that pendant is soo pretty, love faceted charms :) x

    1. Haha thank you, and they are so worth looking at, behind the tat is usually one or two gems! x


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