Sunday, 29 July 2012

Kitten Captures Of The Week

Hello lovely ladies.

Its been a pretty hot week this week, and I am going to throw an unpopular opinion out there, I don't like it. Don't get me wrong it's nice it's not raining and all that, but I can't stand being too hot, and by too hot I mean any more than 15 degrees. It makes me extremely grumpy and irritable. To rectify this we went out on Tuesday to buy a fan, and fast than I could say "wheres the bit that holds that bit in to this bit!" Tuna was rustling behind me... 

Tuna: I love boxes. Every time my humans have something new I get right in the box. I like to give them a good bite as they all taste different. After a while I'll have a little nap, then loose interest, as it's not new then! 

Hope you're all having lovely Sundays!



  1. Bless :) What is it with cats and boxes, or cats and anything that is available to be fair! x

    1. I keep trying to recycle the box but he looks at me like I'm stealing his best friend >.< and to be honest cats and anything is very true!


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