Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Lush Eau Roma Water Toner

Hello lovely ladies.

It's no secret that I'm a massive Lush fan, but due to a lack of a bath at home I do tend to just look & not buy. I am very nearly out of a sample of Benefit's B.right toner, which is really lovely but at £23.50 there's no chance I could justify it, so I was on the look out for a new toner, when I came across Eau Roma Water.

I picked the 100ml bottle, which is the smaller of the two sizes, the larger being 250ml. It's standard Lush packaging, a sleek black bottle made of recycled packaging.

If you don't like lavender, this toner is not for you! I personally love lavender, the whole reason I bought it was because of the smell of lavender. It also contains rose water, which is great for reducing redness in skin. Scent wise it smells just of lavender that has been watered down slightly, which I guess is pretty much what it is!

Another feature of this toner than I really like is the spray top. Most toners you need to pour on to a cotton pad and wipe it about, but the spray feature makes using this toner really refreshing.

I've only been using this toner for a couple of days but it's becoming a firm favourite, I can see myself repurchasing this again before too long!

100ml retails for £3.75 or 250ml for £7.00, available in store or online here.

Have you ladies tried any of the other Lush toners? Would you recommend them?



  1. I absolutely love lush toners! I personally don't like lavender at all so doubt I'd try this one - but if you do want to try another I recommend their 'Breath of Fresh Air' one. Like the name suggests it's really fresh and I absolutely love it. I must say, always feel horrified at how much crap it removes off my face even after I've washed it with my cleansers etc. oo-er! xx

    1. I was debating between the two, and that one is probably the one I will try next. And same its always a bit disgusting haha x


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