Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Lush Rocketeer Bath Bomb

Hello lovely ladies.

As many of you might know, I don't have a bath at home. We have a freestanding shower which does the job, but I miss a bath almost every day! So every time we go away I make sure I get at least one bath bomb from Lush to have whilst I can! 

This time I picked the Rocketeer, as the shape was super cute. It originally released just for Christmas but they have added it to the permanent collection of bath bombs. The idea of this bath bomb is that it will whizz around the bath like a rocket, snazzy! 

When you first plonk it in to the water the colours start to melt, letting out blue, yellow and green in to the water. The scent is very subtle, sweet yet slightly lemony. According to the Lush website the creator wanted it to smell like Candy Sticks, which I guess it kind of does. The bath bomb also contains popping candy, to help it move around the bath.

I have to admit, this bath bomb was a little bit of a disappointment in that the apparent whizzing around, is more of a slow melting. The yellow parts of the Rocketeer burn off to leave little yellow trails around the bath, like jet fuel. The bath bomb does move a bit, but more with the moment of the water rather than independent movement. Although it isn't that bad that it doesn't move Lush describe it like this "Drop one on the surface of your bathwater then lie back and watch take off." which to me is a little misleading and I have to say that it was the sole reason I picked it rather than a sweeter smelling one. This is also the second attempt at this bath bomb, so maybe third times the charm?

Once the bath bomb has completely dissolved it leaves the water a greeny blue, smelling slightly more lemony with a thin layer of foam. 

To be honest, it was just ok. The idea of it whizzing around the bath sounded exciting, but after that wasn't happening I started to get annoyed it was taking so long to dissolve! I ended up crushing the last part in my hand to get it to dissolve. I don't think I would repurchase this one as I prefer sweeter scents, but who knows, lets see if they give it a third go!

Available from in store or via the website here.

Have you tried the Rocketeer? Did you find the whizzing claims a bit of a tall tale?


  1. Glad you agree with me about this one - definitely misleading! x

    1. Just shouldn't have any reference to it moving, because it doesn't really at all (more than the average bathbomb)


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