Thursday, 12 July 2012

Most Wanted

Hello lovely ladies.

I do enjoy a bit of internet window shopping, so here are the bits that have got my attention this week! 

I love the idea of acrylic storage for make up. My battered Cath Kidston make up bag is started to make me annoyed, every time I try to find something I have to pull everything out to find it, which is starting to grind! The only problem with these storage boxes is that I would probably need two and because of the flip lid I'd prefer not to stack them, I wish they did a big one with lots of drawers!

This is a product I really, really didn't want to like! I recently tried this in Harvey Nichols and my hair felt the softest it's felt in years, possibly in forever! I did buy a small 10ml vial of this from The Sunday Girls blog sale, but because my hair is very thick & long I doubt it will last very long! This usually retails for around £30 for 125mls but you can pick it up on Cheapsmells for £15.95, review coming as soon as I've summoned the money!

I'm yet to try these out in store yet but all the swatches on blog posts look adorable. It's slightly expensive at nearly £14, the same as a MAC lipstick, but I do have some Boots points to spend!

I recently picked up a Burt's Bees gift set on eBay which has a small 7 gram jar in, and it just smells divine, actually of banana! It also leaves the skin feeling really really soft, I will be picking this up soon!

(All images from corresponding websites)

Whats been getting your attention recently? 



  1. Ooh, I must not start browsing Muji. Must. Not.

    1. No I know, its easy to start eyeing up hundreds of pounds worth of lovely lovely things :D

    2. I haven't tried the Macadamia yet, really want to though! I'm so bad for internet window shopping lol

  2. I got the banana cream too. It smells lovely but it's too thick... Can just use it at night. :( x

    1. Aw that's a shame but I do love thick cream for my hands x

  3. I have the muji storage drawers, you can get ones without the flip lid, I stack mine I did a post on it here if you want to see

  4. The Muji drawers are great for seeing what you have, and the ability to stack [I also have them without flip lid], but I wish the drawers themselves were deeper, as you can't always get that bottle of foundation in them. :(



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