Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sleek True Colour Lipstick In Baby Doll

Hello lovely ladies.

Gosh Sleek are getting some serious love on this little blog recently! On Saturday I went for a little wander in town, not for anything particular just for a wander. As per usual I found myself in Superdrug, browsing the Sleek counter. After finding the Pout Polish I picked up not colourful enough, I decided to be brave and try something which I'd usually shy away from, Lipstick! And to be extra brave, a colour I would usually dub to bright for me, so here it is!

The first thing I noticed about this lipstick was that it is very diddy, in fact it is just 2 inches long. The weight stated is 3.5 grams which isn't a massive amount for a lipstick but still a decent amount and will fit in my handbag nicely. The packaging is sleek black plastic in an oval shape.

In the bullet it looks like a very baby pink, so on to the swatches!

As you can see, it looks almost exactly the same once applies as it does in the bullet. As it's a sheen lipstick it's not quite matte but not glossy at the same time. Although the lipstick contains vitamin E it does feel quite drying and can cling to imperfections, but if you use lip balm before you apply it makes such a difference. 

Overall I'm really pleased with it, for me it's a brave choice but I've already worn it out! Sleek lipsticks are also really good value, at just £4.00 each I think I'm going to go back and have another good look at all the colours! 

Available from Superdrug or Sleeks website.

What is your ladies favourite lipstick brand? I have a feeling it might be MAC! 



  1. Wow, this colour looks lovely - always a fan of pink lipsticks :) I've never tried their lipsticks before but at £4 you can't go wrong!


    1. They have such an amazing range of colours there's one for every one :) x

  2. that is such a pretty pink! x


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