Friday, 20 July 2012

Whats In My Travel Make Up Bag

Hello lovely ladies. 

I'm off up north for a couple of days today to see my boyfriends family who have come over from California for the first time in years and years. I always find it difficult to pack my make up for weekends away, much harder than clothes! I always know exactly what clothes I am wearing for each day (confessions of a manic planner!) I am really trying to not take too much this time as usually half of it goes unused, just getting in the way as I'm rushing to get out and about in the morning. So here's what made the cut!

Yes, I've been super harsh, just 14 items for 4 days including two brushes! The make up bag is one I bought with the L'Occitane gift set in, its a really pretty floral case and it is pretty small so I needed to be as harsh as 14 items!

No.7 Eyeshadow Brush - Essential tool, can't be left behind!

Benefits Watt's Up! Highlighter - I adore this product, I've used it every day since I got it, one of the first items I grabbed.

Benefit Porefessional Primer - I was in two minds if to take this or not, as I tend to forget to use it! But as its only little I think it would take up too much space!

Sleek Lipstick in Baby Doll, reviewed here - I thought this might be nice to have if we go out for a meal or some where nice, but that also will probably go untouched. 

Mac Pigment Mini in Kitschmas, purchased from The Sunday Girls blog sale -  I very nearly didn't buy this pigment, as I also bought the Naked pigment, and ended up throwing it in at the last second, but I'm so glad I did as it's one of my favourite eye colours! It's a very subtle pinky purple and super shimmery. It's also weeny so it doesn't really take up much space. 

Tonymoly Cats Wink Mascara, reviewed here - Still my favourite mascara! The only make up I tend to wear most days is mascara, so its an essential! 

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat - Another essential, I love the Touche Eclat, I would recommend it to anyone. I have terrible bags under my eyes and this wonder product makes me look bright eyed and bushy tailed. Mine has very nearly run out, which is going to be an expensive purchase to replace!

i.d Bare Mineral Eye Shadow in Nude Beach - Another favourite eye shadow, a bit less dressy than Kitschmas as it's a nude pink colour with a slight shimmer. I did try to take only one but I was worried I would lack choices!

Benefit Lemonaid - One of my favourite eyeshadow primers. It has a very thick creamy consistency and sticks the dust style eye shadows I favour down all day. 

Maybelline Gel Liner in Black - Another product that almost didn't make the cut as I often can't be bothered to put on (christ how lazy do I sound!) but again, if we were to go out for dinner it would be nice to have it! 

Sally Hansen Eyelash Curlers - I have only recently purchased these but I was really surprised by how much of a difference they made. My eyelashes are naturally quite curly so I didn't think they would do much, but they really do! 

Real Techniques Blusher Brush, reviewed here - I love love love this brush, I could rave about this brush all day! Love it. I'm hoping to add more of these brushes to my lonely one! 

Cath Kidston Buckingham Palace Mirror - Even though were staying in my boyfriends family home, I find it easier to take my own mirror so I don't get under any ones feet whilst I spend several hours applying this lot!

NARS Blush in Orgasm, reviewed here - I have a lot of blushers, and I was going back and forth on if I wanted to take two or three, and then I thought to myself, since I bought this blusher I haven't touched any of the others so I may as well just take this one! I would recommend this blusher to anyone!

All packed up and ready to go!

So that's what I'm taking away with me. I have lots of scheduled posts planned for the weekend and I'm back on Monday so I will see you ladies then!

Does anyone else find packing there travel make up bag more stressful than any other packing? 



  1. Wow impressive! I can never cut down my makeup no matter how hard I try!

  2. Hope you have a great time!!! <3

  3. I prefer to take as much of my make-up with me as possible. I prefer to have variations, especially when I know I will be staying for a length of time. That being the case, I have to bring an organized traveling bag to sort my cosmetics paraphernalia.

    Mana Smoot


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