Friday, 31 August 2012

August Empties

Hello lovelies.

Another month that I've seemingly used up a bunch of products! My bag of empties is literally overflowing...

So on to the empties!

Shower Gels / Scrubs.

One. The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish.
I picked this up brand new from a charity shop recently, but when I went to use it smelt like marmalade, which was pretty disgusting, so when I was in The Body Shop I had a quick smell of one, smelt exactly like all the other satsuma so I had to bin the lot, which was a bit disappointing. I want to buy another to try it out properly!

Two. The Body Shop Raspberry Ripple Shower Gel.
I picked this up in the sale for £2 and I am so glad I did, its utterly lovely! Its sweet without being sickly & I am hoping to pick another up, I'm hoping it hasn't all gone.

Three. Anatomicals Orange Blossom Shower Gel.
Ok, let me start this with saying I am going to email a complaint to ASOS after writing this post. You may remember me saying in last months post that I bought these as a duo pack, and the White Lily shower gel smelt revolting? Well this one was even worse... It smelt of a mixture of PVA glue & petrol, I managed to use the tiniest bit before having to pour it down the drain, which really annoyed me as I hate waste! I think that they had both gone off, so I am pretty annoyed as I haven't had them very long! 

Four. Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub.
My second pot of this, and although I do still like it I fancy trying another body scrub, just for a change.

Body Spray / Perfume.

Five. Impulse Love Puzzle Spray. 
An "Impulse" (hahaha I'm so very funny) buy from a while back on one of the hotter days we've had this summer. It was an ok scent, nothing special, and to be honest Impulse reminds me of being a teenager so I doubt I'd re buy it.

Six. Soap & Glory Glad Pits Deodorant.
I picked this up at Easter as it was randomly reduced in Boots at Manchester Piccadilly to £1.12, its pretty good as a deodorant, but the scent is pretty masculine. Its also (at full price) an eye water £5.50 which I think is a lot to spend on a deodorant, so I wouldn't repurchase.

Seven. Soap & Glory Mist Your Madly Body Spray.
Another purchase from the sale at Manchester Piccadilly, which was reduced to a quid, and I used it up but I have to say I'm really not a fan of the smell, so I'm glad its gone! No I wouldn't repurchase ;)

Eight. Moschino Hippy Fizz.
A lovely summery perfume I'm sad to be at the end of! Would I repurchase though? Probably not, only because I always want to try the next perfume, so I rarely will buy another of the same one!


Nine & Ten. Pantene Aqua Light Shampoo & Conditioner Minis. 
I picked these up for a couple of days away but I actually really liked them. It left my hair feeling soft but not weighed down. Seriously considering buying the full sized ones when its on offer.

Eleven. The Body Shop Rainforest Radiance Conditioner. 
Although I loved the smell of this conditioner as it smells like strawberry laces, it did nothing for my hair & made it feel like straw, plus its quite pricy so I wouldn't repurchase. 

Twelve. V05 Give Me Moisture Shampoo.
I picked this up from Poundland to make my shopping over £5 so I could pay on card, I've had it before and although its nice there is something that doesn't sit quite right with me, I think it just doesn't leave my hair as soft as I would like. I doubt I'd repurchase, but possibly if I need to spend another pound to pay on card!

Thirteen. Argan Oil Hydrating Masque. 
Hated this product. Hated. It. Completely unless, as blogged about here. Not only would I not buy this, I doubt I'd buy any of the other products from this range. 


Fourteen, Fifteen & Sixteen. Fake MAC & Benefit Products.
As I blogged about recently here, I worked out that I had purchased a fake MAC blusher from an old colleague, which got me thinking about what else I'd bought from her, and had a quick google to compare, and yes, they are all fake! I am gutted because both of the Benefits are both very very used, and Lemon - Aid is a lovely primer (even as a fake) but as I know they possibly aren't safe to use, they are off to the bin!


Seventeen. No7 Make Up Wipes.
Love these & always buy them with the No7 vouchers, so yes I'd repurchase but only for £2 not for £7!

Eighteen. Hello Kitty Make Up Wipes.
I bought out of interest from Poundland to see if they were any good, and they were ok, very highly perfumed but worked pretty OK. I'm not sure I'd repurchase as I was put off by the perfume. 

Nineteen. Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash.
A freebie with Glamour last month, its nice enough but I didn't feel like it cleaned very deeply, which is all I really want from a face wash. It was a nice freebie but I doubt I'd hand over hard cash for it. 

Make Up.

Twenty - Maybelline Gel Liner.
Not really an empty, but its dried up so much its unusable, which is quite annoying as I haven't had it that long! I have kindly been donated another but I doubt I'd rebuy after that one as I like product to last more than a few months. 


Twenty One. Colgate Plax Whitening.
Without getting in to it too much I've been having quite a lot of dental products recently, so I've gone through more mouthwash recently! I really hated this one, it was far far too minty to the point where it made my mouth sting every time I used it. Deffo wouldn't repurchase! 

Twenty Two. Dentyl Active. 
I love this mouth wash, it has a gentle flavour and doesn't contain any alcohol which can irritate wounds in the mouth. I've already repurchase the full size.


Twenty Three. Taylor Swift Wonderstruck. 
A nice perfume, but it smells almost exactly the same as the original Britney Spears perfume in the blue bottle, so its not very original. I doubt I'd buy the full sized as I'm not a massive fan on celebrity perfumes. 

Twenty Four. Darphin Hydraskin. 
I actually don't know where or how I got this, but I went inside my sample box and thought I'd give it a whirl. My skin was less happy about this whirl as it broke me out the worst I've had in months! I deffo wouldn't buy! 

Twenty Five. Skin79 BB Cream.
I love this BB cream and I plan to purchase the full sized as soon as I have some more funds & will do a proper review then. 

Lotions & Potions.

Twenty Six. L'Occitane Cherry Princess Hand Cream.
I adored this hand cream & gutted I've ran out! Its so light you can apply some when your hands aren't too dry and it smells amazing. I have another small sized L'Occitane but I would consider buying the full sized, but my bank balance might shoot me!

Twenty Seven. The Body Shop Vitamin Facial Oil.
A nice product, a nice texture and a nice scent. It also has a glass dropped which I find really useful as I tend to use far to much oil at once. I have a few other facial oils to finish first but I'd possibly repurchase it. 

So that's it, 27 empties this months! Someone asked me on Twitter last month how I manage to use up so many empties every month, and basically it comes down to using one product at a time and having a good rotation system. Would anyone find this useful?

What have you finished this month lovely ladies? 


Thursday, 30 August 2012

August Favourites

Hello lovely ladies. 

Its been a funny old month, it seems to of gone on forever but felt more like November. I'm a little surprised Christmas isn't right around the corner! Here's the products I've been loving this month. 

One. Sally Hansen Eyelash Curlers.
I have to admit, these are quite a new purchase, as when I was little my step mum had a pair & I deemed them torture devices! But I decided to give them a go! I thought about getting the Shu Uemura ones, but at £20 a pop it was a little hesitant. I picked these up in TK Maxx for the grand price of £1.99, but I'm gobsmacked about how much of a difference they make! A new absolute must have! 

Two. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.
I managed to pick this up in a blog sale, and I was so glad I did! It is such a nice cream for really dry patches, but it also works for burns (the kind you get when making pasta & the kind from that yellow fire in the sky that's been missing for some time!) Its extremely thick so you only need the tiniest amount to keep your skin happy all day, utterly wonderful product.

Three. MAC Fix + 
I picked this up slightly used from eBay (referring to my A Tale Of Two MACs post about staying away from eBay fakes!) for around £6, and I am so glad I did! It is brilliant and as well as setting make up, I use it to blend loose eyeshadows, which makes the colours a lot more intense! Its also nicely fragrance without being too much. 

Four. Real Techinques Shading Brush.
One of the best things I've bought recently! It makes such a difference to the quality of the eyeshadows & applies it flawlessly. I may pick up a couple more whilst there on offer in Boots at buy one get one half price.

Five. MAC Marine Life Highlighter.
I know I only featured this last week, but I can't get enough of how pretty it is! Still trying to convince myself to use it!

So that's what I've been loving this month. How about you ladies?


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Magazine Freebie - Clinique In InStyle

Hello lovely ladies.

I adore magazine freebies, and this month there's a good'un in InStyle!

With InStyle this month you have a choice of Clinique miniature goodies, you can choose from Long Last Glosswear in Air Kiss, Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer, High Impact Mascara & (shown above) Repairwear Laser Focus! As well as these minis you can take the page to John Lewis for a free dark circle consultation & a free Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Raspberry. Not bad right? 

As well as this months fab freebies, next months look pretty good too! Next month (On sale 4th on October) you can choose from a mini Benefit Sun Beam, Cha Cha Tint or a Benetint! I will be picking up a Sunbeam for sure.

This months magazine goes on sale in early September (unless you have a subscription) & costs £3.80. 

Do you fancy any of the Clinique minis? If so which?

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

GOSH Holographic Hero Review & Swatches

Hello lovely ladies. 

When I first saw a swatch of the Gosh Holographic Hero on a blog a few months back, I knew I had to have it, and have been checking back in local Superdrug (which is one of the worst I've come across) weekly to see if it was there, but with no luck. So when I saw one, the last one on a shopping trip on Saturday, I grabbed it with both hands & got the hell out of there before they told me it was a mistake! 

I have wanted to try a holographic nail varnish for a while, a silver shimmery rainbow? Sounds right up my street! So on to the swatches.

First up - one coat. As you can see one coat is more than enough to bring out the holographic rainbow, which is fantastic as by the time I've applied the base coat & the first coat of nail varnish I'm usually itching to get on with something else. 

Two coats - as you can see it makes very little difference! The colour is slightly darker which makes the rainbow look a little brighter, but I honestly think you only need the one coat! 

It is a beautiful polish, a lovely colour & in the sunlight its extra eye catching. 

I'm also impressed with the wear of this nail varnish, as I painted one coat on my index finger as I was impatient to find out what it looked like, and left it without a top coat, and I've been doing cleaning today and there isn't a single chip! Extra impressed with it!

So ladies, are you planning to pick up this polish? Have you managed to find it yet? 


Monday, 27 August 2012

Balmi Lip Balm In Raspberry - EOS Lip Balm Dupe?

Hello lovelies! 

I've been seeing a lot of Balmi reviews all over blogger recently, as a newly released product it is being given the usually "New product review", and many people seem to like them. But I think there's another reason people like them, they look pretty much identical to the EOS Lip Balms (more on the later).

I wasn't sure when these were being released, although some Bloggers already had them I assumed that they were pre - release PR samples, so when I spotted a little row of them at the bottom on my local Boots lip balm display, I had to pick one up! 

I decided to pick up Raspberry, as I am a self confessed lip balm addict & don't actually own any raspberry flavoured ones. Balmi also comes in strawberry, coconut, mint & blackcurrant. The font & style of the outer box is fun & contemporary but is probably aimed at 16 to 24's due to the younger style.

The lid screws off to reveal a dome of lip balm, it also comes with a strap to attach it to your keys etc, I personally don't like this addition as the lid could easily come loose & destroy the dome against your keys, and I personally don't care for greasy keys but as its only a small feature. As Balmi are branding themselves as an outdoorsy company I guess it could be useful to take skiing or so on. It can be easily removed which I will be doing after writing this!

So, on to the question on everyone's lips, is it a dupe of the EOS lip balms? 

So here they both are, on first glance they are both pretty similar. Both sphere shaped lip balms with screw off lids. The packaging on the EOS is glossy as apposed to the Balmi's matte, but that is a pretty small difference. 

There is however a difference in the shape, the EOS is taller & in more of a point, where as the Balmi is rounder & flatter. 

So, I've sat and tested both of these over & over, and the main difference is the only really important one as packaging has very little to do with the actual use! 

The EOS lip balms are quite firm in consistency, and you need to apply quite a lot of the product to leave the lips feel moisturized, but the feeling lasts for a long time. The flavour (in this case Summer Fruits) is quite vague, and just tastes a little sweet. They are also 95% organic & 100% natural, paraben & petroleum free, and free from animal testing.

The Balmi on the other hand, is super soft and one sweep will leave enough product on your lips, if maybe a little too much. As I tried to rub it in, I found that I couldn't rub more than a little in, and this is because it contains petroleum & paraffin, both of which linger on the skin. The flavour is much strong, and tastes almost exactly the raspberry ripple sauce, quite artificial but still nice. Balmi also doesn't test on animals. 

So, in short no the Balmi isn't a dupe for the EOS as they both do very different things! The EOS is great for all day smooth lips, and the Balmi is good for a quick fix. 

One of the things that puts people off the EOS is that as an American product, it can be hard to find in the U.K , but a quick look on eBay and I found you can buy the Summer Fruits lipbalm (here) for £3.99 plus 85p postage. 

The Balmi is available from Boots (here) and cost £4.99 each.

So have you ladies tried the Balmi yet? What did you think?


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday Shopping #2

Hello lovely ladies. 

Another Sunday, more shopping! I adore blog sales, they are both a brilliant way of getting rid of your unwanted beauty goodies, and of picking up a bargain. I often buy from blog sales as I always have my eye out for them, so here's my favourite purchase from a blog sale recently! 

MAC Marine Life Highlighter.
This wasn't particularly a bargain, as it was just over £20 with postage (I think it was around the £25 mark), but oh my god how beautiful is this highlighter! I remember seeing this in a favourite post ages ago and thinking it was probably one of the post beautiful highlighter designs ever. Although it wasn't much less than it cost originally, it is brand new (the gold spray over the top rubs off in a few uses) and was shipped very quickly. Now I just have to convince myself to use it & stop just looking at it!

I bought it from Dancing With Disaster, lots of it has been sold but there are quite a few bits left if you fancy a browse! 

So ladies, are you blog sale fan? If your holding one leave me the link below! 


Saturday, 25 August 2012

Lush Emotional Brilliance Giveaway - THE WINNER

Hello lovely ladies,

So its time to annouce the winner of my Lush Emotional Brilliance Giveaway, so druuuum roll please!

Well done Amie! I will be sending you an email shortly :D Congrats.

And don't worry if you didn't win this one, I still have my Sugar & Vice giveaway running!


Friday, 24 August 2012

Giveaway Reminder - Lush Emotional Brilliance

Hello lovely ladies,

Just a quick reminder that my 200 Followers Lush Emotional Brilliance giveaway ends later tonight! If you haven't you can do here, to win an item from the Lush Emotional Brilliance range! 

Good luck to everyone who has entered so far, I will be announcing the winner early next week.


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Caudalie Beauty Elixir & Two Samples For £8.02?

Hello lovely ladies.

The Caudalie Beauty Elixir has been on my radar for quite some time. Raved about by nearly every blogger out there, regularly featured in monthly favourites & must have lists, I've lusted after it for months. But just one thing put me off. The price. If you bought a 100ml bottle from Space N.K it would set you back a whopping £32.00, for what is essentially fancy water (and I already have a lot of these!). Enter Feel Unique. 

I found after a quick Google that Feel Unique sold 30ml bottles of the elixir for £9.90. As I only wanted to try the product 30mls was almost the perfect amount. But I was extra excited to see it came with two free gifts! 

The two free gifts are two samples of Caudalie Day Perfecting Fluid SPF 15 (10mls) and Radiance Serum (2mls). As I love free samples & expensive skincare I couldn't be more chuffed with these! 

So how did I end up getting it for £8.02? Well the first step is to go to Topcashback (and make an account if you haven't already. If you shop online you won't regret it!) and search for Feel Unique, who are currently offering 10% cash back on all purchases.

Second step is that Feel Unique currently have a 10% off voucher, " feelsofeminine " taking the total down to £8.91 and you will receive a further 89p back from Topcashback, so total price is £8.02! Not too shabby eh? 

I've only used this once and will give it a proper review when I've used it a few more times, but on first impressions it seems really nice, very fresh & minty! 

Have you ladies found any good discount vouchers recently? 

P.S if you don't have a Topcashback account & fancy signing up, if you used my referral link I would be extremely grateful!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Poundland Purchase Of The Week #1

Hello lovely ladies.

If you've read this blog for even just a few weeks, you will probably know I adore Poundland. Since a sparkly new one opened in the center of Bristol earlier this year it has been on my radar ever since, and it never disappoints. So I thought I'd start a new series of posts - Poundland Purchase of the week. Now I doubt this will be every week but I thought it would be a fun way to share my finds! 

Pantene Pro-V Color Therapy 3 Minute Masque.
I was particularly chuffed with this find as before popping in to Poundland I very nearly bought a different hair masque in Superdrug for around 4x the price of this one! I was extra chuffed it was for coloured hair as well, as my dry dyed locks are in desperate need of a cut, but I never seem to want to afford one! Although it is getting to the point where I will have to as its getting to be a joke now, but hopefully this will hold it off for just a few more weeks!

So that's my Poundland purchase of the week! Have you ladies found anything good in Poundland recently?


Monday, 20 August 2012

GIVEAWAY - Sugar & Vice Cat Cameo Necklace

Hello lovely ladies.

Today I have a very exciting giveaway for you, a while a go I blogged about the independent jewellery make Sugar & Vice (link here if you want to have a look), who are just the nicest ladies I've ever spoken to, and when they posted on Facebook asking if any bloggers would like to run a giveaway, I thought you lovely ladies might enjoy the chance to win a lovely Sugar & Vice necklace!

They let me pick the necklace, so it might not come as much of a surprise to most of you that it's cat themed! So here's the prize up for grabs.

The prize is one Cat Cameo necklace! This necklace is just so adorable, well made & beautiful. Plus, added crazy cat lady bonus! 

So how to enter? A Rafflecopter widget will be below, but leave any comments about what your favourite piece (see option two) in the comments below.

Giveaway will be open until the 3/9/2012 & there will be one winner. 

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunday Shopping #1

Hello lovely ladies.

Putting a new addition to my weekly posts, Sunday Shopping! Showing you lovely lot something I've bought this week, be it a bargain or something that doesn't need a haul post all of its own. This week I have a particular favourite for you lovely ladies! 

Yankee Candle from Swindon Outlet - from £18.99 to £11.87.
Ok, so not a massive saving, but last time I went to Swindon outlet I ummed & arred over this candle, and ended up leaving it as I couldn't decide. About 5 miles outside of Swindon I started to regret it, so when I went out with my Mum on Wednesday we & we ended up at Swindon Outlet because the rain was so fierce on the motorway she couldn't see where she was going & wanted to get off the motorway (honestly there was a car about 5ft in front of us which we only saw by very faint headlights) I practically ran to the Yankee outlet and prayed it was still there, and it was! As a fan of all things Christmas & mint smell it was a match made in heaven! As its a massive 12 oz it will probably last me a few Christmases! I love the fact that its two Yankee scents swirled together to create a whole new scent.

So that's whats in my shopping basket this week. Hope you're all having a good weekend!


Saturday, 18 August 2012

TK Maxx Haulin'

Hello lovely ladies.

I have a love / hate relationship with TK Maxx, sometimes you go in and there is nothing but utter tat & for some reason piles and piles of fancily wrapped soaps that although look pretty, smell awful. But sometimes, and just sometimes, seemingly when they get there new stock, you could literally buy just about everything you see. This haul was one of those times!

This is what I bought home, but I could of bought a lot more! 

Emma Bridgewater Spiral Note Book - £2.99.
I am a massive fan of Emma Bridgewater, and the star print is by far my favourite print. I love having nice note paper to stick notes in when I sell bit on eBay & this one has really handy perforated edges! 

Emma Bridgewater Oil Cloth Pencil Case - £4.99.
I've had a similar one of these added to my Amazon wishlist for ages, so I was extra chuffed to find this in TK Maxx! I have no need for a pencil case, so I'm going to use this as my make up I carry about in my handbag, as the Primark one I have is looking a little worse for wear! 

Magpie Mismatch Side Plates - £3.99.
I love Magpie, and as a brand I've only recently become aware of I was surprised but pleased to see them at bargain prices! I thought these plates were dead cute, and as I live with a very clumsy boy I can always do with back up plates! 

Magpie Bunting Mug - £2.49.
I did buy this for me, but after opening my mug cupboard I don't think it will actually fit anywhere so I think I might give it to someone for Christmas (I know I know its August but I am one those revoltingly organised people :p) as it comes in a pretty box. I am actually considering going back to buy a few! 

So the total of what I bought before TK Maxx prices? £42.50. What I paid? £14.46! Not too shabby! And for you nail varnish addicts the were also selling bags of 3 full sized OPI for £14.99 so that might be work checking out!

Hope you're all having lovely Saturdays! 


Friday, 17 August 2012

A Tale Of Two MACS - A Learning Curve

Hello lovely ladies. 

Today I have a little story for you, about something I've had to learn the hard way. Yes ladies, this is a tale of a fake.

A few years a go when I was living up north I worked in a large office, mainly comprised of women. One of these women used to come in with massive boxes of make up for sale, at extremely low prices, swearing it was all the real deal, she was selling on behalf of a friend who bought it all from America so she could sell it cheap and make a profit, and blah, blah and blah. As I had no idea about make up at the time (I was certainly a late bloomer when it came to all things make up) I happily snapped up the lions share of it, thinking I was getting a bargain... Hands up who thinks I was?

Two MAC blushers. So which is the fake? Lets have a look at the back...

On the left, Dainty, bought for about £8 from the aforementioned lady, on the right, Miss Behave, purchased from an official MAC retailer. Dainty, is a fake. And not only is it a fake, its a bad fake. I discovered this was a fake, not by noticing the obvious signs, but by browsing in MAC, and coming across a real Dainty blusher. So what should the real Dainty look like? 

Yep, no white marbling, no glossy plastic box, no rubbing away of the MAC logo. And it costs £19. I got mine out the second I got home, and compared it with the picture & Miss Behave. Fake. Fake Fake Fake. I was duped on the good faith of another, but its not just me, this is happening every single day, on that well know auction site most of us have a love / hate relationship with. eBay.

After a quick search for MAC on eBay I was struggling to actually find any real MAC. The same for Benefit, NARS, Chanel and so on.

In July a woman was give a £2000 fine as well as a suspended prison sentence & community service after selling massive amounts of fake mid to high end make up, lots of which contained dangerous levels of lead. Which is terrifying. Its very easy to write everything on eBay off as a fake, but if you are going to buy from eBay, here's my checklist to determine if its worth the risk, or not.

The old saying, if its too good to be true, it probably is, has never been truer. That Benefit Boxed Blush, RRP £23.50 for £5? Its a fake. MAC Brush Bundle, where each brushes RRP is £10 to £30 for £15. Its a fake. However, a couple of quid off if its slightly used or the outside of the box is damaged? Don't write that one off yet, it might be real yet.

This is NOT a hard & fast rule, but have a quick scan of the feedback, paying particular attention to the last few days. I say the last few days as, and this really makes me angry, many sellers of fakes will contact the person who left the negative feedback & offer them cash to take the negative feedback down. They will also occasionally threaten & bully, because they are well aware that they are selling fakes, and one person saying that they are in fact fakes will damage their business usually to the point of having to shut it down, and start again. And as most of them rely on there positive feedback, they will try to avoid it at all costs. Be warned - Feedback is not always correct. 

Google the product, does it look the same as in the photo? Is the box different, is the product different, is the logo different? If you notice one or more of these differing even very slightly, its a fake. 

Ok, again, referring to the three points above, this isn't a hard & fast rule, but 90% of buy it nows will be fake, as this is the quickest way to sell huge quantities of the product at a set price. Auctions starting at a reasonable price are far more likely to be the real deal.

Contact them, ask them if its genuine. No response? Its a fake? Shirty response "Yeah, of course its real what are you accusing me of? Its a fake. Pleasant "Yeah I bought it from MAC/Selfridges/Debenhams last year but the colours just not for me" probably real.

This is probably the biggest clue to whether you will be receiving Chanel or Channel. What else are they selling? Some shoes, a few dresses and a few beauty bits? Chances are its the real, but refer to the above points. Hundreds and hundreds of listing for high end make up, all priced at unbelievable prices? Its more than likely a fake. I have found, more than anything else, personal sellers are selling the real deal, and just trying to claw back a bit of money after buying something expensive that didn't work for them. On the other hand, I've found that 99% of power sellers are selling fakes. 

Doesn't feel right? Too much or not enough in the description? Says GENUINE over and over and over again?  Don't buy it, it will be a fake. Go with what feels right for you.

I will now only buy from personal sellers that meet all the above criteria, but again, to avoid being disappointed, if its too good to be true, it probably is. The rules above can be followed, but always go with your gut!

So ladies, hands up who's been tricked by those clever sellers offering up things you couldn't afford for prices you can?