Friday, 3 August 2012

Cheap Frills Seven Seas Necklace - I Won!

Hello lovely ladies. 

I was really lucky this week & I won the Cheap Frills giveaway to win a Seven Seas Cameo necklace. Cheap Frills jewellery is amazing vintage style jewellery, run by a lovely lady called Georgia. I was so chuffed as it's an utterly beautiful necklace, and I thought I'd do a little review of it for you lovely lot.

The first thing to mention that it was incredibly well wrapped, with lots of bubble wrap, tissue paper & care. It also came in this adorable sweetie bag with a Cheap Frills sticker on the bag. I love it when jewellery is wrapped really nicely, as it feels like a Birthday present! 

I also love love love that she uses a wax seal on the box! At first glance I thought it was a sticker but its a real wax sea, which is an amazingly personal touch! 

I really liked that they put in a little post - it not, and I really really like that there's a cat on it, as a cat lady this pleases me greatly! 

The necklace itself is absolutely adorable and incredibly well made. I love all things nautical, so I just adore this necklace! 

Its just the right size, big enough so you can see it, but not too big its hard to wear every day.

A massive thank you to Georgia for this lovely necklace! 

You can check out Cheap Frills here, there are so many lovely necklaces and earrings I thought I'd show you my favourites in the shop. 

(ALL images from Cheap Frills)

One. Spoonful Of Sugar Necklace - £12.00. Two. Peepo Kitty Ring - £10.00. Three. Little Bo Sheep  Earrings - £10.00. Four. Whale Song Necklace - £10.00.

She is also currently running an offer for a free pastel cameo necklace with every order worth £12.00. Pretty good! 

I can't say thank you enough! Next time I have some spare money that whale necklace WILL be mine!

So what do you ladies think? Big fan of indie jewellery or not so much? 



  1. Well done! It looks so pretty! I love the cat earrings too :)

    1. Thank you lovely, was a really sweet treat :D x


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