Wednesday, 15 August 2012

eBay Beauty Bargains

Hello lovely ladies.

eBay can be a right nightmare some times, with sellers fees, postage & packaging charges & people trying their hand at refunds for no reason, it can sometimes feel like its just not worth it. Until you find things that are so drastically cheaper, you forget all about the negatives! So here's some eBay bargains I've found recently.

One. Strawberry Soft Curlers. £1.20 for 6.
These are so cute, and I love curling my hair but my curling wand, handed down to me by my Mum from the 80's, although works, becomes hotter than the sun in a very short space of time, so I find myself getting flustered and it becomes more hot mess rather than hot hair. I'd love to try these for curling wet hair, although with my hair I think I'd need at least two packs! A bargain as trendy shops like Paperchase sell these for around £12 for 6. As there from Hong Kong you will be looking at least 2 weeks shipping, but for 10% of price I'll take the wait! 

I adore this, and what I really love is that a shop near me sells this one & the black ninja version for £6 each! I love having cute bags to store things in & I fully intend to purchase this when I have some paypal money (which is well known as play money, not real at all, well at least this is what I believe!) 

Three. Klean Colour Nail Varnish. £2.17 + £2.54 p&p
Klean Colour nail varnish are an American cheapy brand, but, its pretty hard to get it over here as they won't ship to the U.K & other websites that will, the postage is so high it turns from low end to mid range. But this multi coloured star gitter nail varnish is just beautifu! and for just under £5 I think its a bargain!

I have seen other brands such as Gosh sell these for £4 a pot, so why not get 24?! These are perfect for adding to nails or you can even use them to mix your own nail varnishes! How clever is that?

 So those are my eBay bargains! Have you lovely ladies found any recently? If so feel free to share <3 p="p">



  1. Ohhh I need those glitters! I bought a few from Hobby Craft and they dissolved in my nail varnish!! Was gutted hahah xx

    1. Oh no really? I hate it when you buy something and it just won't go to plan :( x

    2. You need a certain type of glitter I believe. Some polish bleaches out the colour in glitter. :( Ill try and remember what type you need

    3. Yeh! It just left me with funny coloured lumpy nail varnish -.- not a good look! xx

  2. Great post. That rabbit drawstring is too cute x

  3. i really like the glitter pots :)
    i recently did a similar post on my blog, here it is -

  4. Aww how cute are those curlers!! This is a great post as I think sometimes eBay is overlooked for hair and beauty bargains :)


  5. Just bought the bunny bag, too cute!


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