Tuesday, 28 August 2012

GOSH Holographic Hero Review & Swatches

Hello lovely ladies. 

When I first saw a swatch of the Gosh Holographic Hero on a blog a few months back, I knew I had to have it, and have been checking back in local Superdrug (which is one of the worst I've come across) weekly to see if it was there, but with no luck. So when I saw one, the last one on a shopping trip on Saturday, I grabbed it with both hands & got the hell out of there before they told me it was a mistake! 

I have wanted to try a holographic nail varnish for a while, a silver shimmery rainbow? Sounds right up my street! So on to the swatches.

First up - one coat. As you can see one coat is more than enough to bring out the holographic rainbow, which is fantastic as by the time I've applied the base coat & the first coat of nail varnish I'm usually itching to get on with something else. 

Two coats - as you can see it makes very little difference! The colour is slightly darker which makes the rainbow look a little brighter, but I honestly think you only need the one coat! 

It is a beautiful polish, a lovely colour & in the sunlight its extra eye catching. 

I'm also impressed with the wear of this nail varnish, as I painted one coat on my index finger as I was impatient to find out what it looked like, and left it without a top coat, and I've been doing cleaning today and there isn't a single chip! Extra impressed with it!

So ladies, are you planning to pick up this polish? Have you managed to find it yet? 



  1. Super pretty! Holographic nail varnishes are usually so expensive on eBay so this is a bargain!


  2. I have the Gosh holographic from before it was re-released and it chips after a couple of hours! Maybe they reformulated it?

    Frances xx


    1. I think it was a re do so they've possibly redone the formula as its lasted so well and I've been seriously pushing it with all the cleaning :) x

  3. I love this! Cant wait to get my hands on it! xx

  4. Im waiting so patiently for my Superdrugs to have this! Looks lovely xx

  5. I WANT this SO bad....

    CAT xo

    1. :D it is pretty good, when you can find it its worth picking up :) x


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