Monday, 6 August 2012

Lime Crime Magic Dust Loose Eyeshadow In Cupcake Thief

Hello lovely ladies. 

Lime Crime are one of those brands that are raved about all over the blogosphere. They have the big three, an amazing range of colours, brilliant packaging & cruelty free. 

As much as I wanted to place an order, there was one small problem, they are based in America, and because of that the shipping to the U.K is quite a lot of money for the one item I really wanted. So imagine my excitement when I found a U.K based store, that not only had exactly what I wanted, but was also on sale!

The Magic Dusts come in an amazing box, decorated with the Lime Crime unicorn. 

I just want to say how much I adore the Lime Crime packaging! The unicorn is adorable, as is the mirroring. The eyeshadow is actually much bigger than I thought it would be, I thought it would be the size of the Barry M loose eyeshadows but they are more like the size of the Bare Minerals loose eyeshadows.

One of the best features about the eyeshadow container is that it doesn't just open, but it has a small filter so you don't open it and spill it every where! (which I have done, many, many times!). Its amazing how a small ring of plastic with holes in can do some much for a product! So on to the swatches! 

I swatched this over Lemon-Aid, my go to eye lid primer. It is the most beautiful shimmery pink colour I have ever seen in my life! The colour is so strong and you need very little as it is highly pigmented. The powder is very finely ground, so its not too clumpy. Overall its just perfect! 

I ordered this from Love Makeup, a premium & professional make up website, where the magic dusts are currently on sale, reduced from £9.50 to £5.50!  The Magic Dusts have recently been discontinued by Lime Crime, so if you want one its worth snapping one up soon!

I really have been loving Lime Crime recently, so there will probably be more reviews and swatches soon! Do you ladies have any recommendations?



  1. That's really pretty - love t he shimmering in it, the colour work very well. :)

  2. Wow this looks so pretty! I must say I haven't looked much into this brand before but deffo going to have a look on Love Makeup :) Can never resist a sale ;)


  3. this colour is almost unbelievable. wow. someone pinches me x
    liloo/@tsunimee xx


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