Wednesday, 1 August 2012

My Lush Emotional Brilliance Pick - Dynamic Eyeliner

Hello lovely ladies.

I'm sure most of you have already seen my 200 followers giveaway for any item of the emotional brilliance range (and if you haven't, you can enter here) so I thought I'd show you my pick!

Last week I was lucky enough to win an invite to an emotional brilliance reading with the creator of the range, Rowena Bird, the creator of the Emotional Brilliance & the Co - Founder of Lush. When I got to Lush they had laid of cakes & tea as well as foot & hand treatments. It was boiling hot outside & the cool of the Lush shop was really refreshing and it was the first time I'd been able to relax in days! I managed to take a few snaps with my phone, so I thought I'd share them first before going on to my pick of the range.

       One. Lovely colour coordinated cakes made on the hottest day of the year by one of the staff that's 7 months pregnant, I was impressed yet I did not envy her at all!
Two. Tea & cake, not only did the girl make them all, but they were amazing!
Three. The colour wheel.
Four. Eyeing up the merch!

I was waiting quite a while for my reading with Rowena as they were running half and hour behind, which was fine but towards the end I had looked & smelt everything twice and because of the event and the new range the shop was pretty packed out so there was no where really to go. When I did get to have my reading it was one of the last of the day, and it did feel a little rushed, she seemed to be incredibly aware that she was running behind, but it was lovely to meet her and she was incredibly friendly. 

The idea of the colour wheel is that you close your eye or watch the center as it spins and when it stops you pick the three colours that stand out to you, the first being you strength or weakness, the second being what your subconscious wants & the third being your aspiration. As a life long cynic I find this stuff extremely hard to believe but as I had been invited for an emotional brilliance reading I went a long with it.

So this was my reading, Charm, Fantasy & Motivation. I also mentioned that I had a job interview the day after the reading (which turned out to be scam job, commission only cold calling if your wondering!) so she explained to me how I should use my charm in the interview, but not too much, I need a little more fantasy in my life (not really sure but doesn't this apply to everyone's life?!) and I needed to aspire to be motivated. It was nice to get a proper explanation about the range, but did it change my mind about this style of "mood reading"? 

To be honest, no. I found it all a little too convenient, as all the colour options can be applied to just about any one. Everyone likes to think they are charming, everyone could do with a bit more of a fantasy focused life and most people could do with a little more motivation. However, I do think that the idea of having the colour wheel & the readings makes the range have that added extra excitement, and its a good marketing idea to get you to look at colours you would usually disregard, so in that respect my mind has changed.   

So, here's what I picked from the range! 

I picked the Dynamic eyeliner. I had swatched this on my hand earlier in the week and I regretted not picking it up, so when I went back for my reading I knew I was going to pick it up. 

The packaging of all the Emotional Brilliance range is a small glass bottle with a screw lid. The lid unscrews to reveal a small eye liner brush with a fine nib. They also come with adorable tags attached to the neck of the bottle with the name on. Although I quite like the packaging whilst I was in store I had to explain to a girl in there that they weren't nail varnishes but a combination of liquid lipsticks, eyeliners & cream showers, but I can see why she was confused because at first glance they do look like a nail varnish! 

As my hands are suffering from the latest kitten attack I decided to swatch this on a piece of paper as I was struggling to find an area without a scratch on! Although I really like this product as an eyeliner, I really love love love it as a cream eye shadow. It's a gorgeous pinky peachy colour which is super sparkly. When I was talking to one of the Lush ladies she said she liked to use it as highlighter, so it really is a Dynamic (muhaha love puns) product! 

Retails at £14.50 from in store or via the website here

So what do you think? Are you a fan of Dynamic?



  1. Oh dear yes, I think I could do with more fantasy in my life for sure!
    I am pretty cynical about this stuff too but it sounds like you had fun. Sorry about the job interview, hope the next one is much better!

    1. Aw thank you hun, buts its ok I realised before I went to the interview luckily, when I was googling the address it came up with a massive article in The Mirror about them and lots of other companies nation wide scamming young people needing work haha. Oh well >.< and it was a laugh and it was nice to meet her x


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