Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday Shopping #2

Hello lovely ladies. 

Another Sunday, more shopping! I adore blog sales, they are both a brilliant way of getting rid of your unwanted beauty goodies, and of picking up a bargain. I often buy from blog sales as I always have my eye out for them, so here's my favourite purchase from a blog sale recently! 

MAC Marine Life Highlighter.
This wasn't particularly a bargain, as it was just over £20 with postage (I think it was around the £25 mark), but oh my god how beautiful is this highlighter! I remember seeing this in a favourite post ages ago and thinking it was probably one of the post beautiful highlighter designs ever. Although it wasn't much less than it cost originally, it is brand new (the gold spray over the top rubs off in a few uses) and was shipped very quickly. Now I just have to convince myself to use it & stop just looking at it!

I bought it from Dancing With Disaster, lots of it has been sold but there are quite a few bits left if you fancy a browse! 

So ladies, are you blog sale fan? If your holding one leave me the link below! 



  1. wow, i love that! It's so pretty xxx

    1. It is amazing, I just need to convince myself to use it ! x

  2. Oh that is gorgeous! I don't think I would ever be able to use it though, i would just want to look at it!

  3. Aw, thanks for the mention hun! That was my problem... I couldnt bring myself to use it lol xxx

  4. So ladies, are you blog sale fan? If your holding one leave me the link below!

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