Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sunday Shopping

Hello lovely ladies.

It's Sunday again, and it's the last day of September, meaning autumn is in full swing, the days are getting shorter and much colder, so this Sunday Shopping edition is quite fit for the day! 

As I've spoken about before, I am not a fashionable person, so I have no idea if this is "in" or not, but I'm guessing duckies are an unlikely trend. I saw this earlier this week on ASOS but as much as I wanted it, I tried to convince myself I had other cardigans and I didn't need it. However, Tuesday morning I experienced what could only be called the Benny Hill episode where Jade goes to the dentist, fresh out of dentistry school, and everything, bar nothing, goes wrong. I came out of the appointment and said to myself "I will be having that cardigan when I'm home", so I that's what I did! 

This cardigan took the longest time I've ever waited to receive an ASOS order, I ordered it on Tuesday morning and it only arrived mid morning yesterday, but it was so worth the wait! It has an adorable duck and heart border and two swans facing each other on the back. I was surprised by how good the quality it, it's an acrylic knit, but very thick & I wore it out yesterday and I was warm all day, I just love it! I can see this being worn a lot this autumn.

It cost £35 from ASOS here , but I used my boyfriends student discount (Hooray for his student discount!) so I paid £31.50. 

What have you ladies bought this week? Have you added anything to your autumn clothes you just love?


Saturday, 29 September 2012

September Favourites

Hello lovelies. 

I have a lot of favourites at the moment, so I've tried to narrow it down to the products I couldn't rave about enough!

One. Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. 
I've blogged about this here, but I still can't believe how nice it makes my hair feel! The first time in years its felt like other peoples hair!

Two. Bioderma Sebium H20. 
My skin can't get enough of this! Since I've been using it my skin has been much clearer and my skin tone is much more even. I've already ordered a 500ml bottle from eBay which cost around £10 with £2.80 p&p, which is a bit expensive but its a massive bottle and if I find something that works for me I am more than willing to pay for it. 

Three. Etude House Panda Peach Hand Cream.
I've had this for a while, but only recently really fallen in love with more than the packaging. The cream is really light, so it absorbs instantly and the scent is just perfect, it's quite muted so it's not over powering. It's only small so I'm considering ordering another (They cost around £8 posted from eBay).

Four. Deborah Lippmann in Candy Shop. 
This is one of my favourite presents of all time, I wore this for my day out for my birthday and it looked so pretty I was really loving it, the only problem is now I want more Deborah Lippmann polishes, but at £16 to £18 each I would have to love it as much as this one to justify it, and even then I'm still not sure I could. 

Five. Stila Love At First Blush. 
I bought this from a blog sale at the beginning of the month, after originally telling myself I didn't need it, but found myself back on the blog sale and wanting it even more. Its the perfect light pink, with really subtle shimmer, I just love it, plus its super cute, I love heart prints! 

Six. MAC Invincible Light.
This was a birthday present from my boyfriend from the Heavenly Creatures MAC collection, and it is my perfect eyeshadow, it's a neutral sandy pink toned colour with shimmer and it's beautiful. I have used it every single day since I got it and I just love it. 

So that's what I'm loving this month! How about you ladies?


Friday, 28 September 2012

September Empties

Hello lovely ladies. 

I can and can't believe it's already the end of September, on the one hand where has this month gone, but on the other September always goes by quite quickly for me as it's my birthday in the middle of the month so the end tends to be taken up with birthday plans. But on to the empties! There are slightly less than normal as I seem to be making my way through mammoth sized products. 

Hair Care.

One. Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush.
I've already spoken about how much I hate this product here, but I'm so glad I've finished this one, I still have half a sample can of Cherry left! Deffo wouldn't buy the full size, unless I was off to a festival, which again is unlikely (muddy fields & sleeping bags do not a happy girl make)

Two. Gum Salon Professional Shampoo. 
I picked this up in Home Bargins a while back as it was £1.69 for a 400ml bottle which is pretty good. It's a nice shampoo and left my hair clean, but it had a bit of an odd smell, not bad just odd, kind of lemony but not really. I would probably buy this again as it's so cheap! 

Perfume Samples. 

Three. Valentina. 
I've been making an effort to use up some of the little perfume samples I have, This was OK, nothing special but not bad but I doubt I'd buy it.

Four. Dot.
I really liked this one, so it was lucky & amazing I got a full sized bottle for my birthday! 

Five. Dahila Noir. 
These came with a magazine, and no matter what perfume I have on an the time, the second I see them I have to give them a whiff. These were nice, but I think ones from magazines tend to have a weird plastic smell from being stored so I'd like to smell it in a shop to see what it actually smells like.

Six. Dior Addict. 
I did quite like this, it's quite a mature scent but I'd like it for an evening scent. I'd possibly buy the full sized at some point. 

Seven. Benefit So Hooked On Carmella.
This has to be the worst perfume scent of all time. I even went to Benefit to make sure I hadn't got a gone off one. It smells kind of like burning plastic and that isn't even an exaggeration. I have quite liked some of the Benefit perfumes, but this gets a big thumbs down from me. 


Eight. L'oreal Ever Pure Shampoo & Conditioner. 
I was surprised by how much I liked this, as I'm not usually a fan of L'oreal shampoo but it's actually really nice, left my hair feeling really soft and shiny. It smells quite nice, quite minty. I would probably buy this if it was on offer as its fairly pricey at around £4 each. 

Nine. Sisley Day & Night Cream. 
Really didn't like this cream, it was extremely watery and it had a really artificial "earthy" scent. I wouldn't buy the full sized. 

Ten. Sanctuary Spa 30 Day Thermal Transformation Serum & Clay Mask.
I quite liked these products, the serum was nothing special, quite nice but that was about it. But the Clay Mask was really nice, it's rose scented and it warmed whilst on. I doubt I'd buy the serum but I'd possibly buy the mask. 

Eleven. Biotherm Blue Therapy Serum.
Although this felt quite nice, it broke me out worse than any product I've ever used has! Deffo wouldn't buy! 

Make Up.

Twelve. Benefit They're Real.
This is a bit of a cheat product, as it's been beyond use for a while but I just couldn't bin it! I have to say I'm really annoyed at this product as although the first few weeks I had it, it applied like a dream, but it dries out really really quickly (a known problem with They're Real) and becomes horrible to use. It's really expensive at £18.50 and I wouldn't buy it again as I'm unimpressed by how long it lasted.

Make Up Wipes.

Thirteen. Pure 3 in 1 Make Up Wipes.
Hate these. No other words but I hate them! They are incredibly dry and highly scented so they sting your eyes. I picked these up in Poundland as they were 2 for £1 but I don't think they are even worth 50p. Really really wouldn't rebuy! 

Shower Products. 

Fourteen. St Ives Apricot Scrub. 
I've mentioned before that I just don't like this scrub, it smells nice but the scrub element is too gentle for my tastes. I wouldn't repurchase this as I prefer other products a lot more.

Fifteen. Body Shop Earth Lovers Shower Gel.
This was free when I signed up for the Body Shop loyalty card. Although I love the scent (Apricot & Basil) its very watery, which is a shame as if it was just a little thicker I would have to have another! I would possibly repurchase, but for £5 for 250ml its a bit pricey for something that didn't last very long. 


Sixteen. Lush Charity Pot.
I really like this idea from Lush, rather than asking for donations they give you small tub of cream for £1. It smells really nice, kind of like chocolate. The cream itself is nice and absorbs quickly. I often buy these so I would repurchase. 

Seventeen. Burts Bees Banana Hand Cream.
I love this hand cream, its really thick and smells of beeswax & banana. I already have the full sized but I might keep this dinky jar for taking away with me. 

So that's it. Not as many items used up this month, and most of them are quite small, but still a good effort. 

What have you ladies finished this month?


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque Review

Hello lovely ladies. 

My hair has taken a huge amount of abuse over the years. It's been a whole range of colours from blonde to purple, and back to red again, not to mention I tend to neglect having my hair cut until it's has so many split ends it would be easier to count the hairs that are still in tact. But recently I've been trying to give my poor, tired hair a bit more love. I love the macadamia range, the oil being the only one I've found that I can use in my hair without it being weighed down. So I thought I'd give another item in the range a whirl, the Deep Repair Masque. 

The masque comes in a pretty tub with a screw top lid. I really like the Macadamia packaging, really pretty without being overly girly. It also states on the tub that Macadamia don't test on animals, which is always a massive bonus in my eyes.

The second you lift the lid the scent hits you, just gorgeous, like a more intense Pantene smell. The masque itself is quite thick, but without needing to be melted before use. I was also impressed that the masque was very full, so there's no unnecessary packaging which is always a bonus in my book. 

But, most importantly, how did it make my hair feel? The instructions for use are to comb liberally through wet, clean hair and leave to soak in for up to 7 minutes. I combed a small amount (with my fingers) through my hair and left for 5 minutes. The masque felt lovely on, and because its thick there was no dripping whilst it was sat on my hair. I rinsed, and towel dried my hair as normal, and even when it was still wet I could already feel the difference in my hair. For the first time in years it felt soft, really really soft. Once it was dry I couldn't stop running my fingers through my hair! It was so soft it was unbelievable, it felt like non dyed hair! 

The instructions state not to use it more than twice a week, I'm guessing because your hair would get used to and you wouldn't notice a difference. I am beyond impressed with this product, and couldn't recommend it enough if your hair is in need of some extra TLC.

I purchased mine from Buyapowa for £8.50 for 250mls, but you can also buy it from for £9.99 with free delivery here.

Have you ladies tried the Deep Repair Masque? What did you think?


Monday, 24 September 2012

New Lush Product - Fun!

Hello lovely ladies. 

I think its pretty clear that I love Lush products. So every time they bring out something new, I want to go and investigate it. Enter FUN.

Fun was invented in aid of the Fukushima, as radiation levels are still extremely high there, which means that children can't play outside as it's extremely dangerous. For each bar of Fun sold, Lush will donate some of its profit to grassroots organisations that organise activates where children can come and play, but more on that later. So what does a bar of Fun look like?

Fun looks like Play-Doh! It's a 4 in 1 product, with uses including shampoo, body wash, bubble bath and it can apparently even be used to hand wash clothes! FUN comes in 5 colours and scents, I went for red Fun, which is mandarin & orange scented, and it smells utterly amazing! 

The main ingredient in Fun is Corn Flour, which gives it its soft Play-Doh like texture.

This product has quite a short shelf life, around a month and a half, but it's marked as "best used fresh" so I'm guessing you have no more than a couple of weeks to use this product before it's past it's best.

Once you open the packet you can see the likeness to Play-Doh even more. The outside of fun is slightly harder than the inside, but the inside is very soft and feels extremely dough like. 

The primary idea of Fun is well, to have fun with it! Make it in to shapes before using. This is inspired by the children stuck inside in Fukushima, to bring the fun inside if you like. So, with that in mind I made you all a nice snail, or at least I tried to make a nice snail! Because the outside of Fun is quite hard, it takes quite a bit of molding to make it soft, but at first it can be quite crumbly. I can imagine kids going crazy for Fun! The only problem with it, is what do you do with it when you want to stop having fun? The instructions for storage are to put it back in it's cellophane wrapped, but once you open it, the cellophane becomes all scrunched up and it's hard to put it back neatly, so I had to get inventive. 

As I want to use Fun as a shower wash, I needed something that was waterproof and durable, so I could keep it in the shower caddy, as because of its short expiry date, it needs to be used with relative speed. I went for an empty Lush pot (I have a couple as if you take back 5 clean, empty lush pots you receive a free fresh face mask) which seemed appropriate! 

I squashed in as much of the Fun as I could, but I still have a good chunk missing. Personally, I think the cellophane wrapper is a design flaw on Lush's behalf, as the pot is a lot easier to scoop out, much cleaner and if your going to go for a Play-Doh type design, learn from what made them a success. I think that the cellophane wrapper might leave a lot of parents feeling quite annoyed, and eventually chucking it out. 

So, overall what do I think of Fun? It's a good product, not a great product. It has a brilliant novelty factor, and although it lathers nicely in to either a bubble bath or a shower gel, I can see it being hideously annoying for washing hair, and I'm not sure that washing your clothes in it would be best idea. I do also think that it would be a much easier product to use if it was sold in a tub. However, it's fun to try Fun (haha terrible joke) and I'll enjoy using it now I've sorted the packaging problem, and if you have kiddies I can see them getting hours of fun from this. 

So, as I mentioned earlier Lush donates some of its profit to grassroots products to help the victims of Fukushima, but how much profit? £1.00? No? 50p? Still no? It is in fact, just 10p. 10p from each bar sold will go towards the FunD to help these grassroot projects. I personally think that although its a nice idea to make a item for Fukushima, I do however think that 10p is about the bare minimum to give, seeing as they cost £5 each. I'm aware that they have to take in to account manufacturing costs, but seeing as the main ingredients are cornflour and oil, I don't think that they would be too high. I personally think if your going to produce a charity product, the company donation should be at least 50p, and seeing as Lush aren't a small company any more I believe they could afford to do it.

Fun costs £5.00 and is available in store or online here.

Have you ladies tried Fun? Are you tempted to give it a go?


Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunday Shopping - Cold Weather Edition

Hello lovely ladies. 

What a terribly miserable, rainy, cold Sunday! But as it is Sunday, it's time for Sunday Shopping. I have quite an appropriate one this week!

Yep that's right, thermal socks! The weather has dropped this week, and since I live in quite and old house (house turned in to a flat) it isn't the warmest. It also has laminate floors and tiles in most the rooms so my toes have been colder than usual. Although I was fully stocked in jumpers and warm clothes, I seemed to be missing any warm socks. When I was browsing in Primark I came across these cute patterned thermal socks, but not just any old thermals, 2.3 togs worth of thermal! That's the same as a duvet, for your feet! They are extremely soft and fluffy inside, and I'll probably be going back for a few more pairs! 

These socks cost £3.50 and are available from Primark, and come in a range of colours and patterns, including floral and leopard print.

Are you ladies finding the weather cold? Who else has been stocking up on warm clothes? 


Saturday, 22 September 2012

Bye Bye Make Up Bag, Hello Muji Storage

Hello lovely ladies.

One of the things I picked up in my London Haul was two acrylic Muji storage boxes with flip tops. I had planned to buy these before I went, so I thought I'd show you lovely lot how I've organised mine! But firstly I'll show you why I'd gone out of my way to carry round two, heavier than you expect, acrylic boxes! 

My current make up bag, purchased from Cath Kidston a couple of years a go. It looks quite good from the outside, but inside...

Its a mess! Because it has two pockets it has a lot less space than you first expect, so all my make up is crammed it, leaving me sifting through it every time I want to find something. 

So on to how I arranged mine, I don't actually have a massive make up collection, I tend to buy one thing I really like, usually quite an expensive thing! So it was pretty easy to get everything I wanted in to each draw. I've also stacked mine for the time being, as I don't need to use both flip tops.

Blushers / Face.

I've put my blushers and face products as well as my little heart mirror in to the top draw, as I find my blushers hide more than other products! 


My second most reached for products are eye products, so it made sense for me to put them in the second draw. I own more eye products than anything else make up wise so its deffo the most full draw, but there's still more space left than I expected in it!


As I said I don't own a massive amount of make up! I've put my back up lip balms in here as well (my other lipbalms are, as lipbalms are, dotted around the house and lurking in the depths of my handbag!) as my tiny amount of lip sticks.

Favourites & Back Ups. 

This is my draw of make up I barely use because its so pretty! Only two products, MAC marine life and Paul & Joe cat eye shadow, that I like to just look at, where as the Porefessional is a spare I picked up when Glamour had them on the front of there magazine. 

Overall I am so pleased I picked up these boxes, and although I probably could of picked up just one box and fit everything, with space, its nice to have extra space in case my make up collection grows rapidly! The boxes are incredibly good quality, extremely thick acrylic, and the draws slide out really smoothly. I also love the way it looks, neat and I can see everything really easily.

They cost a very reasonable £11.50 each, lots of other acrylic storage I've seen is a lot more expensive. I'm considering ordering a few different boxes to store jewellery in.

Available from Muji or online here.

Are you ladies fans of acrylic storage?


Friday, 21 September 2012

Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume Review

Hello lovely ladies. 

When I first heard Marc Jacobs was bringing out a new perfume a couple of months ago I was beyond excited, I've always loved Marc Jacobs scents, from Daisy to Lola and every variation, they all smell gorgeous to me. When Dot came out I went to smell it, and loved it, but as its quite expensive I had to leave it, and thought maybe I'd ask for it for Christmas... 

But I didn't have to wait long! This was an incredibly generous birthday gift from my boyfriends mum (who I don't think reads my blog, but if you do, thank you so so so much!). 

Dot comes in what I think is a gorgeously quirky bottle. I know a lot of people hate it and think its super tacky, but it isn't that much different to other Marc Jacobs bottles (think the big plastic daisies on the Daisy bottle or the big plastic rose on the Lola bottle) just a different design.

The scent is a mixture of red berries and jasmine as well as other scents such as vanilla, coconut and orange blossom. I'm not great at describing scents but to me it smells very sweet and floral, which is what I would normally look for in a perfume. I think it smells just lovely! 

One of the nicest gifts I've ever received and I am so grateful!

Have you ladies smelt Dot? Like it or hate it?


Thursday, 20 September 2012

London Snaps & Haul

Hello lovelies. 

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to London for the day to celebrate my birthday & I had a lovely day of eating and shopping. As with most people who aren't from London, it can feel a bit overwhelming in just the sheer amount of people, but we were quite lucky and most places we visited were pretty quiet. So here's a few snaps of the day.

What I wore (I don't usually do this but I quite liked what I was wearing!) - Cath Kidston Skirt (£16 via ebay), H&M long sleeved top (£5 in the sale), Fat Face knitted cardigan (£3.50 via local charity shop) Tatty Devine Owl necklace (gift from my boyfriend)
I love the London tube signs, so iconic! 

Picked up these individual Swedish Fish in Cyber Candy, and munched them all! 

Amazing All You Need Is Love Choccywoccydoodah wedding cake!

Possibly the best Birthday cake I've ever had. We ordered a slice each at the Choccywoccydoodah cafe (coffee for me, coconut for the boy) and we honestly would of struggled to finish one between us! It was utterly amazing but just too much for one person!

Much, much later on we popped to Yo! Sushi for dinner, I love the Veggie Yakisoba & the Gyoza! 

So, on to what I bought! These aren't my birthday gifts, but I did buy some of them with some money I was kindly given as a present.

Quite a few bags! London has the most amazing range of shops, Londoners I hope you know how lucky you are! 

First up, Cyber Candy. I'd never been before so I was unsure where it was, but I had a quick look on the website, spotted it was in Covent Garden, so I thought it would be in the market. Its not. Its down a side street, and then up another side street (thank god for google maps!) but it was so worth the searching! I could of spent hours in there just looking at all the different products.

So here's what made it to the photo! There was more but one thing led to another and I ate it all.. Ooops. 

Cinnamon Roll Pop Tarts. I love Cinnamon Roll and I love Pop Tarts so it seemed like the best choice! Cyber Candy is the most reasonable of any American Import sweet shop I've ever come across. This box was £3.99.

Wonka Pixy Stix 29p , Cow Tales, one of my all time favourites, 59p, Air Heads in Pink Lemonade and Watermelon - 39 p each. 

This is what was left of the Pick n Mix, which I think is a really clever idea as they had lots of different American bits to try. I picked up the Candy Corn for a little extra Christmas present for my Boyfriends little sister as she loves it, however the Jolly Ranchers are just for me! The Pick n Mix is around £2.00 for 100 grams which is quite pricey, but a good way to try this! 

Next up, Liberty Of London. This is a shop I've always wanted to visit, but never managed to find time to visit it, but as we came out of Choccywoccydoodah we turned the corner and it was right in front of us!

This is probably the most ridiculous thing I bought, but let me explain. Qualy are one of my favourite home wear designers, as most of the designs feature some sort of animal. I'd seen this ice bucket in a few different shops and online, but its usually around £50, which I just couldn't justify for something I can't see me using any time soon. I spotted it on the shelf and turned it over to look at the price, £17.80? Mine! I honestly have no use for an ice bucket, but maybe at some point in my life I might! But how cute is the little polar bear at the bottom?

The melted ice drips in to the this area, in a nod towards global warming. I'm tempted just to display this! 

Another stop I had in mind was Muji. The bag didn't make it home in one piece (lucky I had about a million isn't it haha) and the staff member reminded me of Neil from the Young Ones (If you don't know that show, just think of every sales assistant acting like a stroppy teen and dripping with attitude) but it's still one of my favourite shops of all time and they need to hurry up and open one in Bristol.

No prizes for guessing, I was after these flip top Muji boxes that are all over blogger & have been on my personal wish list for ages. I couldn't tell if I needed one or two but I decided to pick up two, and if I only need one I'm going to store jewellery in the other. They are really decent quality, much thicker acyclic than I than I thought they would be. I will review them properly soon. 

Another shop I had in mind was Uniqlo. There was a new collection I was very excited about, which isn't like me at all but sometimes clothes are just meant for you! But having never bought or tried anything from Uniqlo before I wanted to try it on to make sure the fit and length was good. I think you might be able to see it was...

I never, ever buy clothes, so this is a bit of a curve ball for me! The Orla Kiely & Uniqlo collaboration is all stunning, I could of literally bought everything, which again is pretty unusual for me as I tend to hate most clothes. I bought the black and the light pink dress in one Uniqlo store but the red dress, which was the one I really wanted, was only available in  an extra small, so I thought I'd order it when I got home now I knew they fitted. But as I was walking down the other end of Oxford Street I spotted another Uniqlo store, worth popping in right? Certainly was as they had a handful of them left and I snatched one and left feeling extra pleased! The dresses are all tunic style, with peter pan collars, loose fitting just beautiful. They cost a very reasonable £19.90 each and will be making up most of my Autumn wardrobe.

I also couldn't resist picking up one of the scarfs! Even though these aren't the colours I would usually go for I thought it was really eye catching and I kept looking at it over ones in different colours. This was also pretty reasonable £9.90. 

Last stop, we accidentally ended up at the train station an hour earlier as by that point in the idea of getting on a tube was a no go, so we opted for a bus, which was much faster, cleaner and cheaper! But as it was much faster, early! So I popped to Accessorize to waste some time. 

I've had my eye of these socks for a couple of weeks, and I even have the matching photo case! So as a last treat I picked them up, as I personally think Accessorize socks are probably the best quality high street socks. They are quite pricey at £3.50 a pair, but as it was my birthday I thought why not!

So that's my London haul. This was a much longer post than I thought it would be! I had a really lovely day & thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday yesterday!

Hope you ladies are having a good day!