Friday, 7 September 2012

Beautylishious Bag September - My First Beauty "Box"

Hello lovelies!

This is probably a faux pau in the beauty blogging community, but I don't have a subscription to any of the beauty boxes. No Glossybox, no She Said Beauty, not a one. The reason for this is that every time I've thought about signing up to one, a box has come out that has been slated, or I've seen it and thought there isn't anything I'd use or like, and with limited funds at my disposal I'd prefer to spend the money on things I actually know I like or want. Enter Beautylishious Bag...

Beautylishious Bags are a small independently run Beauty "box" company run by a lovely lady called Harriet. I love the fact that its a bag, not a box as I think the boxes that companies such as Glossybox use are rather wasteful as they are far to big (I know people use them for different things after receiving them but I know I wouldn't!) for what they contain. The Beautylishious bits come in a pretty organza bag with a small amount of tissue inside, I have the bag in mind for a present already! 

The bag also has lots of little details, such as this cute charm & little sequins inside the tissue (which I emptied all over my bag - doh!) which is a really nice touch. 

But, above all else there are two things I love about the way the Beautylishious is run. Number 1 its pay as you go, no subscriptions you forget to cancel! Number 2 at the same time payments open for the bag, she also releases two spoilers of the two main items in the bag! Finally! I can finally see if I do or don't want it! Hooray! So what did my bag contain?

Lots of lovely things! 

Wella Balance Scalp Serum - Spoiler 1 of 2 - 100ml Full Sized - RRP £17.99
I'd never heard of a scalp serum, but when I saw it as a spoiler I thought it might be fun to try. The idea is that you apply a little to your scalp and leave it in to help your hair feel thicker and healthier. It comes in a fancy glass bottle with a pipette & I'm looking forward to giving it a go. 

Murad Exfoliating Blemish Treatment Gel - Spoiler 2 of 2 - 30mls Trial Sized - Full Sized RRP £51.00.
I've recently had a Murad face wash that I quite liked, so I thought this might be nice to try to see how much of the range I get on with. Although as the full sized is extremely expensive I'm kind of hoping I really don't like it! 

St Ives Apricot Scrub - 30ml Trial Size - Full Sized RRP £3.59
I have to say I let out a bit of a sigh when I saw this. This is the 3rd trial sized one of these I've had. St Ives went under a redesign earlier this year and I was excited to try the new formula, as when I was younger this was my Mums favourite scrub & I can't remember a time it wasn't in the bathroom! When I tried it again I couldn't feel any difference in the scrub, and I just plain don't like it. For me, its just not scrubby enough, not even by half. But oh well, I'll pass it on to my Mum for when she goes on holiday. 

Valentia Perfume Sample - 1.5mls - Full Sized 50mls RRP £53.00
I do use perfume samples and this does smell quite nice but I'm not crazy about it. Will finish it but I wouldn't buy the full sized.

So, whats my verdict?
To me, this just confirmed what I already knew, I don't want a beauty box subscription. I am really happy with the main two items but the other two items I could take or leave. As I said before, most items I see in boxes such as She Said Beauty I wouldn't use & would end up at the charity shop.

Would I buy again?
Possibly, depends what was shown in the spoilers! But again, I really like the fact that you can buy one month and leave it the next.

Beautylishious Bags cost £12 posted & can be purchased here

So have you ladies tried any alternatives to the big beauty boxes? If so which & what did you think?



  1. Great review love. The scalp serum looks really interesting! x

  2. I really like the look of the scalp serum! I might think about buying the Beautylishious Bag just to give that a go! x

    1. It is really nice idea, I love being able to see if I like at least part of the bag <3 x

  3. awh how lovely, i may have to buy a couple of these to try :D xx

  4. I like the idea that you can dip in and out of this!

    1. Same, its a really nice way to do it <3 x

  5. I always think I want to get a sub / bbox but then I see reviews etc and I think I just cba. Stuff that's that expensive I will NEVER buy so it's pointless to try a sample and then realise I love it and cant afford it or hate it and the box was a waste of money.

    I also hate the st ives scrub, I used most of a full bottle ones and it just hurt my face. I just really disliked it. I keep seeing this in boxes also, I mean you can get it for couple quid in boots so whats the point. I can get that anywhere!

    1. I can never work out if I want a sub or not to something like Glossybox, but I always lean towards no. I've just never liked the St Ives scrub, I want something thats super scrubby or not at all ^^ x


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