Saturday, 22 September 2012

Bye Bye Make Up Bag, Hello Muji Storage

Hello lovely ladies.

One of the things I picked up in my London Haul was two acrylic Muji storage boxes with flip tops. I had planned to buy these before I went, so I thought I'd show you lovely lot how I've organised mine! But firstly I'll show you why I'd gone out of my way to carry round two, heavier than you expect, acrylic boxes! 

My current make up bag, purchased from Cath Kidston a couple of years a go. It looks quite good from the outside, but inside...

Its a mess! Because it has two pockets it has a lot less space than you first expect, so all my make up is crammed it, leaving me sifting through it every time I want to find something. 

So on to how I arranged mine, I don't actually have a massive make up collection, I tend to buy one thing I really like, usually quite an expensive thing! So it was pretty easy to get everything I wanted in to each draw. I've also stacked mine for the time being, as I don't need to use both flip tops.

Blushers / Face.

I've put my blushers and face products as well as my little heart mirror in to the top draw, as I find my blushers hide more than other products! 


My second most reached for products are eye products, so it made sense for me to put them in the second draw. I own more eye products than anything else make up wise so its deffo the most full draw, but there's still more space left than I expected in it!


As I said I don't own a massive amount of make up! I've put my back up lip balms in here as well (my other lipbalms are, as lipbalms are, dotted around the house and lurking in the depths of my handbag!) as my tiny amount of lip sticks.

Favourites & Back Ups. 

This is my draw of make up I barely use because its so pretty! Only two products, MAC marine life and Paul & Joe cat eye shadow, that I like to just look at, where as the Porefessional is a spare I picked up when Glamour had them on the front of there magazine. 

Overall I am so pleased I picked up these boxes, and although I probably could of picked up just one box and fit everything, with space, its nice to have extra space in case my make up collection grows rapidly! The boxes are incredibly good quality, extremely thick acrylic, and the draws slide out really smoothly. I also love the way it looks, neat and I can see everything really easily.

They cost a very reasonable £11.50 each, lots of other acrylic storage I've seen is a lot more expensive. I'm considering ordering a few different boxes to store jewellery in.

Available from Muji or online here.

Are you ladies fans of acrylic storage?



  1. Ohh I've been considering purchasing some muji storage bits! Looks great, a lot better than my whsmith set up now haha! xxx

  2. Looks great, nice to see someone else who doesn't own a HUUUGE ammount of make up x

    1. Haha thank you :D I tend to only buy what I really really like, which isn't a lot! x

  3. Your makeup collection is great! I don't see the point in massive collections. All my makeup is split into 3 drawers and it might look a lot to some but it's taken me a long time to build it up and I regularly clear it out :D


  4. I love my MUJI storage, my room feels much bigger now I've got them :P x



  6. wowww it feels so relaxing and cathartic to see a small collection with so much space in your storage. I am slowly working on cutting mine down. Having so much is beginning to stress me out, considering I rarely wear it!


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