Thursday, 20 September 2012

London Snaps & Haul

Hello lovelies. 

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to London for the day to celebrate my birthday & I had a lovely day of eating and shopping. As with most people who aren't from London, it can feel a bit overwhelming in just the sheer amount of people, but we were quite lucky and most places we visited were pretty quiet. So here's a few snaps of the day.

What I wore (I don't usually do this but I quite liked what I was wearing!) - Cath Kidston Skirt (£16 via ebay), H&M long sleeved top (£5 in the sale), Fat Face knitted cardigan (£3.50 via local charity shop) Tatty Devine Owl necklace (gift from my boyfriend)
I love the London tube signs, so iconic! 

Picked up these individual Swedish Fish in Cyber Candy, and munched them all! 

Amazing All You Need Is Love Choccywoccydoodah wedding cake!

Possibly the best Birthday cake I've ever had. We ordered a slice each at the Choccywoccydoodah cafe (coffee for me, coconut for the boy) and we honestly would of struggled to finish one between us! It was utterly amazing but just too much for one person!

Much, much later on we popped to Yo! Sushi for dinner, I love the Veggie Yakisoba & the Gyoza! 

So, on to what I bought! These aren't my birthday gifts, but I did buy some of them with some money I was kindly given as a present.

Quite a few bags! London has the most amazing range of shops, Londoners I hope you know how lucky you are! 

First up, Cyber Candy. I'd never been before so I was unsure where it was, but I had a quick look on the website, spotted it was in Covent Garden, so I thought it would be in the market. Its not. Its down a side street, and then up another side street (thank god for google maps!) but it was so worth the searching! I could of spent hours in there just looking at all the different products.

So here's what made it to the photo! There was more but one thing led to another and I ate it all.. Ooops. 

Cinnamon Roll Pop Tarts. I love Cinnamon Roll and I love Pop Tarts so it seemed like the best choice! Cyber Candy is the most reasonable of any American Import sweet shop I've ever come across. This box was £3.99.

Wonka Pixy Stix 29p , Cow Tales, one of my all time favourites, 59p, Air Heads in Pink Lemonade and Watermelon - 39 p each. 

This is what was left of the Pick n Mix, which I think is a really clever idea as they had lots of different American bits to try. I picked up the Candy Corn for a little extra Christmas present for my Boyfriends little sister as she loves it, however the Jolly Ranchers are just for me! The Pick n Mix is around £2.00 for 100 grams which is quite pricey, but a good way to try this! 

Next up, Liberty Of London. This is a shop I've always wanted to visit, but never managed to find time to visit it, but as we came out of Choccywoccydoodah we turned the corner and it was right in front of us!

This is probably the most ridiculous thing I bought, but let me explain. Qualy are one of my favourite home wear designers, as most of the designs feature some sort of animal. I'd seen this ice bucket in a few different shops and online, but its usually around £50, which I just couldn't justify for something I can't see me using any time soon. I spotted it on the shelf and turned it over to look at the price, £17.80? Mine! I honestly have no use for an ice bucket, but maybe at some point in my life I might! But how cute is the little polar bear at the bottom?

The melted ice drips in to the this area, in a nod towards global warming. I'm tempted just to display this! 

Another stop I had in mind was Muji. The bag didn't make it home in one piece (lucky I had about a million isn't it haha) and the staff member reminded me of Neil from the Young Ones (If you don't know that show, just think of every sales assistant acting like a stroppy teen and dripping with attitude) but it's still one of my favourite shops of all time and they need to hurry up and open one in Bristol.

No prizes for guessing, I was after these flip top Muji boxes that are all over blogger & have been on my personal wish list for ages. I couldn't tell if I needed one or two but I decided to pick up two, and if I only need one I'm going to store jewellery in the other. They are really decent quality, much thicker acyclic than I than I thought they would be. I will review them properly soon. 

Another shop I had in mind was Uniqlo. There was a new collection I was very excited about, which isn't like me at all but sometimes clothes are just meant for you! But having never bought or tried anything from Uniqlo before I wanted to try it on to make sure the fit and length was good. I think you might be able to see it was...

I never, ever buy clothes, so this is a bit of a curve ball for me! The Orla Kiely & Uniqlo collaboration is all stunning, I could of literally bought everything, which again is pretty unusual for me as I tend to hate most clothes. I bought the black and the light pink dress in one Uniqlo store but the red dress, which was the one I really wanted, was only available in  an extra small, so I thought I'd order it when I got home now I knew they fitted. But as I was walking down the other end of Oxford Street I spotted another Uniqlo store, worth popping in right? Certainly was as they had a handful of them left and I snatched one and left feeling extra pleased! The dresses are all tunic style, with peter pan collars, loose fitting just beautiful. They cost a very reasonable £19.90 each and will be making up most of my Autumn wardrobe.

I also couldn't resist picking up one of the scarfs! Even though these aren't the colours I would usually go for I thought it was really eye catching and I kept looking at it over ones in different colours. This was also pretty reasonable £9.90. 

Last stop, we accidentally ended up at the train station an hour earlier as by that point in the idea of getting on a tube was a no go, so we opted for a bus, which was much faster, cleaner and cheaper! But as it was much faster, early! So I popped to Accessorize to waste some time. 

I've had my eye of these socks for a couple of weeks, and I even have the matching photo case! So as a last treat I picked them up, as I personally think Accessorize socks are probably the best quality high street socks. They are quite pricey at £3.50 a pair, but as it was my birthday I thought why not!

So that's my London haul. This was a much longer post than I thought it would be! I had a really lovely day & thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday yesterday!

Hope you ladies are having a good day! 



  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day :) xx

  2. Oooh this has made me really want to go to London and shop! I really like your outfit especially the cardigan :) I'm so jealous you went to Muji aha- I've been wanting acrylic make up storage for ages and they definitely do the best! I have found a kind of desk tidy in Homebase that I might pick up if it looks make up appropriate! Also, the tops you bought are sooo cute the collars are amazing :D

    1. Aww thanks hun, and same those Muji boxes are every where but I hate ordering online, I was really worried that they wouldn't have them :D x x x

  3. Wow, what an amazing haul, looks like you had a great day. I love everything you bought :) xx

  4. i loved reading this post and having a nosy into your purchases :D i adore those socks! x

  5. Great purchases! I so love shopping in London x

  6. Great buys! So jealous that you went to Choccywocydoodah, I was only saying the other day that I need to arrange a London trip just to go there. I absolutely love their cakes! xx


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