Friday, 21 September 2012

Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume Review

Hello lovely ladies. 

When I first heard Marc Jacobs was bringing out a new perfume a couple of months ago I was beyond excited, I've always loved Marc Jacobs scents, from Daisy to Lola and every variation, they all smell gorgeous to me. When Dot came out I went to smell it, and loved it, but as its quite expensive I had to leave it, and thought maybe I'd ask for it for Christmas... 

But I didn't have to wait long! This was an incredibly generous birthday gift from my boyfriends mum (who I don't think reads my blog, but if you do, thank you so so so much!). 

Dot comes in what I think is a gorgeously quirky bottle. I know a lot of people hate it and think its super tacky, but it isn't that much different to other Marc Jacobs bottles (think the big plastic daisies on the Daisy bottle or the big plastic rose on the Lola bottle) just a different design.

The scent is a mixture of red berries and jasmine as well as other scents such as vanilla, coconut and orange blossom. I'm not great at describing scents but to me it smells very sweet and floral, which is what I would normally look for in a perfume. I think it smells just lovely! 

One of the nicest gifts I've ever received and I am so grateful!

Have you ladies smelt Dot? Like it or hate it?



  1. I need to get this! I had a quick sniff of it in Boots the other day and it is such a lovely scent, but I love the bottle even more!

    Frances xx


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