Monday, 10 September 2012

My First Order With Fragrance Direct - Macadamia & Marvela

Hello lovely ladies.

I know, I know. I've been shopping again! But A. Twas a bargain and B. Everyone knows Paypal money isn't real money! Fragrance Direct is one of those websites I've always been aware of, but had the wrong impression of. I thought it was all perfume. Oh no no, its much more than that. Its a fully blown discount beauty website, right up my street! I was very refrained and only ordered myself a few little bits. 

Only three things to be exact (Plus a forth item which is for the lovely Alis Christmas present, which half exploded in transit, so I will be contacting them for a replacement) but all things I've wanted to try. 

I have seen the leave in curl cream before but not just a standard hair leave in cream so I'm excited to try this and see how it compares to the oil. I have the driest hair from years and years of dyeing and bleaching my hair so it needs all the help it can get! This cream also offers UV protection which can help keep dyed hair looking brighter for longer which I'm extra chuffed with. 

I'm going to be honest here, I hadn't really thought about how little 60mls of shampoo is, its tiny! With my hair length I doubt it will last more than a few washes, but I will probably put this away to take away with me for Christmas as we tend to spend it up north at my boyfriends family. Still it will be nice to try!

Mavala Nail Polish Mini in Capella - 5ml -99p
Mavala is another brand I've wanted to try for a while after spotting them in John Lewis, so when I saw them for 99p I couldn't resist! There's around 13 at 99p to choose from but I went for Capella as it was the least like anything I had. Its a gorgeous violet colour with big and small iridescent flakies in. Utterly beautiful and it will be going on tonight. 

There are a few postage options, but for packages worth less than £60 you can have it delivered Second Class for £1.99. It was dispatched very quickly, as I ordered on Thursday, dispatched Friday & arrived today. So bar the packaging of one item I'm extremely chuffed! 

Have you ladies ordered from Fragrance Direct before? Whats your favourite discount beauty website?



  1. That Mavala is stunning! And yeah the Macadamia conditioner I swapped for is tiny too... the bottle is also quite stiff so it's hard to squeeze the product out, but that's always a problem with minis! x

  2. i cant believe that mavala nail polish is so cheap, even for a mini one, the colour is gorgeous too! x


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