Monday, 24 September 2012

New Lush Product - Fun!

Hello lovely ladies. 

I think its pretty clear that I love Lush products. So every time they bring out something new, I want to go and investigate it. Enter FUN.

Fun was invented in aid of the Fukushima, as radiation levels are still extremely high there, which means that children can't play outside as it's extremely dangerous. For each bar of Fun sold, Lush will donate some of its profit to grassroots organisations that organise activates where children can come and play, but more on that later. So what does a bar of Fun look like?

Fun looks like Play-Doh! It's a 4 in 1 product, with uses including shampoo, body wash, bubble bath and it can apparently even be used to hand wash clothes! FUN comes in 5 colours and scents, I went for red Fun, which is mandarin & orange scented, and it smells utterly amazing! 

The main ingredient in Fun is Corn Flour, which gives it its soft Play-Doh like texture.

This product has quite a short shelf life, around a month and a half, but it's marked as "best used fresh" so I'm guessing you have no more than a couple of weeks to use this product before it's past it's best.

Once you open the packet you can see the likeness to Play-Doh even more. The outside of fun is slightly harder than the inside, but the inside is very soft and feels extremely dough like. 

The primary idea of Fun is well, to have fun with it! Make it in to shapes before using. This is inspired by the children stuck inside in Fukushima, to bring the fun inside if you like. So, with that in mind I made you all a nice snail, or at least I tried to make a nice snail! Because the outside of Fun is quite hard, it takes quite a bit of molding to make it soft, but at first it can be quite crumbly. I can imagine kids going crazy for Fun! The only problem with it, is what do you do with it when you want to stop having fun? The instructions for storage are to put it back in it's cellophane wrapped, but once you open it, the cellophane becomes all scrunched up and it's hard to put it back neatly, so I had to get inventive. 

As I want to use Fun as a shower wash, I needed something that was waterproof and durable, so I could keep it in the shower caddy, as because of its short expiry date, it needs to be used with relative speed. I went for an empty Lush pot (I have a couple as if you take back 5 clean, empty lush pots you receive a free fresh face mask) which seemed appropriate! 

I squashed in as much of the Fun as I could, but I still have a good chunk missing. Personally, I think the cellophane wrapper is a design flaw on Lush's behalf, as the pot is a lot easier to scoop out, much cleaner and if your going to go for a Play-Doh type design, learn from what made them a success. I think that the cellophane wrapper might leave a lot of parents feeling quite annoyed, and eventually chucking it out. 

So, overall what do I think of Fun? It's a good product, not a great product. It has a brilliant novelty factor, and although it lathers nicely in to either a bubble bath or a shower gel, I can see it being hideously annoying for washing hair, and I'm not sure that washing your clothes in it would be best idea. I do also think that it would be a much easier product to use if it was sold in a tub. However, it's fun to try Fun (haha terrible joke) and I'll enjoy using it now I've sorted the packaging problem, and if you have kiddies I can see them getting hours of fun from this. 

So, as I mentioned earlier Lush donates some of its profit to grassroots products to help the victims of Fukushima, but how much profit? £1.00? No? 50p? Still no? It is in fact, just 10p. 10p from each bar sold will go towards the FunD to help these grassroot projects. I personally think that although its a nice idea to make a item for Fukushima, I do however think that 10p is about the bare minimum to give, seeing as they cost £5 each. I'm aware that they have to take in to account manufacturing costs, but seeing as the main ingredients are cornflour and oil, I don't think that they would be too high. I personally think if your going to produce a charity product, the company donation should be at least 50p, and seeing as Lush aren't a small company any more I believe they could afford to do it.

Fun costs £5.00 and is available in store or online here.

Have you ladies tried Fun? Are you tempted to give it a go?



  1. I was looking at this the other day and was really tempted as they smell great especially the pink one but a 10p donation is a little stingy I agree it should be at least 50p

    1. They do smell lovely, I could of had any one of them :D I just don't think 10p is much of a donation!

  2. Can't believe they only give 10p! x

    1. No same, I don't think its much of a donation to be honest x

  3. Oh my! The fun I would have with Playdoh type shampoo. 10p though, not great xx

  4. mmm Im not sure. I like the idea but not sure I like it enough to pay £5 to essentially play with something before I use it. I know ill never actually play with it and it would be kinda pointless. I already have a good shampoo / body wash and i dont have a bath or want to wash my clothes....maybe ill try it one day when I finish my dream cream so I can shove it in the pop

    and I guess they should of donated more but if they sell 1,000,000 units then thats 100,000 to donate which is pretty amazing! :)

    1. Its true but I still think if your going to make a charity product that the donation should be closer to a quid, seeing as it's not a very cheap product <3 x

  5. I was considering this all the way thru the post as it looked interesting, but the donation amount really put me off. only 10p out of £5? considering lush is supposed to be a company that cares it doesn't sound very caring, if they raised the donation amount myb i'd consider.

    (Sorry for the long ramble!)



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