Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sunday Shopping #4

Hello lovely ladies.

Another Sunday so its time for Sunday Shopping! Here's whats dropped through my letter box this week.

Bunny Wash Bag - £1.09 from this eBay seller here.
I ordered this adorable little wash bag from Hong Kong a couple of weeks a go but as with all orders from Hong Kong, you have to give it a couple of weeks to arrive. Its so cute and such a bargain I'm planning on ordering a few for Birthdays and Christmas as they would make a lovely gift bags. However I'm in the process of planning a very exciting holiday for next year (more on that when I know more!) so this has been tucked away as its very flat so its great for taking away and folding up nice and small when you've finished your take away toiletries. It also comes in a ninja bunny which you can select from the drop down. 

So what have you lovely ladies been buying this week?



  1. I bought one of these after seeing your post, so cute!

    1. ^^ Eeee hope you like it ^^ I think its super cutie <3 x


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