Thursday, 13 September 2012

What's In My Handbag Try - Oskia Renaissance Mask

Hello lovely ladies.

What's In My Handbag is one of those websites that was blogged about contentiously in the first couple of weeks as it gained more and more members, and then suddenly went very quiet, but more of that later.  On Monday the black What's In My Handbag box dropped through my door, and I had no idea what was inside (they sent me a dispatch email later that day - have to say, very speedy delivery!) I opened it up to find something I'd applied to try the week before, a 15ml Oskia Renaissance Mask.

The Oskia Renaissance Mask is designed to increase cell turn over & leave skin complexion, refined and illuminated. The first thing I noticed was how luxurious the packing feels, a thick glass with a pretty yet demure pattern on the lid, which came inside a thick muslin bag, fancy fancy!

The product itself is a pale peach colour, and at first glance looks extremely thick. Although the mask contains extracts of passion fruit & papaya, to me it smells exclusively of rose, which happens to be one of my favourite skin care scents, bonus!

So before trying it, I decided to look up how much this mask costs to buy, in case I really liked it and had to have more once the 15mls runs out. The price, a sharp intake of breathe was taken, is £48.50 for 50mls. I can't like it, I can't like it, I CAN'T LIKE IT.

So here's the obligatory photo of me looking terrible with the mask on, be warned, I am looking fine!

I told you! The mask is extremely thick so you only need the tiniest bit, and if your not a fan of oil based masks this is not the one for you, but it feels lovely on. The instructions are to apply to mask to clean skin and leave for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse off with warm water, so that's what I did. Once I rinsed it off I couldn't believe how soft and clean my skin felt! Bugger, I thought, I wasn't supposed to like this!

But as it was a freebie, it was nice to try, and I'm going to save this mask for "best" and try and make it last for as long as possible. Would I purchase the full sized? To be honest, no. However nice it is I just can't justify that sort of money on a face mask!

Now, I've heard a lot of people say that they are fed up / given up / can't be bothered with What's In My Handbag, and the reason behind that is that the "Trys" i.e the freebies, are few and far between. I've been signed up as a member for well over 6 months and I've personally had two trys, this and a 15ml hand cream. But as membership grew and grew, so did people applying for the trys. WIMH has even added a note when applying for trys to say that they are really over subscribed every week, and recently they have even added an option to "guarantee a try" by paying £4.95. Now this option has gone down a bit like a lead balloon, but look at it this way, no its not worth it for a perfume sample, but for something you'd really like to try it may just be worth it.

So are you ladies signed up for What's In My Handbag? If not if you'd like to use my referral link :  that would be amazing! But if you already are what trys have you had?



  1. Very jealous! I agree, £4.95 wouldn't be bad for this!


    1. I think I'd pay it for something I really liked :) x


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