Wednesday, 31 October 2012

October Empties

Hello lovely ladies.

So its the end of October, the days are shorter, its certainly getting colder and today is the day when tiny children dress up as adults and adults dress up as children, that's right, it's Halloween! But more importantly (lololol) what have I used up this month?

My empties case is bursting at the seams again, so here's what I finished this month.


One. Mr Punch Soap. Well, this is a bit of a fib because I probably have about a 1/3 of a bar left but I doubt it going to last much longer! It's amazing, it smells like a fruit punch with lots of blackberries in. It's a LE Christmas soap so I will be getting another for sure.

Two. Red Fun. I really liked this product which I reviewed here, however I still hate the packaging. However I tend to have an empty pot or two lurking round the house, so I might buy it again. 

Three. Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser. I tried this on my hand in the shop and I really liked it, so the lovely Lush staff gave me a sample. I'm so glad that they did, as when I put it on my face I like it at first as it feels lovely, but it leaves a weird greasy film behind when washing it off which I hate so its a deffo no go.

Shampoo / Conditioner

Four. Gum Shampoo in Florida Orange. I picked this up in Home Bargains at a bargainous £1.69 for 400mls. It smells amazing, like a watered down orange juice. I would definitely repurchase next time I'm in a home bargains.

Five. Pantene Colour Therapy Masque. I picked this up in Poundland for, you guessed it, a quid. It's a nice masque, nothing ground breaking but for £1 I'd repurchase in a heartbeat, but I haven't seen it in there since. Boo! 

Six & Seven. Find.. Heavenly Hydration shampoo & conditioner. These were sent to me by the lovely Annie as part of a Birthday swap. I really liked the conditioner, it smelt of lavender, one of my all time favourite smells. I'm not sure where you could buy this but I might buy it, if I could! 

Hair Care.

Eight.Well Balance Scalp Serum. I blogged about how much I hated this product here, but my hatred only got worse as I got towards the end as the pippet didn't reach to the bottom of the bottle so I hate to pour it on to my head. I wouldn't buy this again! 

Nine. Macadamia Healing Oil. I picked this up from a blog sale a while ago. Its latest really well as I only used it sparingly. I've already bought the full sized as I love this oil, its the only one I can use without it making my hair feel full of build up. I'm going to keep this little travel bottle as it will be really handy for taking away rather than lugging a big glass bottle around with me.


Ten. Dove in Pomegranate. I love this deodorant, it smells amazing and it works fab! Will deffo repurchase. 

Eleven. Sure in Radiant. I liked this one too, but towards the end of the bottle it stopped working for me, so I'm not sure I would repurchase this one.

 Face Wash.

Twelve. Soap and Glory Face Soap & Clarity. This used to be my "go to" face wash, but recently it's been leaving my skin super tight and making it feel really dry. I don't think I'd repurchase this, it had a good run but it's not helping my winter skin! 

Shower Gel.

Thirteen. Life Shower Gel in Jump Start. This was a birthday freebie from Space NK (they sent me a voucher as I have a Space NK points card) and it was quite nice, smelt like crushed grapefruit. However at £5 a bottle it's slightly pricey for 100mls so I don't think I'd repurchase. 

Fourteen. Sephora Shower Gel Pod in Peony. This was sent to me by lovely Sara. I've seen these little shower gel pods floating around on blogs so I was glad I got to try it. It was a really nice, thick shower gel that smelt very floral. The only problem with it was that where you split it at the top to get the shower gel out, the plastic rim is really sharp and quite jagged and I managed to slice my finger open trying to squeeze the shower gel out. However, if I was in a Sephora (Oh please let me be in a Sephora soon!) I'd probably pick up some more, I;d just have to be a little more careful!

Fifteen. Nivea Star Fruit Shower Cream. Another Poundland purchase. It smells divine, and even though it's meant to be a cream, it's more watery like a shower gel. It's really lovely smelling however, very sweet, so for a quid I'd probably repurchase. 

Sixteen. The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Shower Gel. I know, I know! This is a Christmas product which I've only just finished. But, this shower gel is beyond sickly sweet. More than a tiny bit made me feel quite queasy so its taken me forever to finish! I wouldn't repurchase as I really just can't get on board with the scent!


Seventeen. The Body Shop Body Butter In Satsuma. I have to say, I love the fact that The Body Shop sell such varying sizes of there product, as it's nice to have a little bit of product to try and stops you getting sick of it! I really liked this body butter, it's not too sticky. But I think next time I'd go for Mango as I fancy a change of scent! 

Skincare Samples.

Eighteen. Shu Uemura Ultime8 oil. A little sachet sample I found on Facebook, I tried it and to be honest, it was just O.K, Inot bad but I was expecting something amazing. I deffo wouldn't buy a full sized bottle costs as it costs "Shit I can't pay the rent" £68.00! 

Nineteen. Philosophy Purity. I loved this! I have wanted to try some of the Philosophy skincare for a while and this didn't disappoint. However, I might have to wait until after Christmas to buy the full size, as at £17 for the full size its a little bit too close to £20 at the moment!

Twenty. Philosophy Hope In A Jar. I think this sample was off? The cream had separated quite badly and there was a layer of oil on top of the cream? I'm guessing that's not right, but then again the sample is only a few weeks old (when I received it) so I'm not sure if I'd buy the full size!

Twenty One. Etat Pure Fluid Sample. Hated this, hated it instantly. Its a facial moisturizer, but it was so oily I had to wash my hands after each use! Deffo wouldn't buy the full sized. 

Twenty Two. Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream. Love love love this eye cream. It's the only thing that even makes a dent on my big ol' carrier bags. It is pricey, at around £24.50 for the full sized pot, but as I loved it so much I bought the full sized. I'm going to keep this handy little travel sized pot for taking some eye cream away with me for Christmas. 

Twenty Three. Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion. Again, love it! And, again, I've actually already got a full sized bottle but I've been trying to use up this sample size to make more space (tiny flat + clutter = no space to move!). And, again again, it's pricey but it really works for my skin! 

So that's what I've finished up this month! Apart from the two little sample sized pots I'm going to keep, its off to the recycling with that lot! 

What have you ladies used up this month?


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

J.W Anderson Bat Jumper Dupe?

Hello lovely ladies. 

I'm gunna start off today by saying I didn't discover this dupe! I saw it on the lovely Robyn from Robyn Mayday, but I loved it so much I thought I'd share it with you lovely ladies.

When I first heard about the J.W Anderson collection for Topshop collection I did my usual "I'll have a look but I probably won't like anything" routine and had a little flick through the preview pictures, and for the most part I was right, apart from two jumpers. One with a bat, and the the other with a ghost. As a big fan of jumpers, and an even bigger fan of kitsch things on jumpers, they were both perfect. Perfect, until I saw the price. £69.99? I just can't justify that sort of money on something which will become washed out and bobbly. Enter Internacionale.

I was in town yesterday when I remembered the lovely Robyns post. I thought I'd have a little look in, as internacionale isn't a shop I particularly know. I picked up the jumper and decided I wanted it even before I tried it on! 

The jumper, although lovely, does have a little bit of a flaw. There are white lines behind the bat design, and although its only a minor flaw it can be a little bit annoying! However, the jumper is £19.99, not £69.99, so I'll let it off! The jumper itself is a thick fisherman knit, which when I wore out today kept me warm all day!

So, is it a dupe?

This is the original J.W Anderson jumper, and bar the white lines in the background of the bat, it's pretty much exactly the same! The bat is even the same shape. I know some people really dislike dupes, and I can understand why, ripping off another person design is pretty naughty. However, as someone who doesn't have a huge amount of money, if I can have something close, I will! Both jumpers are both sold out, and going for eye watering amount on eBay, so even if I did want it I would have to pay around double!

As I mentioned before, I wore the jumper out today to do a little bit of Christmas shopping and its really warm and snuggly. I'm really pleased with it, and if you fancy one for yourself you can pick one up online for £19.99 here.

So what do you ladies think? Are you a real deal person, or will you accept second best when the pennies are low?


Monday, 29 October 2012

DIY Christmas - Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

Hello lovely ladies.

I know, I've been harping on about Christmas a lot recently, but today's post needs to be a little early, if you wanted to join in! 

Me & my boyfriend are both from quite large families, for example my boyfriend has 5 siblings. That's a lot of presents! But more importantly, it's a whole lot of wrapping paper! I worked out last year, that we spent nearly £30 on wrapping paper. £30! That's a whole lot of money, on what gets torn off on Christmas day, to either go in the bin or the recycling shortly after that. So I started thinking of ways of getting around it. And then it came to me when I pulled out my crafty box, I'd make my own! I've been at it for a couple of weeks now, so I thought I'd share my how to, but first, what will you need?

  • Brown parcel paper. The one photoed is from Poundland but its such good quality it could be from any where, and comes in 8 meter rolls. 
  • Stamps - The ones above are from Hobby Craft, a craft shop in town & the polar bear in the Christmas hat is from Etsy here. 
  • Ink - The red one is a cheapy one you can pick up from shops like Hobby Craft & the Dormy is one thats been in the house forever. 
  • Scissors - Bee theme is of course optional, but these ones are from Paperchase. 

I thought about different ways I could do this, I thought about continuously stamping on to the roll, but wit limited space in the flat & a cat that loves nothing more in this world than paper, it seemed easier to cut around a meter off at a time and stamp on to that. It also means that I can vary the patterns a bit. One thing to take in to consideration is that the brown parcel paper is around 2/3rds of the size of a normal roll of wrapping paper, so if your buying a very tall and long present you may struggle to fit the gift inside the paper, however I know that Ikea sells brown paper normal sized wrapping paper, but its a little more expensive than this purse friendly one.

So, grab a pad (filthy lid is of course, optional) and a stamp & get inking. Here's one I've made, and some tips from what I've learnt.

Random polar bears. A piece of wrapping paper like this (just stamping where ever) is really quick & easy, around 5 minutes or so. It doesn't need to be even particularly, but if you stand up every now and again its easier to see if you have more stamps on one side or the other. 

Something a bit more intricate will take much longer, a repeating pattern in lines looks snazzy, but each line takes around 10 minutes. This piece with repeating snowflake trees took around 45 minutes to finish, and this was made a lot easier as this stamp was a clear stamp mounted on a acrylic block (which are marked with a grid for easy alignment) so take than in to account when starting! I found if I did a few lines and had a break for a while I got less frustrated.

Gone wrong? Smudge a stamp? Ppft don't worry! No one is going to notice once its wrapped around a gift, but if it really bothers you, once you come to using it as wrapping paper just cut it off! 

Now, when I think of "brown paper packages" which is essentially what the gifts will be once there wrapped up, I follow that thought up with "tied up with string". But string, can be scratchy and unpleasant to use, so when I spotted red, candy cane striped twine in a craft shop I picked it up and thought "that's perfect!", but I flipped it over and saw the price, £3.99 for 5 meters. I had a quick look in to it, and found it on eBay, for £1.69 for 20 meters (here)! This is technically "cooking twine" but it feels and looks exactly the same, sans Christmas packaging.

So far, I've made around 6(ish, I haven't measured) meters in all different patterns, it's taken a few weeks (mainly because I've been a bit lazy and forgot to do it!) but I'm really pleased with how its coming along, and I'm really hoping that my friends and family like it! It feels a bit more personal and I think it looks nice. I've also worked out that I've spent around £4 on 4 rolls of paper, £10ish on stamps and £1 on ink (I did already have two stamps and an ink pad) so I've literally cut in half what I spent last year. Which is winning in my book! And I will be reusing the stamps next year, so hopefully next year my spend of wrapping paper will be even lower!

So ladies, have I enticed you at all to make your own?


Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday Shopping

Hello lovely ladies. 

Another cold, damp, dreary Sunday here in the South West, but I don't mind. I love when the weather changes & getting snuggly inside. So here's another installment of Sunday Shopping.

I know, another Yankee thing, but bare with me! I picked up this Yankee fish shade & plate on eBay for around £12 plus P&P. It's something I hadn't really thought much about before, as I thought it was just decorative, but I was reading that a shade will help your yankee last for longer as it helps reduce flame flickering meaning it will burn slower, and as I live in a pretty drafty house it seemed like the way forward, as at between £16 to £20 each they aren't cheap and I want them to last for as long as possible. I would of just bought a shade, but as the seller was selling them as a bundle it's nice to have a set, plus it does something super cute when the candle is lit...

When the candle is lit the fish flicker like they are swimming round the shade. It's a super cute accessory with a semi practical use! Woo! 

What have you ladies been buying this week?


Saturday, 27 October 2012

Alternative Halloween Plans

Hello lovely ladies.

Halloween has always been one of those events that has just passed me by year after year. When I was younger I can only remember doing trick or treating once, decided it was too cold and took to long so I never did it again. I am also a massive, massive wuss, so scary horror films are a complete no go. But over the last few weeks I've been seeing lots of blog posts featuring elaborate plans for costumes and parties, so I decided to break my lost standing tradition of "do nothing bar watch the Simpsons Halloween special" and make some of my own plans...

So step one of my two part plan - By some Halloween treats! This step kind of happened by accident, I popped to the shop to pick up some cat food, and things kind of fell in to my trolley. I've always been a big fan of French Fancies, so when I saw these green Frankenstein Fancies I picked them up, the popcorn I wanted to try for a while. The smarties pumpkin I picked up in a sweet shop after not being able to find one for an extremely inflated 80p. 

Now on to step 2, find a scary film I thought about many, many options, but I decided to pick the scariest film in my DVD collection...

That's right, Sex And The City 2. By far, one of the scariest things I've ever watched. Now, don't get me wrong I love Sex & the City, I have watched & re watched the box set and thoroughly enjoyed the first film. Then I heard they were bringing out a second film. I was so excited! I kept hearing it was getting panned over and over again but that didn't stop me getting tickets for the first day it was out. I sat down with my pop corn and expected the critics were being overly mean as sequels can often get panned, even though the film itself is fine. I was wrong. My eyebrows didn't come down for the entire film. I walked out at the end and actually felt almost angry, it certainly took some shine off of my favourite TV series. I've only managed to watch around half of this film (which I bought in case I ever wanted to watch SATC from Episode 1 right through to the end) on DVD. So, that will be my challenge. Sitting through the whole of this film for Halloween!

So ladies, what exciting plans do you have for Halloween?


Friday, 26 October 2012

Top 5 Autumn Yankee Tart Scents

Hello lovelies.

I am a massive Yankee fan. From the candles to the reed diffusers, room sprays to accessories, I've got them all. However, Yankee tarts were my first exploration in to the Yankee world, and they are still probably my favourite Yankee item. A Yankee tart is a round wax tart, which you place in a tart burner with a tea light to warm the wax underneath, and the scent starts to fill the room as the wax melts. The tarts are highly scented, last up to 8 hours (at which point the wax will remain but the scent will be gone) and cost around £1.75 each. As a bit of fun, I thought I'd pick my 5 favourite scents for autumn and share them with you lovely ladies.

I've picked out 5 of what could be my favourite Yankee smells of all time! So, what do they smell like?

Good Morning. 

Good morning smells exactly like freshly baked muffins! I'm not usually a fan of the overly food scented Yankees, but this is exceptionally good! The only problem with this scent is that it's a fairly rare USA scent, with means going to ebay. For this one you can expect to pay around £1.50 before postage. 


This scent has to be up there with my all time favourite Yankee scents, I liked it so much I even bought it as a room spray! It smells of the first bite in to a fresh apple. I always associate apple scents with autumn, I guess because of all the apple based autumn activities, apple picking, apple bobbing & not forgetting apple pie is a perfect autumn treat! I may even pick this up as a large jar. This is a fairly old scent but I picked this one at a Yankee outlet, but its readily available on eBay.

Mandarin Cranberry.

This maybe leans a little more towards a Christmas scent, but the zesty orange scent helps to keep it a little more autumn-y. The blend of mandarin and cranberry is just divine, and is pretty equal between them both. It's perfect for a cold autumn evening whilst dreaming of Christmas! I picked this one in Hallmark, and I think its fairly readily available in many shops that sell Yankee. 

Lemon Lavender. 

This was the first Yankee tart I ever bought, and this is my 3rd one since then! I've always been a big fan of lavender (my grandmas garden was full of it!) and I like it on its own, but the lemon scent really blends well with it and makes it feel a little bit less "old lady". Perfect for relaxing with on a cold night. 

Cinnamon & Sugar.

Cinnamon scents are a bit Marmite, some people love them and some people hate them. I am firmly in the love section. However, if your a bit unsure of them this might be the one for you. It's a much softer scent, think a cinnamon bun baking in the oven, rather than sticking your nose in a full tube of cinnamon spice. I think winters when I full feel like burning cake scents, much easier than actually making one! 

So, those are my favourite scents for Autumn, what would you ladies recommend? I'm always looking for new ones to add to my ever expanding collection! 


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Christmas Gift Spotlight On ... Joules at Boots

Hello lovely ladies.

I know, i know, I keep harping on about it, but Christmas is now fast approaching, and my present planning obsession is in overdrive, so I thought I'd do a little spotlight on some of the gifts easily available that I've looked at & thought they looked brilliant. Today's post is about Joules at Boots. This is a collaboration that is new this year to Boots. I tend not to find much in the way of presents for others in Boots as I tend to go to Lush for giftsets, however this year watch out Lush, this range could seriously steal some of your limelight. So, what are my picks of the range? (P.S sorry I didn't take my own photos, but with a dwindling iPhone battery I didn't think it would make it if I tried to snap a few photos!

Best for... Hard Working Mums. 

Know a hard working mum in need of a little her time? This is a fab set for her! This set contains a egg bath fizzer, a pot of hand cream, a foot scrub, a foot cream and a pumice stone, all wrapped up in a cute pink tin with the joules bunny embossed on the front. The packaging on the products themselves are also very nice, and would personally take pride of place in my bathroom! 

Best Gift For... Grandma.

As both me & my boyfriend are from quite young families buying for the grandmas of the family can be a bit of a mine field. Trying to find something mature, but not to fuddy duddy can be really tricky. Gift sets tend to be aimed at teens, early 20's, 30's and then around the 65+ mark (think talc, talc and more talc) and this gift set is just perfect. Pretty, yet practical! It contains a hand wash, a hand lotion, some little emery boards and well as a ceramic hand wash tidy with the little joules rabbit at the side. I had landed on Lush for the grandmas, but I don't know that this isn't perfect!

Best Gift For... The Men Folk.

I've probably already said that I find buying for the men in my life a nightmare. A nightmare! It's hard to judge what a man thinks is "good" but I think this gift set is lovely. It contains a bar of soap, a "hare" and body wash (lovely pun!) and a face wash. I have someone in mind for this, but I'm not saying who!

Best Gift For... The House Proud.

Yep that's right! Joules haven't just stuck to bath and body gift sets, they also have a range of cute housewares. Fun & contemporary but still practical. This set contains 4 very sweet egg cups & a two toned timer. To be honest I'm thinking about buying this for myself!

Best Gift For... Adventures. 

Do you have a family member or friend who constantly is telling you about their weekend adventures, including ten mile hikes before breakfast & abseiling down cliffs you've never heard about? Whilst your plans include a long sitting session, following up with a long nap? This gift would be perfect for them! The set includes a sturdy yet pretty tin thermos flask and a fold -able and again, very pretty blanket. I'd love to buy this for myself as well!

Best Gift For... Adult Stocking Filler. 

These bath fizzes are so so cute! You get 4 individually wrapped bath bombs, in a joules egg carton. You couldn't smell them individually but they smelt very floral and lovely even inside the box. Would make a lovely addition to any ones bath room.

Best Gift For... Little Girls & Boys.

I came across these by accident when I wandered in to the kids section of the 3 for 2 gift sets by accident. The duos, one for little girls and one for little boys, both contain a shower gel & a cute topped bath foam. These are beyond cute and would make fab presents for the little, grubby, ones in your life. 

Best Gift For... Kids Stock Fillers.

I know these are technically for girls but I'm sure the horse would go down just as well for a little boy. These little soaps would make bath time & hand washing a lot more fun, and I have to say I do fancy the bunny myself!

(ALL photos from

So that's what I've been eyeing up in Boots from Joules, and of course they are all part of the 3 for 2 promotion. How about you ladies? Have you got a favourite Joules item?


Monday, 22 October 2012

Holika Holika Highlighting Blush In Twinkling Kitten Review

Hello ladies. 

Its no secret that I am a massive cat lady, not even vaguely a secret. And one of my favourite things is when my love of cats can be combined with another item, in this case, make up! Enter Holika Holika...

Holika Holika are a Asian make up and skincare brand. I'd never heard of them before, but my lovely friend Cassia showed me this highlighting blusher, and I just had to have it!

Out of the cardboard sleeve, the packaging is a sleek shiny black plastic with a cute illustration of a cat on it. I love pretty packaging on make up so this was right up my street. 

However the inside is just as pretty as the outside! The highlighting blusher is a pastel coloured, glittery rainbow cat. I can't even describe how much I adore how this product looks!

I did a sweep from one side to the other, going over the body of the cat and this was the result. It comes out as an off white with lots of sparkle. As this shade is meant for highlighting it will add a really pretty sparkle during the winter months. It also works well as a sparkly eye shadow. However if you wanted to use it as a blush you can isolate the cat for a sparkly pink colour.

I personally purchased this from eBay here, costing £12.34, and as it's coming from South Korea you need to allow quite a long time for it to arrive, mine took around 2 and a half weeks but it can be as long as a month. 

So what do you ladies think? Fans of cat themed make up?


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Life Lately Through Instagram

Hello lovely ladies. 

I haven't really bought anything of interest this week, so I thought I'd do a little Instagram catch up of the past few weeks. 

One. Cinnamon Roll Pop Tarts, so so amazing! 

Two. Cheeky little tongue!

Three. Posh lunch in Bath with my mum with pretty bunting.

Four. New dress with parrots on from Henry Holland, reduced to £18 at totally inappropriate for winter, which I love! 

Five. Raspberry & Rose macaroon, kind of nice but an acquired taste!  

Six. Hand painted mug from Bath Food Market, featuring all different types of chickens. Big fan of chickens!

Seven. Tuna being a cutie!

Eight. After a year & a half of living in this flat I finally got round to fashioning a "wardrobe", because frankly I don't really own enough clothes to need one!

Nine. Maynards Sour Patch Kids. I've never had the American version so I don't know if they are the same, but seeing as I usually hate sour sweets they've won my heart.

Ten. Tried a Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Starbucks, nice but very sickly. 

Eleven. New pj bottoms from Primark.

Twelve. Burning one of my favourite Yankee Tarts, Lemon Lavender,
 in my new bargain, albeit very festive, tart burner (I paid 99p for the burner, a tart & a tea light on eBay as the seller had got the title wrong!)

So that''s what I've been up to lately, how about you ladies? Also if you ladies have Instagram my user name is jetley :) 


Saturday, 20 October 2012

Bargain Alert! Alessi Cutlery For Just £4.99?!

Hello lovely ladies 

I have another bargain for you lot today, this one however is a bit special. I have 3 homewear favourites, Cath Kidston, Emma Bridgewater & Alessi. I've always loved Alessi, from the kitschy plastic pieces right up to the more expensive pieces, and if I won the lottery tomorrow I'd kit my whole kitchen out in Alessi. So when I saw this offer from Tescos I was so sure I'd read it wrong I sat and read the leaflet several times! 

Although its a coupon collecting offer, which personally wind me up to no end, I'll let it slide for this one! The offer is that if you collect 5 tokens, you can buy Alessi cutlery for as little as £4.49, up to 85% off. To get the tokens all you have to do is spend £20 (each £20 = 1 token) in store, online or in the petrol station. 

There's 5 sets to choose from, a 4 piece table set at £4.49 (RRP £34.99, a 4 piece teaspoon set at £4.49 (RRP £29.99), a 3 piece dessert set at £4.49 (RRP £29.99), a 4 piece pastry fork set at £4.99 (RRP £34.99) & a 2 piece salad serving set at £7.49 (RRP £49.99). The cutlery is actually stocked in store rather than having to send off for it, so all you have to do once you've got your 5 tokens is pick up then one you like & pop it through the till. I finally got my 5 tokens on Thursday, so what did I go for in the end?

After standing looking at all the sets for a good 15 minutes, in the end the pastry forks finally won out! They are just really stunning looking as everything from Alessi is! I've also got my eye on the salad servers so when I get 3 more tokens those will also be getting a sneaky purchase!

Have you ladies seen this promotion? If your collecting the tokens which set do you have your eye on?