Thursday, 4 October 2012

Accidental Haulin'

Hello lovelies. 

I popped to town yesterday and as I was on the bus in I repeated in my head several times "I will just get some lunch and a coffee, lunch and coffee, you DO NOT need anything". It never works that way, ever. So I'm dubbing this the "Accidental Haul". So, what did I just have to have?


Primark is some where I generally tend not to find anything in. Since the prices have risen I find myself being a lot more choosey. I find most of the clothes are a funny cut or they've cut a corner which for the extra quid they would charge would change the item to give it that little extra something. However saying that, some times I could buy half the shop, yesterday was one of those days. 

The first thing I picked up was this adorable hedgehog scarf, which cost a (in Primark prices) an eye watering £8! Although it was expensive (again, for Primark!) I've been searching for a new scarf for a while, and the other two I had my eye on were £30 and £54, so at least it was much cheaper than those! It has the turn up at the end so you can use it as a make shift gloves. 

Secondly, Mario "Lounge Pants" (I'd called them joggers or PJ bottoms!). These were actually from the mens section, but pj bottoms are pj bottoms! I love all the Mario games, and I've always had a real soft spot for the mushrooms, so I needed them. These again are more than I like to pay in Primark, at £9, but as they are "lounge pants" (the more I type that, the more I hate it!) they are slightly thicker, better quality so I, against my better judgement, went for them! They fit really nicely and feel really warm which I am chuffed about.

Lastly, something for the boy. I wish these were ladies socks, I love the patterns on them! These were much more purse friendly £4 for 5 pairs.


I adore CEX, as a bargain hunter it's my ideal shop! I don't think I've paid full price for a DVD in at least 2 years, thanks to this beauty of a shop.

First up, Jingle All The Way! I think its probably pretty clear that I love Christmas tack, and it doesn't come much tackier than Jingle All The Way! Featuring both young Anakin Skywalker & The Terminator / The Governor of California, in a parents worst nightmare, trying to find the must have toy on Christmas Eve. Haven't seen it? Don't worry, this will be on before Christmas on a Sunday afternoon. A reasonable £1.50.

Lastly Lego Harry Potter. I love the Harry Potter games, they are fun without being even remotely serious. £12 which is about the cheapest you can hope to pay! 

Dorothy Perkins. 

The last purchase, a Dorothy Perkins fox hat. I've ummed & arred about this hat for well over a week, because at £12 it's quite the price hat! However the lovely Ali let me use her NHS discount, making it £10.80, but as I've thought about it a whole lot, it was clearly meant to be! 

So that's it! A pretty large haul comparing it was meant to be a coffee and some lunch, however this will probably be the last one of this size until after Christmas, as I am *aiming* to have most of my Christmas shopping done by early December! We will see though, I'm sure I will probably be eating my words come December 24th!

What have you lovely lot been buying this week?



  1. Shopping in the boys section is such a great idea! lounge pants here I come! x)


    1. hehe thank you, I shop in the boys section for loads of things. Topman sweatshirts are also pretty good :D x

  2. Replies
    1. I love it, I should of bought it earlier! x

  3. I need those 'lounge pants' in my life!! Primark have definitely upped their prices very slowly over the past year or two... x

    1. I was just a bit shocked when it came to £21 for 3 items, doesn't feel like such a bargain shop any more, which I guess is ok but I am deffo been more choosey in what I buy :) x

  4. Ace lounge pants - my bf and I got the matching teenage mutant ninja turtles ones last year! (so cool)


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