Saturday, 27 October 2012

Alternative Halloween Plans

Hello lovely ladies.

Halloween has always been one of those events that has just passed me by year after year. When I was younger I can only remember doing trick or treating once, decided it was too cold and took to long so I never did it again. I am also a massive, massive wuss, so scary horror films are a complete no go. But over the last few weeks I've been seeing lots of blog posts featuring elaborate plans for costumes and parties, so I decided to break my lost standing tradition of "do nothing bar watch the Simpsons Halloween special" and make some of my own plans...

So step one of my two part plan - By some Halloween treats! This step kind of happened by accident, I popped to the shop to pick up some cat food, and things kind of fell in to my trolley. I've always been a big fan of French Fancies, so when I saw these green Frankenstein Fancies I picked them up, the popcorn I wanted to try for a while. The smarties pumpkin I picked up in a sweet shop after not being able to find one for an extremely inflated 80p. 

Now on to step 2, find a scary film I thought about many, many options, but I decided to pick the scariest film in my DVD collection...

That's right, Sex And The City 2. By far, one of the scariest things I've ever watched. Now, don't get me wrong I love Sex & the City, I have watched & re watched the box set and thoroughly enjoyed the first film. Then I heard they were bringing out a second film. I was so excited! I kept hearing it was getting panned over and over again but that didn't stop me getting tickets for the first day it was out. I sat down with my pop corn and expected the critics were being overly mean as sequels can often get panned, even though the film itself is fine. I was wrong. My eyebrows didn't come down for the entire film. I walked out at the end and actually felt almost angry, it certainly took some shine off of my favourite TV series. I've only managed to watch around half of this film (which I bought in case I ever wanted to watch SATC from Episode 1 right through to the end) on DVD. So, that will be my challenge. Sitting through the whole of this film for Halloween!

So ladies, what exciting plans do you have for Halloween?



  1. I laughed so hard at your satchel experience :/ although I haven't watched the series from the beginning, I enjoyed the first film but the second was lacklustre.

    Anyway I too have no plans for this Halloween season, and I've never been trick or treating, it's never really appealed to so I've never tried it :D I might watch a scary film though... :)

    1. Hahaha yeah it was awfully lackluster, brilliant word for it! And this is about the scariest that I could handle! Everyone seems to be going to see Paranormal activity but if I watched even 10 minutes of that I wouldn't sleep for a week!

  2. Haha Sex In The City was scary enough! x

    1. haha awww I liked sex in the city, I remember watching it when it was first on and thinking I was dead grown up because they said things about the birds and the bees

  3. Frankenstein fancies... I've never seen those in stores but I want them so much! Sounds like a lovely Halloween plan, I haven't got one yet, disorganised as ever! x

    Angelica [One Little Vice]


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